The Old Takes A Hold!

The cat is up there and Pat is getting there at our lair. But even when we were super young, things still were dung. So for O we're going with old. As in "Too Old For This Shit" takes hold.

The A Mathematical Z At My Sea!


Too old they say.
Too young they play.
Too this and too that.
Too old for such scat.

The negative nuts.
In their negative ruts.
They like to hiss and spit.
We're too old for that shit.

The I want change,
But I never want to rearrange.
The whine in their soul sucking pit.
We're far too old for that shit.

The let's get drunk.
Every weekend drunk as a skunk.
As with their hangover they sit,
We say we're too old for that shit.

The won't you help me.
But I will never help thee.
Although help me or I'll throw a fit.
Yep, we are far too old for that shit.

The watching a new movie or show.
But it clearly does blow.
Click, not going to the end.
Too old for that shitty trend.

Don't you like me?
Here my little old plea.
I want all to like me and be a hit.
Pffft very much too old for that shit.

The Facebook and the like commenting crap.
I think I just took a nap.
For it's better than listening to any old sap.
Yep, we're far too old for that crap.

The dealing with people you hate.
Them expecting you to open the gate.
Sorry, won't even open it to hit them on the ass.
We are too old for that shitty pass.

Could go on all day.
But we have to go use the bathroom at our bay.
Pat still needs to scoop every bit.
With holding it, we are far too old for that shit.

See? You don't need to be Belva's age to turn the old "Too old for that shit" page. I'm sure there are lots of things you can use it for. Any pop in at your shore? The less you give a crap the more of life's crap you can take. Wise words I can make. I'm never to old to go bug Cass. So now I'll go with my sometimes too old little rhyming ass.

Experience spring, have a fling.


  1. Replies
    1. Good Morning Alex
      That move was slick

    2. And while on break!
      Sometimes when I'm doing something physical, I think I'm getting too old for this shit. Body struggles a bit more after fifty...

    3. In on break
      Not too old for such a partake

      The physical can sure get you the next day
      As age comes to play

  2. Replies
    1. Good morning, Truedessa! Sorry, I sneaked in for a peak today.

    2. Haha the Ninja was quick
      with the element of surprise

    3. Seconds late
      Out of the gate

  3. With another birthday on the horizon,
    Age is a state a mind.
    One can be "Old" at thirty.
    At my age I wish folk would be kind.


  4. Belva is younger than many I know,
    What am I too old for?
    I'd say Play-Doh

    1. Damn, you hang out with old people at your sea lol
      No playing in doh for thee?

  5. I do think it's funny when my kids say that, but sometimes you really can be too old once you graduate from high school.

    1. Somethings you can be too old for
      Or at least use the excuse for them at your shore

  6. Not a day goes by
    Without someone looking me in the eye
    And spouting they or I
    Are too old for bicycle riding... oh my!

    1. They should mind their own beeswax
      As for some it can help relax

  7. I'll admit to too old to play Twister with kids - things don't twist back they way they should.

    1. haha do some yoga at your sea
      Then you'll get really bendy

  8. Old sure isn't fun but it beats the alternatives!

    1. There is more than one?
      Dead and ummm a zombie run?

  9. I often say

    “I’m too old for this bullshit”

    “You’re as young as you feel”

    I’ve been sick, so tired of that shit

    Oops I used a bad word
    how absurd...

    1. Bah, the cat has no virgin ears
      Can say more than rears
      We don't add the bull
      Cow patties can fill another field full haha
      Blah to the germs
      Them and worms

  10. Reaching 30, 40, and 50 didn't bother me. When I hit sixty in November of 2016 it hit me a little harder. It's strange to see all the changes time has wrought upon my ancient frame, haha.

    1. So I'm good until 60 rolls around?
      Sure seems to be more hair everywhere as the frame ancient-ifies at our pound

  11. Don't feel too old for some things I want to do
    but then the aches and pains let me know that's not true
    sometimes it is better to admit too old
    than to get hurt trying something new.


    1. Yep, injuries surely suck
      Much better to pass the buck

  12. I feel old as hell with my knee's creeking and cracking when I walk.

  13. That's too much too-ing to go around
    Some are too quiet and don't make a sound
    Most are too loud. Others, high-browed.
    With all the tutu-ing
    the ballet must be proud.

    1. In pink and drag
      Maybe they want to play tag

  14. orlin N cassie....ya haz knot seen old til ya haz seen de age on de food servizz gurlz licentz.....N her can tell ya storeez bout who was act shoo a lee THER... when fire came a bout ~~~ ☺☺♥♥

    1. Now that is old
      She should write a book with her tale being told

  15. The Old Takes Hold
    No pronlem if not told
    One feels so
    What a blow
    Do not lament be bold


  16. Hey, cat, don't know that as we get old/more and more we turn into gold? :-)

    Greetings from london.

    1. I must be stuck as dirt
      For with gold we never flirt

  17. Yer never too old,
    If yer funny and bold . . . . lol

    1. lol bold you say
      Oh, we went dirty at our bay

  18. I feel like I'm getting too old for many physical things these days. My knees creek, my back spasms, my feet get tired more quickly. Getting old sucks.

    1. Age sure does suck
      Sure takes one from cluck to oh fluck

  19. I'm kind of glad I'm too old for some things like sleeping on the ground or having a hangover or pulling an all nighter. LOL

    1. lol yeah, sleeping on the ground is not fun
      We'll avoid those three too under our sun

  20. Too old for that shit?
    Nope! Not one damn bit!


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