A Registration Day At My Bay!

The cat is going to be like the man. I know you are a fan. Hell, everyone else is like them too. I may as well go with it at my zoo. Me? Conform? Pffft and I will go back to living in a dorm.

The A Mathematical Z At My Sea!


Sign on up.
Follow like a pup.
You'll get free words.
I may throw in dead birds.

The tabbies will cheer.
Or maybe run in fear.
They'll register that.
It will become a stat.

I need your name.
Your claim to fame.
Your many homes.
Include those garden gnomes.

Don't forget the email.
That has to hit the trail.
If you have more than one,
Be sure to give all a run.

We have to find you.
Everything we say is true.
So you better tell the truth.
Include your old long dead Aunt Ruth.

We want your life story.
Register it in all its glory.
Register, don't read.
That pesky fine print is a crappy deed.

Phone numbers are great.
You'll be our mate.
Your grocery bill is fine.
Your home bills should align.

Register your wife.
All people in your life.
Hamster, dog and cat.
Even your prized baseball bat.

You'll be helping all.
So register each one at your hall.
Go through the motion.
Your ass may need lotion.

There is a lot to fill.
But you'll get over the hill.
Don't forget the valid photo.
Need help? Dial our handy dandy boto.

Don't you want to register now? I know, registration here is wow. Do you like to register at sites? Or those sign up things stores have in lights? They get all your info and put you in the system. They got you by the umm balls and twist em. I'm snip snip so won't hurt my ball mass. But we'll still skip the registration with my little rhyming ass.

Experience spring, have a fling.


  1. Replies
    1. I purchased shoes and they registered me to receive emails and now I cannot unsubscribe. They send too many emails. I just want to SCREAM....i thought the email was just so I could track my order.

    2. That is how they get you
      And then 50,000 more come due

  2. Replies
    1. Good Morning Hank
      It’s been awhile!
      sending you a smile

    2. Good morning True
      Yes,has been a while
      Glad it is you
      You're now on high


    3. A 3-way tie
      All with a smile


  3. I register for certain things
    As I can't get out to shop
    Try not to give too much info
    So my ID doesn't pop

    1. Can be hard not to
      As they watch much to view

  4. Funny this subject has come up Pat, I am having ptoblems with Apple and an App I purchased.
    Great poem.


    1. Always something out there
      We soon become aware

  5. Registering for specials means you'll get an email every day, special or not.

  6. Those darn registration things can be a pain in the furry butt!

  7. Hate getting added to a mailing list
    I’d like to smash their software with my fist

    1. haha that would be fun
      We will join such a run

  8. I love when you have to register ahead for a doctor office, give them all the info on-line, and then you have to register again on paper in the office. Ugh

    1. Redundant crap at its best
      Must want us to pass a stupid test

  9. Found fun story
    Registered for more
    Great stuff
    more than enough
    then spend time
    to unsubscribe

  10. Fun post, Pat! Haha! I'm, surprise, surprise, so far behind in my emails that I know are full of special things just for me because I have registered for things. Argh! What I hate is went I accidentally register for something on my computer, and then can't figure out how to get rid of it. Yes, I can register accidentally! I have special talents!

    1. lol look at you go
      A special talent in tow
      And then comes the more
      And then the encore

  11. I have a special email address when I'm forced into this. Hint: it's the one I never check.

    1. haha we have a few
      We check them once a month maybe at our zoo

  12. I have several email addresses just for signing up for free samples and sites I know are going to spam me.

    1. That is the way to be
      We have them at our sea

  13. orlin N cassie......we dinna get past... part one....sentenz four



  14. A Registration Day at my Bay
    There should not be such a day
    Not to just sign
    Nor lose the mind
    Nor registration to get outplayed


    1. Should avoid indeed
      With the crap at each feed

  15. Then we have that one guy who refuses to be "on the list" because "da guberment"

    1. They are scary
      Tinfoil hat with a beard that is extra hairy

  16. It seems a lot of people and organizations ask for a lot of information that a) they don't really need and b) is none of their effin' business.

    1. haha that they do
      And they want it right then and there too

  17. I registered in someones but I noticed I hate it ! now only I have someones and delete a lot !
    fun post !

  18. And of course their system gets hacked.

    1. But it is protected and oh so great
      Pfffft hacking is their fate

  19. Don't register unless I absolutely have to
    then try to unsubscribe as quick as I can
    and hope that in the meantime
    they will not do a lot of spam


    1. Can be hard to unsubscribe sometimes
      As they act like mimes

  20. You know what pissed me off? Having to register to buy something. Just take my billing info and send me my stuff. Then, they bombard with 500 emails a week and demand feedback on what you bought. Piss off with all of that, I say. What happened to the days of here's money, here's your stuff, have a nice life? You can't even go to the store to buy something without them demanding a phone number or email anymore and when you refuse they get all huffy.

    1. Yep, or follow us on Farcebook
      Or what is your postal code at your nook
      Or do you want our mastercard and such
      Like to smack a few more than a touch

  21. I hate signing up and hit agree
    they want me to go on some shopping spree.
    Their specials come in every day
    it's a pain in the ass, that's all I say.


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