The Spin Of In Can Be A Sin!

Did you know you are full of sin? Yeah, oh so full at your bin. At least if you are like me. I refuse to go up that tree. I'm sure that you knew after so many a rhyming spin. But time to go with what's IN!

The A Mathematical Z At My Sea!


Today we will rhyme,
Much like we do every time.
But we can't make fun.
Not the in thing to be done.

We have to cry.
The world is bad, oh me, oh my.
I just stubbed my toe.
That eye roll is offensive, you know.

I have to show pics of food.
Don't give me attitude.
I have to show it all.
Oh, I'm now at the mall.

I'm at the doctors office now.
Hmm that would be vet with a meow.
I give many of those.
They cause me such woes.

Just thought I'd tell.
Oh, my life is hell.
It is so bad with my stubbed toe.
Ugg, must I sink this low?

Those shoes are in.
Can't have a hairy chin.
Those shirts are out.
Skinny jeans are best, no doubt.

That haircut is out.
What are you talking about?
No one knows that anymore.
Show that they door.

Ignore your kin.
They aren't in.
Do what's the best.
It beats the rest.

That was yesterday.
Don't need a replay.
What was in, is out.
Do you want me to shout?

Stay with what's in.
To not is a sin.
If you want to win,
You'll stick with the in.

Pffft are you in on the trends? Like that which offends? Or some clothing crap? Pfffft again from this chap. If it is in then we are most likely out. Like the crappy reboots that are about. Any love for what's in? Should I stop my question spin? That isn't in anymore? Damn, I'm so out at my shore. I guess I'll stick with the singing bass. He is as out as my little rhyming ass.

Experience spring, have a fling.


  1. In or out
    Causes doubt
    I don't care
    At my lair

  2. When I saw someone 'checking in' at a gas station, I knew I had to unfollow their Twitter feed!

    1. Couldn't take it any more
      There at your shore

    2. people seem to check in everywhere, literally

  3. I wish I still had some of my stuff from twenty years ago
    It's all the latest trends in the fashion shows
    What was new back then
    is the latest fashion trend
    but I donated it all to Goodwill
    some random day in the fall
    when the clothes were no longer in style
    who knew they'd come back after awhile?
    Guess I need to hoard
    so the clothes I can afford.


    1. A hoarder and a one eye
      My, you should give Reality TV a try
      Could make your own show
      Back in style even old, you know

  4. trendy passed me by a long time ago

  5. I've always marched to my own drum.
    Following the IN trends is dumb.
    Don't get me going on fashion.
    It's just so companies can cash in.
    Have a good day, Pat, at your bay!

    1. That the companies do
      Cash in two by two
      Can stick it in their ear
      Or maybe their rear

  6. The only in I get is in trouble!

    1. That we can relate to
      As it happens at our zoo

  7. Crochet trends, some are cool;
    But most trends make one look like a fool!

  8. Not in with trends or anything new
    Blame it on being old and wanting comfortable shoes


  9. I know the trends
    they give me the bends.
    I get what I like
    the trend people can take a hike

    1. Watch them hike into the woods
      Them and their trendy hoods

  10. What’s in?
    Flouncy sleeves
    with pink capris
    would that be a win
    I could give it a spin
    but would you

    Ok a bit lame
    with the dress game...

    1. haha dress up or down
      Dress like a clown
      That would be up
      Down not a hiccup

  11. orlin N cassie......what waz IN durin de past..then used ta be out... iz now IT in de few chure again....

    hang on ta sum thin long enuff N itz a keeper...

    kinda like de food servizz gurl, but due knot let her noe we paid her a complee mint !! ☺☺♥♥

    1. Around it sure does return
      The FGS will never know a compliment she did earn

  12. A great verse to read Pat,Abeit later than usual.


  13. I've never cared whether or not I was "trendy." Well, maybe I did when I was in grammar school... But by the time I reached high school I didn't particularly care what people thought about the way I did things.

    1. I never cared much by the high school point
      Now really couldn't give a damn at my joint

  14. The Spin Of In Can Be A Sin!
    Not to follow just not trending
    Some are just craps
    Or recycled under wraps
    Fashionable but not seen following


  15. One good thing about growing older.
    I ignore the trends, meaning I'm growing bolder.

  16. That's why I just stick with the basics that are considered classic. Then you can never go wrong because classic never goes out of style.

    1. Does classic become antique though
      As its age does grow

  17. Ha ha
    sometime my life is hell too
    but what are we to do?

    Sometimes I want to cry
    but instead of that I sigh.

    If you show me pictures of food,
    it is all so good good good!

    Have a good weekend, Pat.

    1. haha food for the win
      That may or may not be sin


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