Out Of Left For Some Heft!

We are going to the game today. We'll try not to bore with a replay. So many innings would make us want a nap. I guess we'll only taking one lap. Whoops, that is some other sport. This could be a weird report.

The A Mathematical Z At My Sea!


This post popped in.
It wanted a spin.
Nothing popped though.
Could say it was a left field show.

As in out of left.
Nope, no theft.
Right field don't care.
Nothing happens over there.

Cost you $1000 to read today.
Oh, don't get full of dismay.
It's just a ball park figure from me.
I'll take more from thee.

I just wanted to touch base.
It is something we embrace.
Yet we don't do any touching.
My OCD likes that umm muching.

Grammar Nazi just scoffed.
He may want me offed.
Damn, I didn't hit a home run.
Even though no swinging was done.

I guess I struck out.
How'd that come about?
Take your ball and bat and go home?
Take it that isn't the Skydome?

But I want to know.
Time we go toe to toe.
Wrong sport, damn it all.
I meant to say play hardball.

So step up to the plate.
What you got, mate?
Are you ready to swing?
Something may be waiting in the wing.

Sure took your time.
I was way done this rhyme.
Should have swung away.
Right off the bat we say.

You are way off base.
Do an about face.
So out of my league.
Don't go suffering from fatigue.

Did you swing and miss? That may not cause bliss. At least need to get to third base. Did you know so many baseball terms you embrace? I figured I'd go to bat for you. Look, another came due. I'm really batting a thousand today and I didn't even have to play. I'm sure in the ballpark of this pass. On that you can trust my little rhyming ass.

Experience spring, have a fling.


  1. Out of Left for some Helf
    Out swinging in high rev
    To touch base
    Get a place
    Great stars play with zest


  2. That B pretty darn good Pat!

  3. I'm always off base, so I'm quite comfy here.

    1. Do you give signals and such?
      Watch the places you touch

  4. orlin N cassie....we iz gonna hafta google sum base ball lingo coz frank lee we dunno nothin bout it; course we dont bout feetz ball, B ball, soccerz, hockee, ore golf either but we CAN tell ya wear de concessionz standz R :) ♥♥☺☺

    1. We can name the terms as heard them a ton
      And for most of them, besides golf, just run

  5. The closest I've ever come to watching a baseball game was when my brother was in a little league team. lol

    1. lol well that counts a bit
      Sure can be a hit

  6. Bases are loaded
    The Queen of Whiff floated
    For the fences I swing
    But the pitcher caught that thing

  7. Watching kids play ball is the best ever. They are so intense and ready to go for pizza afterwards.

    1. They enjoy and have fun
      Then off for food they run

  8. Ball park figure. Heh heh.
    The HH watched seventeen innings the other night and his team still lost. Oops.

    1. Ball park figure came due
      Damn, that is a looooooooong time for him to view

  9. Not a fan of baseball here
    It bores me to tears
    Don't say a word about my eyes
    Or I'll throw you in the sky
    and hit you with that baseball bat
    and then push you in the mat!
    See you thought our fun was over,
    but I'm getting ready to send Rover
    for more fun and games
    the cat will never be the same.


    1. Send rover to our sea
      And we'll make him one eyed like thee
      Actually, scratch that
      I'm not that mean of a cat
      Making a mutt as scary as you
      Not even the cat would want to do

  10. bats are bunting
    and cats are too
    our feline bunts
    I wonder if one of your cats does too!

  11. Love what you created here. :)

  12. I haven't caught a live baseball game in a few years. Hopefully we can get to Chicago this summer for at least one game.

    1. Never been to a live one
      Could catch a home run

  13. Enjoyed the late read Pat.


  14. Baseball is my brother’s game
    He loves hockey too just to name
    Another sport but baseball is his love.
    He knows All..must’ve been blessed from above.

    1. He must enjoy it a ton
      As around the bases they run

  15. Aha! Another number in the Fibonacci series! 1+1=2. I'm working backwards, so I am going to guess that A=1=1+0.


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