A Whoopdi Calculation On The Nearest Station!

Robbie Raisin is back today. Whoopdi Friggin Doo has to have another display. Our usual guests didn't stop by. So today we get you all on the fly. Ready the blogger faction as it is time for the action.

The A Mathematical Z At My Sea!


Who shall start the day? Suza with her number one display?

Four in a row
If I'm not mistaken
Kept awake at night
By my chronic achin'

I guess no action for you. Hank, anything to come due?

Stay in a basket?
Nothing to dread
As long as one is not left all alone

A lonely, Hank? Birgit, ready to go into plank?

I have to say, that one house looks like it needs Viagra ...but I'd love to see inside it

Hmm other things on your mind.  Bijoux, ready for action of any kind?

I heard it's for sale, if you are interested.

Is the charge very high? Rosey, are you going oh me, oh my?

Grocery day alone would make you nuts.

And what are you buying? Susan Gourley/Kelly, what groceries are you spying?

Some would be too scary for me.

What section did you go down?  Theresa, any action in your town?

I was awake today, but not. Fell asleep on the couch but was stuck in the limbo of awake and asleep. Jason was watching Fear & Loathing in Las Vega at the time, which made for some really strange half asleep, half awake dreams for me. 

Our viewers may be interested in more. Betty, what's going on at your shore?

Not fully functioning
I often fear

Damn, that must suck. Mary Kirkland, do you pass the buck?

I'll have to use that an excuse one day.

I guess Betty helped you. Joanne, what is in your view?

I generally write the back-up post-it for Ray. No excuse then

So you want him to back up for you? Ann Bennet, happy through and through?

He'll start to moo and boo
A bitter fate has come due.

Wow, kinky at your sea. Brian, anything from thee?

It's nice to see you all on parade today!!!

You may what to close your eyes. Fundy Blue, any words to the wise?

Well Mr. Hatt, you've certainly been having a lot of fun
with your irregular A to Z run!
I've been enjoying your pangram play
which you've been building on every day.

Of course I love your little kitties,
even those ear worm ditties.
I think "boughten" may be a word.
In Newfoundland I surely heard.

The MOAB. Trump bombs away!
I'm fearing them falling in return at my bay.
Got my eyes on Cheyenne Mountain,
ICBMs I hope not to be counting.

I'd rather chuckle at Search Engine Crazies
Than contemplate pushing up daisies.
The veld for Orlin's origin was not where my mind went,
I thought it was another V.. you surely meant.

So, whoo hoo!
I've caught up with you!
I've commented on all here
Hopefully bringing you OCD cheer!

We only have so much air time you know. Gloria, enjoying the show?

these are really cute and funny Pat!! 

One satisfied viewer I guess. Belva, anything to confess?

Freezy breezes on the sea
Button up and follow me
Twilight moons are cold as ice
Like pizza pie, cut a slice

So naked with pizza on the sea? Diane Wolfe, what wise words from thee?

Bronze it like a statue? That'll look odd on the mantle.

You want to bronze naked people eating pizza at your place? The Silver Fox, do you have anything to embrace?

I have to wonder what kind of person would search for rat porn.

Don't wonder too far. Beverly, adding to this crazy sand bar?

I'm completely lost for words to say.
Maybe I'll think of something another day.

Keeping things close to the vest? Adam, anything to get off your chest?

Is that Hello Kitty's full name?

Be kinda wordy we think. Snowcatcher, are you the missing link?

May be an awesome game at this mat!

Oh the games we play. Tabbies, what do you have to say?

orlin N cassie; we R big inta cat soccer N de food serviss gurlz a cubis addict !!! heerz two a happee easturr anda grate week oh end ♥♥

Did our viewers get all of that? Martin, can you add anything where you are at?

I couldn’t believe it was true
When my wife told me we were through
So dark my dismay
Grim tears came my way
So wife said let’s play game’s round two

A second swing. Blue, care to say anything?

...I love that word

 Swinging is what you love? Betsy, care to spread words above?

I don't take the bait.
That kind of stuff I hate

So you are the bait-er? Alex, care to end this before we fall in a crater?

Nothing stuck in my head today.

Hmmm, we suppose that is good. Always good to have non-sticky wood. And that is all the show we have for you today. Whoopdi Friggin Doo is on every night at 11 est. if you are in space with its display. Don't miss an episode of the action. Unless of course we have to resort back to this scary faction.


You sure have action aplenty at your sea. The cat hopes you all stay fit with your action spree. Whoopdi Friggin Doo sure can reveal all. Do you remember saying such things on my wall? Each one sure is a true pass. You all make it too easy for my little rhyming ass.

Experience spring, have a fling.


  1. Sometimes my Whoopdis turn into Oopsies!

  2. Whoopdi Calculation on the Station
    Biddimg for a time for some options
    Nothing to dtead
    Without regrets
    Judt sport a thought with some visions


    1. corrections...nothing to dread
      Just sport.....

    2. haha dread they can be
      Corrections and regrets at one's sea

  3. I love seeing my name in there. That was fun to read through.

    1. The cat likes sticking many in
      For a whoopdi spin

  4. Typically remember I do
    But it’s one caught me out of the blue
    Yet what a fun post today
    Memory Lane at your bay

  5. Fun post for a dreary day ~ Hope tomorrow is not so bad, ha ~

  6. Take our words and make a whole post out of them why don't cha! A fun walk down memory lane, for sure!

    1. haha all fair game
      A post with only you to blame

  7. Lonely is never good but unsure I would take the plank....maybe. Always find it grand when you place my in your rhyming land.

  8. Whoopdi Friggin Doo!
    I have no wise words for you!
    The reason why?
    Two wines have I!
    Friday Night, Date Night ~
    Precision strike on each Syrian site
    I'm going to bed
    and pulling a pillow over my head.

    1. A wino at your sea
      Were they free?
      Got no glee?
      At least you didn't climb a tree

  9. A second swing
    Minus a ding-a-ling?
    Can't beat a tree growing ca-ching!


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