Envy So Mild That It Runs Wild!

The cat just rolled his eyes. I think I'll go back to chasing flies. I can catch them too. Does that impress you? Impress is okay but that can quickly go astray.

The A Mathematical Z At My Sea!


You can do this.
I can do that.
Some find it bliss.
Some find it scat.

Scat gets a roll.
A roll of the eye.
Both gets that stroll,
From this rhyming guy.

I wish I had.
I wish I may.
Such a nice pad.
Such a nice day.

They are lucky.
They are great.
Everything is ducky.
I want to relate.

I want it all.
I want their life.
This tale isn't tall.
I want no strife.

They have it.
I envy such theys.
I want every bit.
Forget the dismays.

See what I did?
I'm so hard up.
I took a bad grammar bid.
What a life ending hiccup.

I want it now.
I just can't wait.
Oh I need it somehow.
I want to relate.

I envy that life.
I envy that house.
I envy that wife.
I envy their mouse.

Why can't I have it?
I want it too.
I deserve every bit.
As I envy their view.

Are you an envy nut? Get that E = Envy at my hut? Pffft to envy and all that crap. Nothing is so black and white across the map. What you see isn't always what it is. So pfffft once more to any envy biz. Want stuff like others at ones sea? Get off your butt and ditch the envy. A simple task that can come to pass. Now I'll go look in the mirror and envy my little rhyming ass.

Experience spring, have a fling.


  1. Excellent Pat, kee4p up the good work.


  2. I have enough managing my own life
    I certainly don’t need someone else’s strife


    1. That you don't
      So you won't
      EJT for you
      Three for one at your zoo

  3. I want it all, I want it now. And thus that Queen song will play in my head all day.

    1. haha score one for the cat
      Stuck there where you're at

  4. You evolved into the E quite nicely!

  5. I do think of things I want
    From what people have , feels like a taunt.
    But the I look around and see
    My home, I have much that others may envy

  6. I used to envy all around me
    then I gave it up at my sea
    It was a big waste of my time
    and now I feel just fine
    with all that I have both big and small
    I've learned to appreciate it all!


    1. Much better in the end
      Stick to that trend
      We'll even send a hairball
      There you can envy it in the hall

  7. Envy leads to keeping up with the Jones and the real life Jones went broke. (True fact - they lived in Wilmington, NC.)

  8. Pea green with envy - not a good color for anyone

    1. Nope, not indeed
      Watch were you pea err umm pee at your feed

  9. Oh envy, the cause of 90% of life's problems

  10. Envy is a dangerous thing
    Can dim what gratefulness should bring
    Never know the negatives when you look at someone else
    Don't wish away your life to trade for another's hell.

    1. The hell sure can be there
      And you just stare
      Then it comes in waves
      Followed by rants and raves

  11. The 'I deserve it' attitude gets a lot of folks in trouble when it comes to buying things they can't afford.
    Hope sunshine is had at your pad:)

    1. That it surely does
      They soon end up with just fuzz

  12. Yes, I want it all
    And I earned it at my hall!!!

  13. I'd be happier with a little more of this or that, but I don't focus on those who have something (or somethings) more than I do.

    1. Yeah, does no good
      Much like the "if only it would"

  14. Willie Wonka and the Chocolate Factory (Gene Wilder) had the character called Verruca who wanted it all and now. Envy and demand seem to be concurrent.

  15. You get what you get
    and you got what ya got
    just don't get good chocolate
    I'll be jealous, a lot.

    1. haha we'll show it to all
      Right on the wall

  16. Envy so mild that runs wild
    Empty thoughts all the while
    Being jealous
    Over zealous
    Devious mind mostly on the sly


    1. Sly and trying to slink in
      Lose and never a win

  17. I wonder, if at the end of the A-Z Challenge, there will be something hidden in all of your math equations. Perchance are you playing with Fibonacci numbers because 2+3=5 is one in the Fibonacci series. Or perhaps you'll do a post in code using your A-Z answer numbers. Of course, I'm playing catchup again, but a post or two at a time. I wouldn't be surprised to learn there is more behind what you are doing! Have a good one!

    1. I forgot to say that my Scottie MacBeath was great with catching flies. You can delete my comments if you want!

    2. Why would we delete?
      No like you are posting pics of a cat in heat lol
      That just popped in
      Is there a point at our bin?
      Probably umm errr not
      But it could have a plot

  18. orlin N cassie...eye waz lookin out de window one day.. N waz gel uz oh a cat eye saw out side in de fresh air

    ...him seemed ta bee havin a grate time......

    eye gived de food servizz gurl de biznezz coz eye could knot due de same thing....

    her toll me eye shouldna bee sew envious... coz may bee that cat dinna haza place ta call.... home ~~~~

    tuna of moon ♥♥☺☺

    1. The FGS sure is right on the money
      Never good not to have a home when it isn't sunny

  19. You are at it again for April? I don't envy you..ha..ha..

    1. haha same old same old for me
      So no big deal at our sea

  20. You know what they say. Don't wish for it, work for it. Envy is for bitter people who just want everything handed to them.

    1. And there are many of those
      They sure strike a pose


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