A Spacey Chime On A Dime!

There are so many words for Z. The cat had a hard time picking at his sea. Yeah, I go z and not zed. That Power Ranger villain has been put to bed. Nah, I'm not done. Z is just next in my mathematical run.

The A Mathematical Z At My Sea!


Zilonatie is the word for Z.
Sure it gives a wtf to thee. 
But the cat shall explain it here.
By the end it will be crystal clear.

When you go to space,
A lot you can embrace.
From meteors and stuff,
To maybe aliens in the buff.

Zilonatie is the thing between.
The thing that doesn't make a scene.
You would never know it's there.
But it is surely there to spare.

It is the mass within the mass.
I know, redundant to my rhyming ass.
However that is what it boils down to.
Humans really don't have a clue.

It is there in space.
Kinda like an appendix embrace.
Not known what it's for.
Just there forevermore.

But recently it's been thought,
There may be a certain plot.
Could be gas from the moon.
I guess that man does more than a tune.

It focuses around space.
Hits a planet and does an about face.
When the planet is already good,
It does nothing at one's hood.

So it floats in space.
Paths it creates that none can trace.
It seems bacterial I guess.
As to what, it won't confess.

Or maybe that is they.
Could be stock piling it at some bay.
But either way, it floats.
Kinda like our boats.

Then it lands and creates.
Or maybe there it mates.
Suddenly probing aliens with zombie feet appear.
I guess the purpose of Zilonatie is still unclear.

Now aren't you in the know? Aren't I helpful at my show? Did you ever hear of Zilonatie before? It sure is something of lore. Wait! Was that a no? Zilonatie was made up on the go? Bah, the cat would never ever do that. It was not a word created by the cat. It is as real as your green grass. You can trust my little rhyming ass.

Experience spring, have a fling.  


  1. Replies
    1. Score! And while I'm taking an Internet break as well.

    2. On break, yet not
      With a #1 plot

  2. An excellent and unsual word Pat.
    Anymore up your sleeve?


  3. An unusual word, for an English teacher it's true
    but confidence abounds, so I believe you!

    1. haha may want to watch that
      I can be a fibbing cat

  4. Well aplayed Ninja
    and it seems appropriate
    on this day as the cat
    talks about space

    1. Yes it does!
      Never heard of the word before but I'd rather not meet in aliens in the buff.

    2. Again down here
      and not up there
      And an extra a
      just for awe(some)


    3. Up and down
      An alien frown
      A word that's made
      May never fade

  5. I have not heard this word before. It was difficult to find the meaning of it...

  6. We've been clueless on zilonatie here!

  7. hmmm. Will it be in the OED next year?

  8. A new word learned by me today
    But likely not a word I’ll ever say

  9. Wait. You're on "z" already? You've got some tricky math going on here! I never heard of that Z word. Maybe it's black matter? I feel so confused. I think I'll go back to my bay where the letter "h" is happily on display as the proper letter of the day.

    1. haha the cat isn't proper at his sea
      Imagine that as Zilonatie goes all z

  10. What a great teaching tool: rhyming.
    You're broadening my horizons, Pat.

    1. Rhyming has a teaching way
      Can give anything a say

  11. It sounds like it's up there with black holes. Can't prove they really exist either.

    1. Just stuck in limbo
      Like a umm blonde bimbo?

  12. You are ever so helpful as usual.

  13. Never heard the word. In other news, I did just read that luxury space travel will being 2022 for a mere 10 million $$. What a bargain!

    1. For only 10 million you can see space
      Maybe that's something hoarders will embrace

  14. orlin N cassie...how...kewl...iz.....thiz.....we looked up thiz werd N guess what....YUR blog showed up N all yur fotoz two !!!! way awesum huh !! ☺☺♥♥

    1. My blog is number one!
      Great for Zilonatie to be done

  15. The words seems like something a tech would say
    over at his educated bay
    but it's way over my unscientific head
    makes me want to curl up in bed
    and take a nap so I don't have to think
    or perhaps I'll just grab a quick drink
    and make a word that's stranger than that
    and start using it at my mat!


    1. Over your one eye
      Don't let your brain go boom and die
      As for a stranger word though
      Can't you just stick your head out the window?
      People will think that strange
      Your dogs may demand change

  16. This is my first time hearing of the "z" word. :)

    1. The z word beats the f one
      But fluck is fun lol

  17. A Spacey Chime On A Dime!
    Strange word to bear in mind
    Zilonatie is rare
    But just be aware
    Certain things may cause a bind


  18. Well I never knew...such a crazy zippy word, smiles ~

  19. Hummm! I have searched the internet for "zilonatie" and it all comes back to you, Pat! And the images are all your headers. So I suspect "zilonatie" may be coming up in one of your books. You've got me chasing my tail, all of my predictions have suddenly gone down in flames. 13 + 8 = 21 + U ... 13-8 = 5 ... 21 + 5 + 26 = Z. Surely if there is a rhyme, there is a reason somewhere! LOL Have a good one, my friend!

    1. hahaha made you look?
      How dare the cat at our nook
      Confusing poor old Fundy Blue
      Now another vacation will need to come due

  20. So the moon blows farts called Zilonatie?

  21. Gas from the moon, not from the Cat?
    Well, how about that...


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