The Align Of The Define!

Today we will define nothing at all. At least that is how you humans give it a call. It is really weird, like worshiping a guy in a red suit with a beard. But who's the cat to say. Yeah, I'll say it anyway.

Webster can define.
Even without a spine.
Here in the digital age,
No need to turn an actual page.

No need to slog through,
Finding many in view.
Some catch the eye.
Others, oh me, oh my.

Can get to it.
Type and search hit.
There is the defining way.
A definition on display.

So easy, yet hard.
Can't pull that card.
Or punch at it.
If you vent a bit.

Nope, not at all.
For here is your call.
Especially when wrong.
And people play along.

Depends on your definition.
Is that like a new edition?
One where you make stuff up?
My, that would help a pup.

Few brain cells needed.
Anything can be seeded.
Depends on your definition.
Real one can go into remission.

So if I call you a wanker,
You can reach into a big oil tanker?
What you pull out is the winner?
Definition is "You're a big clown loving, fish humping, barbie collecting, tire spinner.

Wow, I like this.
It could bring bliss.
Of course that depends on your view.
Damn, view and definition = times two.

Does that screw with it more?
Depends on the definition at your shore.
With words you are a magician.
Of course, that too, depends on your definition.

Do you use that saying to try and cloud the displaying? Rather sad to the cat. But depends on your definition where you are at. Hey, we don't even need dictionaries any more. Everything depends on your definition at your shore. That will save people from searching in mass. I guess I'm just a defining little rhyming ass.

Experience spring, have a fling.  


  1. Hmmm... fish humping
    That's a new one for me
    Makes for very happy fishies
    Smiling in the deep blue sea

  2. I love to look up things online........except illnesses.
    Can scare the pants off one.

    Great verse Pat, have a good Sunday.

    1. That illnesses can do
      Can have the plague in seconds at your zoo

  3. It's definitely a free for all on definitions these days. This week, I've seen a few people use the term, "You're so road" online and I don't have a clue!

    1. That they sure are
      That is the first I've heard that one at our sand bar
      Are they flat or pot holey?
      Maybe means like holey moley

  4. I'm glad to hear there are few brain cells needed, that's good news in the South!

    1. haha got plenty at your sea
      Might want to flee

  5. Defining the words, a magician I become
    It's confusing to some, to the point of 'more rum.'

  6. I catch the eye
    with my witty reply
    and stunning good looks
    that will sell lots of books
    if I dared to share my face
    over at my place
    but for now it's the shore
    and I'll remain poor
    until the day arrives
    and my beauty thrives!


    1. haha damn, look at you
      Or not at the zoo
      For in your cage
      Expressing your rage
      We never know it's you
      Poor old one eye in view
      Maybe without the mask
      In your one eye the cyclops loving cult will bask

  7. It's a good thing few brain cells are needed.
    For the ones I have left I have pleaded,
    Stay with me till more can be seeded:)

  8. Its a free for all these days
    When it comes to words and what to say
    Webster is turning in his grave
    And doesn't want to come out and play.


  9. The Align of the Define
    Knows when to draw the line
    Working on definitions
    Like faith for religion
    Everything should be just fine


  10. The definition can mean different things to different people, that's for sure.

  11. I need a dictionary for the dictionary these days. It does help to be able to spell, but even that's going wonky with some "creative" ways with words. Say, what?

    1. Wonky is the way they go
      Sure can make you go wtf in tow

  12. So many definitions, it's hard to keep up these days. I'm sure my parents felt the same way. But at least we can look up the many different meanings online now.

    1. True, the online is there
      Helps to make all aware

  13. I still have the full Encyclopedia Britannica books and love them even if they are from the 70s. Now, as for definition all that popped into my head is the music from that Canadian game show called Definition

    1. Never even heard of that one
      Bet those books weigh a ton

  14. I use online dictionaries every day. I check, check, check lots of words, synonyms, antonyms, and idioms. I blame it on my father who refused to define words for me, once I started in grade 3. "Look it up in the dictionary!" he never failed to say to me. I gave up my gigantic "Funk & Wagnalls" years ago. I do not miss scanning through pages. I love all the information at my fingertips on line! I feel like I'm using more brain cells, because I engage more with the words, and I am more efficient because I'm not flipping back and forth scanning very fine print. Have a good one, my rhyming friend!

    1. That is true indeed
      Can get it faster at your feed
      No flipping this way and that
      Just don't let brain cells go scat


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