K In Nots Konnecting Dots!

Did you go all grammar nazi on that title? Did your power go from fast to idle? I'll get it back up to snuff today. For, sadly, I've seen these typed at many a bay. One even on a friggin store sign. The dumb truly can't spell or align.

The A Mathematical Z At My Sea!


Miss the knots.
Spell but can't tie?
Tie but spell it nots?
No need to lie.

Kats don't care.
Kit-Kat may though.
So just be aware.
A copyright show.

Kaught on to me?
If not, run.
For the cat will smile at thee,
And then poke fun.

Isn't this kool?
Need some aid?
Don't ask the Kool-Aid fool.
He has a scary trade.

May get into kombat.
Mortal it might be.
A waaaa may squash you flat.
Watch out for a fatality.

May hide in a krate.
Then get shipped to Timbuktu.
Spelling may work there, mate.
There it could be brand new.

Or it could be worse.
The Arktic may be your new home.
Then you'd really curse.
Cold wherever you roam.

Am I making fun?
Bah, get used to my pass.
Or before I'm done,
You'll think me krass.

Get up and cheer.
You are the best.
Got off your rear,
Failing the sokker test.

Saw that one too.
Was clearly the worst.
So kolour me blue,
If your bubble did burst.

There are sure a ton. Some show more than others as they are given a run. Ever see any k for c? They prove some are swinging from the dingy tree. That is dingy, not thingy. Don't get all gutter and clingy. I may then kough up a hairball in your grass. Just a warning from my one of a cind little rhyming ass.

Experience spring, have as fling.


  1. K or C
    what will come to B
    these Patrick Hatt books come to mind to me
    check them out at your C

    The Dis(K)Connective

  2. I think I've seen magic spelled with a k.

  3. You did a pretty dark kool K Pat!

  4. The worst is when businesses do it with things like Kid's Korner or Kid's Kloset. Let's confuse the children!

    1. haha show them the way
      Wrong from the start with what they say

  5. Texting has made spelling a joke
    Grammar has gone up in smoke

  6. K in Nots Konnecting Dots
    Found more in serious thots
    Played it kool
    Lots of bull
    Kaught napping silly of sort


  7. K for C is not my favorite thing. It usually bothers me when I see it. :)

  8. Aftr reading Bryson's The Mother Tongue, knothing ties me into nots about spelling. It's all arbitrary and up fore grabs. Congrats on getting to K in won peace. :-)

    1. haha some kinda grabs
      Itzz like ur haeling kabs

  9. Yep. I work at a place called Musik21. Not sure why it's not Music21. Maybe "k" is kooler.

    1. Or maybe S was taken?
      So K they had to start bakin

  10. I love your sense of humor and quirky images. Thanks for commenting on my guest post (on Alex's site). Cheers

  11. Ha, this was a good one!

    Kares I have many.
    Koins too few.

  12. K words are confusing. Knight? Knit? Knoll? What's with that? English language, you are so confusing.

    1. Sure can confuse when not in the know
      Just like no when given a go

  13. orlin N cassie

    K for C
    and Z for S
    thatz how we spell
    with R trout towne mezz !!


    1. Zip it in
      Zip it through
      Not a sin
      Ever so true

  14. I remember when it was cool to spell it as kool. Poor C getting replaced by the K.

  15. Like Alex, I've seen magic spelled with a K. Sometimes a confusing letter.

    1. That it sure can be
      As the K is there for all to see

  16. Okay, I get it, or not.
    Or knot?
    By me, it's got.
    Nah, it's really not.
    I haven't got it in a lot
    of time
    Not even for a decent rhyme.

    1. Knot for not
      You tried the trot
      Of the not for knot
      That works a lot

  17. Korrect! The ice is still here but warming up tomorrow~ Hope it is not too bad in your city ~

  18. Grammar and spelling can sometimes be confusing, that's for sure.

  19. Kries Kalamity says the C
    Don’t use K, can’t let it be.
    No, says Kris Kringle
    Now let’s hear Der Bingle.

  20. Very cleverly written Pat. sorry late in commenting.


  21. It drives me nuts when k is used for c. My aunt does that with her business and it makes me not want to shop there.

    1. haha have a reason not to shop
      And now we have another way to get you going to add to the crop


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