Be The Whiz Of The Quiz!

Or if you want to whiz, don't use my litter box to do your biz. The cat just wanted to let you know that. Now on we go where we are at. For you will be tested today. Hint: the answer isn't always A.

The A Mathematical Z At My Sea!


1. If the cat went to sleep today when would he come out to play?

A. When you go to sleep at your keep.
B. When night sets in I'd take a spin.
C. When I have to go in the you know.
D. When I want food from the food dude.
E. All of the above gets the love.

2. If I posted tomorrow what time will I borrow?

A. At 7 we'll be in heaven.
B. At 6 we'll jump candlesticks.
C. At 8 we'll fling a spring mate.
D. At 2 we'll give a bare view.
E. At 4 we'll go on a outhouse museum tour.

3. What did Blue lose from his attire, unless he's a liar.

A. Lost his eye. Poor blue guy.
B. Lost is wick. Damn, that's ick.
C. Lost his shoe and now he's blue.
D. Lost his handcuff key and Angie won't let him free.
E. Lost is suit to some happy humper brute.

4. Who likes to yap and never shut her trap? 

A. Brad, he misses his dad.
B. Frank, got no gas in his tank.
C. Anne, she's a one eye fan.
D. Pam, she hates when you say damn.
E. Flappy, nonsense gets yappy.

5. If you walk ten feet, how far have you gone down the street?

A. Five feet due to heat.
B. Ten feet, isn't math neat?
C. Six feet before suffering defeat.
D. No feet. Not on the street.
E. Can't walk. Don't gawk.

6. If you ate your weight in gold, what would take hold?

A. Have golden shit for a bit.
B. Be dead as a doornail without fail.
C. Have a golden tongue and maybe lung.
D. Be worth a bit and and cause a fit.
E. All of the above gets the love.

7. If you're a fixer with no upper, can you sing for your supper?

A. Nope, a snip snip dope.
B. Sure. You have an allure.
C. On the right day that comes to play.
D. Once a year when a blue moon is near.
E. Too whelmed for anything to be helmed.

8. If you see red but stare at green grass, which has come to pass?

A. Mad at grass as whippersnappers trespass.
B. Mad at grass as it gets eaten by Cass.
C. Mad while looking at grass due to something crass.
D. Happy and green there at your scene.
E. Stinky and meek as your up shit creek.

9. If you are sane yet eat nuts are you bound for crazy huts?

A. The loony bin is calling because the sky is falling.
B. Hungry hippo are you and a bit nutty too.
C. Just want to eat a tasty treat.
D. Crazy for cocoa puffs and feather bed fluffs.
E. Off bouncing on rubber, yee land lubber.

10. How many questions did this quiz have before this? Don't miss!

A. Ten I did pen.
B. Four took the tour.
C. All of the above gets the love.
D. Nine did align.
E. All of the below is given a go.

Love quizzes at your sea? Are you nuts as can be? Got them all right? Did you expect a quiz at my site? Hey it is Q. Did they stump you? Are you 10 for 10? The ocd likes that at my den. Don't go getting 3 for 10 though. That will make my ocd ban you at my show. Not that we can really do that. You'll just get made fun of by the cat. Hell, that will anyway come to pass. So may as well go 10/10 from many little rhyming ass.

Experience spring, have a fling.


  1. The online quiz thing got tired once I realized everyone's results seemed the same.

    1. Come on out the same
      But they get your info and know you came

    2. We are all the same potato

    3. Round and flat
      Or something like that

  2. I was doing good and then the questions got a little vague. Like most quizzes do.

    1. Could be a or b or c
      Damn the vagueness that came to be

  3. I'm still on question one
    Then the attention was gone
    I tried question 2
    The one about Blue
    And thought I would cheat
    And to the answers I 'fleat'
    But no-one gave any
    When I thought there'd be many . . . . lol

    1. lol couldn't look and gawk
      No one was willing to talk
      They wouldn't let your cheat
      Guess you'll have to hit the street

  4. I think the correct answer is french fries!

  5. Lol...people think the quizzes are fun meanwhile they just get more information ....Oy

  6. I like taking fun quizzes. :)

    1. They hide behind fun
      And get much with each run

  7. It is the most fun ready everyone's answers. Too funny. Anyway, all good for a great laugh. Have a good day Pat.

    1. A laugh sure works at our sea
      As the quiz post comes to be

  8. I got the one right with what time you post
    the other ones left me a little confused
    didn't want to guess on them
    so I'll just go turn on the news


    1. Never know what you'll see
      As the news comes to be

  9. Quizzes annoy me,
    they take too long to grade
    When I see them for fun
    I wouldn't do them if I was paid.

    I did take this one though... so there goes that theory right down the potty.

    1. lol so are you trying to hint that the cat owes you money?
      All we got is the kind that is funny

  10. Be the Whiz of the Quiz
    Clever you to get noticed
    Shoes lost by Blue
    Get help from True
    6th sense no chargeable fees


    1. No fees in the fine print
      But maybe some shoe lint

  11. Nope, I never take the quiz.
    Don't want them to know my biz. haha.

    1. Even if it means you are such and such a thing
      Like a Pokemon in spring

  12. Seems like there's a new online quiz to take every day on Facebook though I never take them. I guess I don't need to know what my new hooker name should be or what smurf I should date if I were smurfette.

    1. What? But it is life altering knowing that
      Just below having a good scat

  13. A great post Pat, I got lost half way through but I can imagine many did.


  14. Haha! Great fun, Pat! I did not expect a quiz, but had many chuckles completing the biz. I enjoy some quizzes, but won't fall for anymore Facebook ones, not that I'm regular with Facebook! Have a good one under the sun.

    1. Yeah, Farcebook is best to avoid
      Can have fun at the cat's and not be paranoid

  15. The answer is .....42.
    I think that answer is true.
    I like quizzes, I think they're fun
    if I get 10 or even if I get none.

    1. Even if none are right
      Can be fun day or night

  16. I was always horrible with quizzes and tests.


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