A Little Light Takes Flight!

That cat is a little light on ideas today. Did you believe me at my bay? Boy, you must not be from around here. Do you also believe I have an actual rhyming rear? I should patent that. Full moon where all are at.

The A Mathematical Z At My Sea!


You're a little light.
Come here and pay.
Don't give me spite,
Or I'll toss you in the bay.

All mob-like.
Such a bad cat.
Is that a strike?
We can take that.

But can it still be?
Light for you and me?
Whether a ton or free.
Same as a money tree.

Your debit weighs the same.
But you didn't pay in full.
Mud is on your name.
Another case of bull?

Making light of it?
Light of no pay.
Don't have a fit.
I'm light at my bay.

Only a 12 pound cat.
You can handle that.
Claws may make you scat.
Did I forget to mention that?

Nope, said it.
Damn, on a roll.
Light, mentions and mud shit.
All bull out for a stroll.

Have you seen the light?
It is all over.
Unless it is night.
Don't trip over rover.

I bet you can see the light of day.
Just google it at your bay.
There it is on display.
Always an easy way.

I'm nearing the end.
Light on words.
Even if you can't spend.
Tell it to the birds.

Did you come up light? Did I cause a confusing fright? Did you get my L? Do you need a shining light to show you a way out of hell? How did you get stuck there? Do I want to know at my lair? Feel free to shed some light on my question mass. No need to be light on retort to my little rhyming ass.

Experience spring, have a fling.


  1. A Little Light takes Flight
    Not a bother full of might
    Not to ptovoke
    It's not a joke
    Refrain from getting a fright


  2. I was almost blinded by the light!

  3. Dark it is as I post
    But light is just about to boast
    And chase away the nighttime ghost

    1. Chase and bring glee
      Unless cloudy for thee

  4. I'll take it lite
    Dark gives me fright.
    Fat won't work.
    It makes me twerk.

    1. Fat with a twerk
      Internet crazies may find that a perk

  5. Nightlite is always on because I bump into walls when there's no light.

    1. Don't you know the walls are there?
      Been there forever at your lair lol

  6. Hmmm. "Do you also believe I have an actual rhyming rear?" I've seen "my little rhyming ass" hundreds of times but I never thought to take it literally.

    1. haha with 3000 posts having come due
      Sure there plenty to view

  7. On my migraine days, I find the dark is best. But I prefer the light.

    1. Dark sure helps out
      When a migraine is about

  8. orlin N cassie.....dood...ewe iz lite at 12 poundagez...last eeevil vizit eye had , vet clocked me in at 18.9.....on de flip side over at cuzin daiz'...her weighz in at bout 6 !! ☺☺♥♥

    1. Damn, you got us beat
      Cassie may be around the 15 pound street

  9. Are you light on your feet?
    You've got me beat.

  10. My wallet is very light, figuratively speaking :-)

  11. I'm feeling a bit light headed after reading this post...haha

  12. I usually prefer the dark. I like night so much better than day.

    1. That would never wouldn't have guessed here
      Halloween Nazi and the dark when near lol

  13. My purse is not light
    Gives my hubby a fright.
    My wallet is light
    Since I had to buy a car, black not white.
    But things look a lot more bright
    And with that I say, nighty-night

  14. A light at the end of a dark tunnel is always welcomed Pat.


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