Easy As Quick Oh So Slick!

This post will be fast. It will be a thing of the past. I guess it is a thing of the future now. Can the past and future collide somehow? Hmm that question wouldn't make it quick. I guess quick may not click.

Same 4 times 10.
Easy at my den.
No generation one,
Or story is spun.

So figure it out.
Easy when about.
Quick and easy.
Isn't that pleasy?

Maybe not in some cases.
There would be no smiley faces.
But let's not go there.
Some may stutter and swear.

Easy to figure out.
Quick with no drought.
A mix of the two.
The verse works through and through.

But does it hold?
Can all join the fold?
Quick and easy edit.
Do you even read it?

See what I did?
Blink your eye lid.
That was quick and easy.
Editing ended up cheesy.

Quick and easy repair.
Car gets there.
But doesn't get back.
Whoops, there goes your money stack.

Quick and easy path.
You suffer wrath.
Find thorns you didn't see.
All from such a spree.

Quick and easy stroll.
You fall in a hole.
Took the easy way out.
Quickly you ran about.

Proved it quick.
So easy some slick.
A quick and easy rhyme.
In my quick and easy prime.

Do you reach for quick and easy? Is it far more pleasy? Do you end up screwed in the end? Not the fun screw that takes you around the bend. Quick and easy can work in verse but in other things it can be a curse. Do you still go for it? Can't take the time and instead have a fit? Then more time gets wasted from quick and easy coming to pass. I'll stick to quick and easy posting only when it comes to my little rhyming ass.

Experience spring, have a fling.


  1. Good Easter Sunday post Pat.
    Quick and easy is good but it's good to try and attempt a more meaningful post from time to time.

    Have a great day/

  2. The quick and easy is the quick and the dead!
    Four times ten is forty, plus generation one...forty-one. I've found the meaning of life! It was so easy.

    1. haha quick and dead indeed
      Make it fit and woweeee the meaning of life takes seed

  3. I used to be quick, now I'm easy!

    1. Resting easy is the way
      Can sure enjoy the day

  4. I'm not quick and I'm easy
    and I know for sure I'm not pleasey.
    I'm slow as a turtle in a race
    and it shows in my writer's pace.
    That's okay though,
    I'd rather be slow
    than fast
    because it makes good things last.


    1. What about the bad?
      They may last a tad
      That would sure suck
      Make one go what the fluck

  5. Easy as quick oh so slick
    Go for the kill make it big
    Time will tell
    Ring the bell
    Quick and essy get all mixed


  6. Sometimes the easy way out is not the way to go.

  7. Why must "Quick and Easy" steps bypass the number 30?
    I much prefer a short list of 1 instruction: Down and Dirty.

    1. Down and dirty rise to the occasion
      As long as two make the equation

  8. Quick and easy is good when it comes to brownie mixes.
    Happy Easter!

  9. Nothing wrong with quick and easy occasionally. I do like a good shortcut every now and again.

    Happy Easter/April Fool's Day!

    1. until it screws you
      And not in the fun way at one's zoo

  10. Quick and easy?
    I'm getting queasy.
    Just to get through
    I do what I do.

    Arlee Bird
    Tossing It Out (A)

  11. Experience spring, have a fling?!?! It IS that season I suppose...?! - https://www.domesticgeekgirl.com

    1. That it is indeed
      So hump away at one's feed lol

  12. Quick and easy sounds good
    But it never seems to work as it should.
    I assume it will be long and hard
    Then I’m aok but I am still on guard.

    Pssst...sorry I missed your 26 posts in a day.

    1. Yeah, never seems to go grand
      Have to assume otherwise in our land

      Was 25 given a go
      There is always next year's show


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