It's Live At My Hive!

Are these words really alive? Can they not or not so much survive? That sure beats the heck out of me. Why do you think I'm asking thee? Me? Make fun? I'd soooo never let that be done.

Five by five.
Time to hand jive.
Regis and Kelly live.
Time to dumpster dive.

Dove in my mind.
Popped out in a bind.
Maybe not so much binded.
I'm sure no one minded.

For mistakes are allowed.
Allowed by the crowd.
Allowed by the cat.
How about that?

Why is that?
Times two rhyme scat.
Scat from a cat.
How about that?

Strat work better?
Change and add a letter
Used in a book.
Give that a look?

Advertising for free.
Or maybe a fee.
Would it be either or?
This thing is a chore.

How does it fit?
Notes to hit.
Times to follow.
Tough to swallow?

Swallow that pill.
Comes with a bill.
Can cure any ill.
Advertising ain't nil.

Now we've reached the end.
Nothing we need to amend.
Maybe from yesterday's show.
What? Damned if we know.

Five by five.
Got out alive.
How'd we survive?
For this post was live.

Err umm do you believe that? It was a live post from the cat. Don't you love how things are live? Live as an extinct bee hive. Even if we are typed in front of a live studio audience too. Damn, I lied twice to you. We aren't live and the studio audience is a robot machine thing. Skynet we bring. Shhh we are really live though. In 3...2...1...we'll bring another live show. You saw nothing come to pass? Damn, they pre-empted my live err umm recorded little rhyming ass.

Experience spring, have a spring.


  1. Replies
    1. That's 6 in a row
      Let it grow, let it grow!


    2. Growing and going
      Up with the showing

  2. Great verse Pat, I love "Live" shows.
    Have a good day.


  3. I'm waiting for the bloopers in your live show.

  4. A live gig sure beats the alternative!

  5. Live TV used to amaze me when I was little. It does add a little excitement of nobody not quite knowing what will happen next. I can't watch a football game that isn't live, as I could look up the score whenever I got bored.

    1. Yeah, there is something about what could be
      But once aired or not live, pffft at many a sea

  6. Sometimes there is a fine print when it comes to "live".

  7. Live show on the go
    we witnessing
    each other flow
    way to go!

  8. Live can be fun because you never know what might happen. There's always a chance for a wardrobe malfunction too.

    1. haha seems to be many of those
      As they strike a pose

  9. I went to see a TV show live, but it wasn’t really live, it was taped before a live audience. I was amazed to see how many bloopers would surface by guests, etc. They just retake the live segment and when it actually aired no one knew as it came out polished. They even had to retake the audience response. Lol.. as you are coached when to clap and make a lot of noise. It was an amazing experience. The host was so down to earth and interacted with the audience between stage set-up.

    1. That would be neat to see the inner workings and such
      Figures they touch things up more than a touch

  10. It's Live at my Hive
    But not to take a dive
    Look smart
    For a start
    Freely all ready to jive


  11. There was a live show I watched when I was little. Reactions of audience were as fun as the show!

    1. Can be fun to see what occurs indeed
      And even more so as audience reactions take seed

  12. Live is better than planned and contrived,
    at least some of the time.
    I wish I could think of another word
    So I could create a whole rhyme.

    1. Could have high fived
      Or would that be contrived?

  13. The closest I ever came to live tv was in Halifax. I think it was a taping of Don Messer and the Islanders. Anyway, Catherine McKinnon was singing, and I got to see her through some little window from a story up. Probably 1967. I was on a senior high school field trip all the way from Islands Consolidated in Freeport, Long Island, off Digby Neck. Big times for me! You weren't even a twinkle in your father's eye! LOL

    Okay, so today wasn't 13 + 8 = 21 = U. You took Sunday off. It will be that on tomorrow, Monday! I never fear to make a prediction! All the best to you, my rhyming friend!

    1. lol so are you saying you're very very old?
      Your prediction may sure take hold

  14. There's always that few second delay, so is it really considered coming to us "live"?

    I do like to go to plays and see action in real time. Sometimes that's better than tv!

    1. Sometimes plays are the way to go indeed
      Yep, not really live at many a feed

  15. Sometimes the famous singers who sing live can’t sing worth beans. They need the studio to fix the mistakes but they know how to gyrate and move their ass.

    1. They got one part down
      So they go to lip sync town

  16. Live... so no cut and paste?
    Just typing with haste?


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