A Personal Post....Almost!

The cat will get personal today. It will be way more personal than any other day at my bay. I may even call my bay my house. Damn, that will impress Mighty Mouse. A personal favorite of yours? Take any Mighty Mouse tours?

The A Mathematical Z At My Sea!


A personal post.
Through it we'll coast.
Or maybe even breeze.
Could be a main squeeze.

That even used?
Ah well, I'm amused.
But if you squeeze too hard,
I may shit in your yard.

Hey, it's the truth.
How's that for personal at my booth?
It will leave you with a gift too.
That ups the spirits of you.

Deeper you want?
That's a whole gutter taunt.
Want something that will haunt?
My, what else do I have to flaunt?

Maybe I should hire.
The job would expire.
But personnel for personal stuff.
That job wouldn't be tough.

Don't confuse the two.
Could come back to bite you.
Oh let's spill it all.
Umm...no repeats at my hall.

Been there, done that.
Can't be a more personal cat.
I guess the job ran dry.
No pay, oh me, oh my.

That's sooo personal though.
I took away your dough.
Now all know.
You made a whole zero.

You said it first?
The bubble did burst?
Whoops, you say far worse.
Yet me you curse?

Soooo personal it was.
I blame you because.
I put it out there.
But it is all the fault of your lair.

Like my personal touch? Was it too much? Maybe not enough. Hey, no zombie feet in the buff. Don't you love when personal nuts whine that it was shared yet to you they already bared? And to half the town. My, they sure deserve the oh so personal town. Feel free to share that you can squeeze the shit out of me. I personally will leave you be. Now I may even pass some gas. Things get personal with my little rhyming ass.

Experience spring, have a fling.


  1. BLUE says, "Scooby Doo!"
    Hey how could this be...
    Blue stopping by the kitty cat tree?
    Well, Scooby Dooweeeeeee!
    No work today
    At the blue guy bay
    No road trip too
    (Trying to find my shoe)
    No crap to shovel
    (No, my name ain't Lovell)
    So could it be I'm, you know, number one?
    Or two? Or three? Such fun!
    Beats losing a bun
    Or eating a gun.
    Yes, I'm done :D

    1. Eating a gun would be rough
      Could come out tough
      Much tougher than copy and paste
      And winning #1 post haste

    2. Quick as the Flash
      Still no cash
      Gotta crash

    3. Crash and boom
      Hopefully no doom

    4. Blue is number one
      up before the sun

    5. Or maybe with the sun
      Oh what fun

    6. Or had to pee
      Like Scooby Dooweeee
      Or play blue cock
      (that's the bird)
      And my name ain't Jock
      Just so you know
      And the blue rooster wake up cock show

    7. A penis day
      There at your bay?

  2. Replies
    1. Hello Hank!
      I came to rob the bank

    2. Robbed poor Hank
      Seconds in the tank

    3. Your return in style
      Been quite a while
      Well done Blue
      We had all missed you!


    4. Blue is back
      A copy and paste attack

    5. Good Afternoon Hank!
      Good Afternoon Pat!
      Good Afternoon All!

    6. No copy and paste
      Just typing with haste
      Quick as the Flash
      Still no cash
      Still no cash tree
      In the place to be

  3. I enjoyed you being personal.

    Enjoy your weekend.

  4. Great post. Personal is always good. You all have a super duper day.

  5. Personal is pretty purrsonal and darn good too!

  6. People do say things that are personal
    It’s like they have an Arsenal
    Of things to they love to say
    I just wish they would have a nice day.
    Look at me though, I’ve been bad
    I’ve said personal things..I’m so sad.

    1. As long as one doesn't whine
      When they come back and align
      Can say away
      As they join the fray

  7. Hooray for no zombie feet!
    That is never a treat.
    A little to personal for me
    to see your feet at this sea.
    Don't lie, I know they are yours
    it's from not visiting enough shores
    with the the glistening sea
    or from seeing me
    and knowing I'm the best
    and you can take a rest
    from your daily posts
    like I did at my coast.


    1. They are so grand
      Get paid big bucks just to stand
      Halloween loves their sight
      Then I can stay home and write
      And show up your old one eye
      With posts every day on the fly

  8. haha ! love this but never will know if was really personal. You always teasing us. hugs!

  9. When you wrote "Don't you love when personal nuts whine that it was shared yet to you they already bared?" it reminded me of when Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee tried to sue the people distributing their home sex tape. IIRC, the courts said that Pam and Tommy had talked in detail about what was on that tape, on various public forums like the Howard Stern show, they'd long ago relinquished any rights to calling the contents of the tape "private!"

    1. And with that the courts agree with a rhyming cat
      Or would that be we agree about such a stat?

  10. No zombie feet
    Now that's a feat.
    Hope you and the critters have a great weekend, Pat.

  11. My life's been an open book
    For those who have cared to look.
    Personal? Fine--I don't care.
    Just no pics of me in underwear.

    Arlee Bird
    Tossing It Out

    1. Such pics taken here may scare
      For we don't have any underwear

  12. A Persoal Post....Almost
    Can come at quite a cost
    Keep to oneself
    Those that delve
    On matters affecting others


    1. That one must do
      Unless they want a limelight view

  13. Some people get too personal on purpose just to get attention.

    1. Yep, and there are many too
      Attention seekers through and through

  14. would that be up close and personal
    what you say may be irreversible
    that might make a situation emotional

    1. That it may
      Then the waterworks come to play

  15. My kitties may be thinking I share too much personal stuff about them on the blog :-)

    1. haha but all they can do is stare
      Or maybe claw up your computer chair

  16. Some people don't seem to have personal information- it's all public. I keep things a bit more private. :)

    1. Public is what they do
      We just go crazy a and no one thinks its real at our rhyming zoo lol

  17. Some things in life are not for others to know.
    But some people like to put on a show.

  18. Giving a personal touch can be grand,
    Some people use it to make their own brand.

    1. That it can be
      And give them that money tree

  19. A personal touch is always nice, unless you're getting personal and showing us pics of your zombie feet. Then, please, just keep those secret.

    1. haha but we want to share
      So we only don't have to bear


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