Time To Go Vile By The Mile!

The cat saw this the other day. Someone really went out of their way. It was oh so vile they said. I just shook my head. They deserved a smack to their head. But then their vile may have been fed.

The A Mathematical Z At My Sea!


That is vile.
Go get a room.
You just aren't in style.
You bring my eyes doom.

Breastfeeding in a corner.
That just can't be.
You must be a porn-er.
What next? Free pee?

Just like those pants.
The ones down to knees.
They offend my plants.
So vile they make me sneeze.

Like those horror shows.
You know, the ones.
The ones where the wind blows,
That has sharks by the tons.

Like banks taking money.
That is so vile.
That isn't fair, honey.
They add to their pile.

Like slaving away at work.
It is oh so vile.
This isn't a perk.
It won't make me smile.

Like buying a car.
That is the worst.
As vile as that bar,
Where all quench their thirst.

That's where you go.
There you can put on a show.
Take the spawn in tow.
Let it all hang low.

But it's vile here.
Here for all to see.
Doesn't matter if you aren't near.
Do you live in a tree?

You bring me doom.
You add to this pile.
So go get a room,
And quit being vile.

Did vile get a new meaning? Maybe dictionaries should get a re-screening. She was over to the side in a hall. Couldn't really see unless you looked in at the mall. Even then you couldn't see much. Unless you were a perv and tried to touch. But oh, it was so vile a nut went on about. Probably mad because no one wants her to whip hers out. Did I say that? Damn, I'm a mean cat. Is it oh so vile to you, especially if you can't see nothing at all, when breastfeeding comes to pass? Pfffft I've seen much more vile things come out my little rhyming ass.

Experience spring, have a fling.


  1. Breastfeeding is not vile at all
    Should mind her Ps and Qs
    Compared to the tragedy in my city
    Which is vile with lives to lose

    1. Yeah, that truly is vile
      Nuts like that should be tossed in a hole in single file

  2. Slaving away
    Every single day
    Still no grand pay
    How's Aunt May?
    Yes ain't nay
    I need a drink
    Can't really think
    When I'm slaving away
    At the blue guy bay
    How's life, Cat?
    Still snoring on that kitty cat mat?

    1. Slaving we are
      Near and very very far
      The very far can stink
      Drive one to drink
      Just don't pee
      They may whine about thee

  3. Nice rhyming words...

  4. She wants vile she should go read her Twitter feed.

  5. The pants down to the knees...
    Oh, puhleeeeeeease!!!
    No one wants to see your crack
    Someone needs a good smack

  6. Oh, vile doesn't sound like a fun one at all!

  7. Time to go Vile by the Mile
    Not devious but with a smile
    Slaving at work
    Being like a jerk
    Be open not working on the sly


  8. I rarely use the word "vile."
    It's for really abominable things.
    Among the younger it's in style.
    Their uses sometimes make me smile.

    1. Things sure can bring a smile
      Just don't engage or that may be vile

  9. I agree with Di. Lots of vile flying on twitter feed.

  10. Breast feeding in public usually is very discreet
    wouldn't call it vile, but a baby's treat


    1. That is what it is
      Some people should mind their own biz

  11. orlin N cassie

    vile = burdz in de bathe takin a bath = ternin round & drinkin de same waterz ~~~~~~


    1. haha yep, that is rather bad
      Those birds are just sad

  12. Some find anything to complain about!

    1. That they do
      And they complain way more than a few

  13. Breast feeding serves a purpose and can be done discreetly. Babies need to eat.

    1. That they do
      Some people are just nutty through and through

  14. People are always finding new and crazy things to complain about or call vile. Although the Sharknado movies really are vile. lol

    1. lol thankfully I've avoided those
      So I haven't suffered any woes

  15. I'm totally for breastfeeding. I could never do it in front of people, but I'll applaud those that can. It's a baby's source of food.

    1. Yeah, they need to eat
      So the nutballs can hit the street

  16. I have to agree with other people on this subject. There is always someone that thinks something is vile. If you don't like something you see, just don't look.

    1. Exactly the way
      Look away and go on with your day

  17. Who need a room
    where is a gloom
    it's really vile
    don't waste your mile...

  18. I have never seen anyone just whip their boob out to feed a baby in public. The ladies have all been discreet and there's nothing vile about that. Some people just need to make a big stink over something as innocent as feeding a baby. I'd rather see breasts all day long than listen to crying babies.

    1. haha well on that we can agree
      Unless the breasts are all old and wrinkly

  19. Best to stay away from vile stuff! But if the bank takes my money, I’m gonna fight so hard lol.

  20. You mentioned free pee
    You don’t want Trump calling thee.

  21. Wonderful verse Pat with perhaps the word vile getting a new meaning.



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