On Sale So Hit The Trail!

Here we go. A great sale shall show. It is the best you will ever see. You can believe little old me. Hmm that may be totally untrue. But I'm sure you already caught that clue.

Today's a sale.
A sale that can't fail.
It is the best.
We beat all the rest.

So act today.
It may go away.
Notice how I said may?
Watch what I say.

Actually don't.
Miss it you won't.
Just buy today.
It's a sale this May.

One month ahead?
Forget that dread.
Sleep in a comfy bed.
With a free pillow for your head.

Today's our sale.
Hit the trail.
A new mattress for you.
Look, over there you can get a car too.

But only today.
Come and say hey.
Learn what the sale is about.
Then take your money out.

Thanks for the buy.
Great sale, no lie.
You got the best.
You beat all the rest.

Tomorrow comes.
Hey, there chums.
Today we have a great sale.
It surely won't fail.

The same as yesterday?
Bah, forget that display.
It's a new day with a new view.
Believe what I say to be true.

Come see our sale.
33 days later you can still get a whale.
A whale of a deal.
But our sale is sooooo real.

Ever notice how mattresses and cars are always on sale? Ever notice how such sales never fail? As in never fail to disappear. Doesn't that negate the definition of sale when they are always near? Wouldn't it be regular price? I guess that doesn't sound as nice. So go out and find such sales in mass. They are available every minute of every day to you and my little rhyming ass.

Experience spring, have a fling.


  1. Good subject, good verse to read Pat.


  2. You just described JCPenney - they are always having a sale and it's the sale event of the year.

    1. haha loses its effect after a while
      With the year event style

  3. Oh so true. There is always a sale somewhere. But is it really a sale. Have a great day Pat.

  4. There are so many ways to add in costs on a car if you're not paying cash (and not all of us have the funds to pay cash) that it's SO hard to tell where they're jacking your prices up (notice, I said 'where,' not 'if.' ;)

    1. Where they usually are
      They give you a break here and jack it up on the "admin fee" of the car
      I know them all
      Here at my hall

  5. Lol on the mattress sales! And the number of mattress stores that pop up all the time.

    1. They are always on sale
      Many pop up and many fail

  6. Yes, but wait, there's more...don't forget the knives that will cut though the crap!

    1. As sharp as the tongue
      From which the sale was flung

  7. ha - I went to a store yesterday that had a VIP sale. I'll tell you in was quite insane.

    Cars are always on sale, but you better read the fine print,as there is more in the ink.

    1. haha nuts come out and about
      That fine print will sure get you no doubt

    2. oops it*

      The nuts were out and about
      some even gave a shout..

    3. haha could have taped it
      Been a youtube hit

  8. You have to know how the place plays the game to know how much you "save"

    1. That you do
      And save sure may never come on through

  9. Yep those two thing are always on sale but I'm not sure how much you actually save.

  10. On Sale so Hit the Trail
    Too often looks so frail
    They persist
    They insist
    Strategy that hasn't failed


  11. Buy now! Only one left!
    Don't think so.... go check your cleft!
    Cleft is grammar talk for crack
    And my name ain't Jack
    Or Blue Toad
    On the road
    Just so you know
    at the check that crack kitty cat show!

    1. A crack you say
      Going the Wal-Mart way?
      Sure plenty there
      Don't stop and stare

  12. LOL LOL I’ve noticed the same.. They are always on sale. Limited time, only until this day and next thing you know, they are doing another sale :-)

    1. Yep, the sale magically always comes back
      And some of them surely lack

  13. I agree about mattresses and cars always being on sale. I always wonder how these mattress places stay in business!! How many mattresses do people need! And as for cars, they are always marked down for one thing or another. Who really knows if the best deal is had!

    1. Yeah, both are kinda items that you don't need a ton of
      But in your face the sales they shove

  14. I could not help but think of Vacation when Clark Griswald wants to buy a car and the used car salesman, Eugene Levy, sells him a real sale. What I love are the places tha5 have a blow out sale...every weekend!

    1. There are many of those
      Blow out with all their rows

  15. Some things are always on sales. Alas- not the things I am in need of- usually. ;)

    1. haha never works that way
      As we pay and pay

  16. Seems that most car and mattress sellers take any old holiday and make it all about sales instead of the actual holiday. Greedy bastards.


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