A Little Blip Of A Tip!

You will learn a lot today. You may even want to pay. The cat accepts all forms of cash. I'll take it and run away in a flash. I may even eat it as a treat. What? Anything I'll try to eat.

The A Mathematical Z At My Sea!


Helpful links.
So you think.
Watch those finks.
Tickle them pink.

All flamingo like.
For they get cash.
A helpful link strike.
They'll throw a bash.

Tip of the day.
Tip of the week.
Tips come to play,
Especially when up shit creek.

I'll help you.
They will too.
Help at every zoo.
Tips just for you.

Tips given to more.
But forget that.
Tips come ashore.
Tips from a cat.

Tips can come.
But what else will?
Many talk out their bum,
Giving you your fill.

Tips before help.
Help never comes.
But when you yelp,
Once more talking out bums.

Do this and that.
That and this.
A tip about scat.
You'll get bliss.

Show not tell?
Bah, no time for that.
Aren't my tips swell?
Still want to chat?

That I can do.
I have no time?
I have a tip that's new.
Go suck a lime.

Ready to tip the cat? Any tips where you are at? Are you a tipper? Either the paying or gabby lipper? A bad grammar tip. Had to sail that ship. Don't you love those with their tips who never actually do? Oh, they heard it on the internet or wherever and give it to you. That makes them as grand as your neighbors green grass. Yeah, and I'm really a $1000 tipping little rhyming ass.

Experience spring, have a fling.


  1. Replies
    1. That's 3 in a row
      Disregard the twelve
      Being hasty what a blow
      Tied in knots for self


    2. Good Morning Hank
      3 in a row
      back in the flow

    3. Do you take tips in the form of bitcoins
      all you need do is click join
      you’ll receive the tip of the day
      How much would you pay
      might just get a tip of the hat
      hmm can you imagine that...

      It’s spring
      will flowers it ever bring

    4. Thanks True
      G'morning to you too!


    5. wanted 12th at your sea
      As you go 12 and then three
      Or was that on three?
      Lethal weapon came to be

      Tip in bitcoin
      May get a loin

    6. Toilet paper math is less confusing

    7. Hey, it rhymed
      And was timed

      TP to eat
      Such a treat

  2. No monetary tips at my work bay
    But plenty of work tips every day
    Some are even things I say

  3. I’m sorry to say
    I’ve given tips at my bay.
    Budgeting tips come what may
    I always have something to say

  4. If I see one more tip about using white vinegar, I may scream, so hold your ears, cat!

    1. Trying to deafen the cat
      We can't have that

  5. my mom talked about cow tipping....

    1. Means to the cows
      May raise farmer eyebrows

  6. I get tips all the time
    to bad they didn't rhyme.
    People's tips are about migraines
    and how to avoid the pain.
    Have you tried this or that
    over at your mat?
    I bet I know the cure
    so your migraines are no more!
    You know more than my expert doc?
    Sign me up for this here luck!
    But their intentions are kind
    so I don't really mind
    After all they thought of me
    So for that I'm grateful to be.


    1. Bet plenty come
      Out their bum
      As they don't know
      But aren't really a foe
      Just have no clue
      As they try to help you
      Still want to smack
      But we refrain from such an attack

  7. I enjoy a good tip, whether it's in my pocket or helps get a stain out of my shirt.

  8. Tipping the cat is a grand idea...treats please!

  9. Sometimes the tip give a false impression, though
    like when it looks really big
    but then I'm asking "Where'd it go?"

  10. I'll take tips in the form of chocolate.

  11. Tips in coin or chocolate? Either will do just fine, but chocolate is preferred. %20 please.

    1. May have to break it apart
      Grubby paws taken to heart

  12. orlin N cassie; heerz a tip; never tip de food servizz purrson that bringz ewe bass terd turkee ~~~~ ☺☺♥♥

    1. That would make her keep doing it
      Can't have that burd shit

  13. A "tip" (meaning a gratuity) is fine. But if "tip" means unwanted advice, I resent it.

    1. Unwanted comes by the ton
      Enough to make you want to smack someone

  14. A Little Blip of a Tip
    Helpful taken with a sip
    Be a generous tipper
    Brings lots of cheer
    Appreciative joy they'll weep


  15. So I was thinking, following your most recent kindof pattern, Pat: 24-3=21=U. But that's been done, under your sun! So is it 20-4=16=P for tomorrow? P is for perverted? For "Playing" with us! I'll accept confused, but not old! LOL

    All of my siblings worked as waiters and waitresses (Not me! Yipeee for me!); some, plus my Mom, worked as chambermaids. Thus I am a very good tipper. My Dad always said, "If you can't afford the tip, you can't afford the restaurant." My husband and I go round and round about this. I've made so many big bloopers in my life, that I don't presume to give tips of advice. All the best to you, my rhyming friend!

    1. Round and round you go
      Could get dizzy at your show
      Perverted would be fun
      Maybe I'll give that a run
      Bloopers you can learn from too
      As we all get those through and through

    2. This comment reminds me of when I worked as a waiter for five years. During that time my then-fiancee and I ate at a local restaurant. I was short on cash so my fiancee offered to pay. When we were about to leave, I reminded her to leave a tip. She shook her head and said "Oh, I can't afford to tip." I got upset, and as my voice started rising, I explained to her that waiters and waitresses didn't even make minimum wage, depended on their tips, and said "If you can't afford to tip, you can't afford to eat out!" I was yelling by that point. Luckily, I had enough money with me to leave a good tip for the waitress.

    3. Sure the way to be
      Down there they make pitiful wages at your sea
      Here at least minimum wage is had
      Still not enough to make one glad

  16. The only tips I give are for service. I try not to give out life tips because even I know that I don't have my own shit together, I can't possibly give out good tips to others.

    1. So you have diarrhea of life?
      Damn, that has to cause strife

  17. Although I'm late in reading,
    It certainly made my day.

    Great verse as always Pat.



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