A Mini Post At My Coast!

The cat is going to make life so much better for you. You will thank me for today's view. I just know you will. It is better for you than a pill. Humans love to do it. So it will surely be a hit.

The A Mathematical Z At My Sea!


The cat is big.
The cat is small.
A perspective gig,
But damn it all.

A mini cat.
That's the way.
2 pounds at that.
Watch it play.

A mini mutt.
Name the breed.
Still sniff a butt.
But in a mini deed.

A mini post.
Nothing to say.
But I'll still toast.
What they hey.

A mini chat.
No such thing.
Yeah, I'm a rat.
As in I did sing.

For mini with chat?
Yeah, that is bull.
So says the cat.
For you yap until your full.

A mini break.
A break from thought.
Not a mistake.
We do that a lot.

A mini car.
Boy, it's cute.
You won't get far,
But it has a nice toot.

A mini man.
Not the little people kind.
Nope, one of which your a fan.
An action figure that's such a great find.

A mini rhyme.
Wording to see.
At least after a time.
All for mini me?

Are you a mini lover? Do you go and become a shover? Have to get that mini thing deal. Can't be for real. Oh it's a mini Iron Man. Yeah, you're his biggest fan. A mini mutt or cat. Wow, you have to have that. Do you humans like small? I thought it was bigger the better at ones hall? Can't make up your mind in mass. So confusing to my well-sized little rhyming ass.

Experience spring, have a fling.


  1. Replies
    1. That's 5 in a row
      Take it slow


    2. A Mimi Post at my Coast
      Ttying to make the most
      Down the line
      All the time
      Makings of a good host


    3. Back up and up
      Fill your cup

      Down and down
      Sure can't frown

    4. Good Morning Hank
      No 1 once again
      no walking the plank
      as you once again reign

    5. Reign high above
      Push comes to shove

    6. Good morning True
      Following you
      in many instances
      your #1 appearances


  2. I figure Alex will show up as Mini-Alex today

    1. That he may
      By the end of the day

    2. The day would not be complete
      without Mini Alex playing his guitar
      to the days wandering beat....

    3. Or going in the litter box
      When near our docks

    4. That you have done
      I am sure you found that fun (haha)

    5. That we did
      Our OCD had a little fit though with such a bid

  3. How about a mini nap?
    Cats are experts at that. lol

    1. That they are
      Can do it in any place at any sand bar

  4. Mini is good. The donkeys are miniatures and they are the best. Pat, you have a great day.

    1. Can sure be grand
      Hope a great one is had in your land

  5. Sometimes a good mini can be a big deal!

  6. A mini car
    is so bizarre
    there's not enough room
    for me to bloom
    into my sweet, sweet charm
    of love and never harm
    anyone but the evil cat
    who's to fat
    to fit in a car
    the size of a jar.


    1. I'm going to fat?
      Is it a place where you're at?
      Do fat people go there to mingle?
      Does it have it's own jingle?

      Come one, come all
      Stand wide and tall.
      Here we have lots of room.
      You'll be sure to bloom.

  7. Mickey seems to adore Minnie Mouse
    but, does he like to play house
    do they live in a hole in the wall
    fearing when a cat comes to call
    stalking their place they call home
    they can no longer go out and roam
    for the cat is out on his patrol
    and he might just eat them whole
    or perhaps, bring one to Pat
    might he sneak one into his hat
    how would it feel upon his head
    would it cause Pat some dread
    would he let out a big squeal
    a mouse in a house could be a big deal


    Have a good day, its spring
    but, no flowers does it bring
    at least not here as snow appears

    1. haha well if it were a mouse of fame
      Whether Mickey or his dame
      We would squeal with the millions they bring
      Even if they aren't really the in thing
      Snow is sure coming too
      Ugg to its pesky view

    2. Micky and Minnie rose to fame
      along with those who joined his club
      they sang and danced making a name
      then those magic ears they did snub
      Britney Spears, Christina Aguilera and Justin Timberlake,
      From it's inception, how many stars did it make
      Quite a few, since it debut in the fifties
      now didn't you find my comment just nifty
      humor me cat, I have a lot to say
      or perhaps, I just want to play...

    3. Nifty it is
      With the club biz
      Now sure gone to the wayside
      As have to be more edgy with the tide

  8. Hm. You have me thinking about mini-skirts.

  9. LOOL...never been able to write poetry, but do find it fun. My mini thing is I LOVE mini bottles of things....like mini booze bottles for examples, then you only get mini-drunk.
    Sandy's Space

    1. Only a mini drunk
      Won't leave you in a hangover funk

  10. I don't want a mini pet. I'd be scared they would get hurt when all of my rambunctious children are in the house. ;) Our new cat was intrigued by a mini-bird on the TV screen today (video game on pause, had a little bird on the opening screen). Every time it flitted, she would jump up to investigate. ;)

    1. Yeah, the ones that are too small
      Sure can get hurt at one's hall
      haha the bird keeps the kitty amused
      Although the screen may get abused

  11. I have regular sized pets- but do like mini chocolates. :)

    1. They can work
      Too many and one's stomach can be a jerk

  12. Mini's an be fun like with many mini M&M's.

  13. I do like minis. Mini phone calls, mini posts, mini explanations;)

    1. What if they go wrong?
      Then the mini explanation can get rather long

  14. I don't usually like mini. In my world, bigger is usually better. Unless you're talking about my butt. Then, "petite" better be your word choice ;)

    1. lmao so Big Butted Halloween Nazi is out?
      Hmmmm we may give that a shout

    2. I like petite butts and I cannot lie

      said no guy ever

    3. Sure it was said by one or two
      Talking about their own on cue?

    4. Leave it to Adam to get that song stuck in my head now...

    5. haha there forever
      A fine endeavor

  15. mini can be swallowed
    mini can be poked
    mini can be missed in the big talk

    many gotten mini
    make a great dinni

    1. Swallowed it can be
      With a rugrat at one's sea
      And can't miss
      Mini may not be bliss

  16. Big, bright, and beautiful. That's more me than mini. So tomorrow will be 13+8=21=U. And the next day will be 21+13=34=??? Not sure what you're going to do with the letters, but I'll be watching and figuring... LOL Or maybe you will dump Fibonacci for another mathematical run. See what fun you've spun.

    1. haha go big or go home
      Hey, maybe we'll make up our own alphabet where we roam

  17. I waa less than mini today, I didn't write at all.


  18. Mini is sometimes good or even great like dollhouses with real furniture etc... my mom’s eggs where she created very minijewel boxes and scenes. I don’t like the mini mini as I don’t need to see the gal’s hoo-haw

  19. A mini rhyme beats a mini bill
    Just saying.


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