Yank The Chain Of The Gain!

The cat sees this a lot. You humans sure have it hot to trot. Even those close by, they sure give it a try. The cat just sticks with owning all. Easier with no pain for gain at my hall.

The A Mathematical Z At My Sea!


In one lane.
Forget the fake.
Would go insane.
Or fall in a lake.

Fall in and swim.
Wave and wave.
Out on a limb,
The path you pave.

Path is beaten.
Very well worn.
Lyin' and cheatin,
May even be born.

No pain, no gain.
Overused shit.
Release the pain.
Gain takes the hit.

Hey, you!
Yeah, you there.
It's so true.
You're so rare.

Do it for me.
Would you, please?
I'm a busy bee.
My knees may seize.

I'll help you.
If you help me too.
Whatever comes due,
I'll call on you.

You can come visit us.
Spend your gas and time.
No need to fuss.
Visiting is sublime.

I'll pay that.
You'll owe me.
Chew not fat,
But it ain't free.

A path we weave.
A path we pave.
You better believe,
Gain goes to the grave.

Ever think about gaining? Do you have gain training? Are you one who thinks "what's in it for you" when something comes due? Many try and switch it to what works for them the best. Can be like a real life multiple choice test. Sure everyone has done it a time or three. That is why all is just about me. So on the gaining we can take a pass. Excuse me while I go leave something for Pat to scoop from my little rhyming ass.

Experience spring, have a fling.


  1. Replies
    1. Got it back
      What the heck
      Was sidetracked
      Just a temporary setback!


    2. Back you are
      Not on the road near and far

    3. Yank the chain to get back on top

    4. And see how it goes
      Highs not lows

  2. Yank The Chain Of The Gain!
    To gather it without pain
    Scratch your back
    Sure not to slack
    So to drive others insane


    1. Watch that scratch
      Could be lighting a match

  3. My days of trying to gain are about over. I just want to stay as much as anything. Pat, you have a super day.

  4. When it comes to no pain I favor no pain as my gain!

  5. Work the deal,
    but don't be a heel

  6. Sometimes I think what's in it for me.
    But as a mother I'm more concerned about my family.

    1. Family sure can come first
      As the what's for me may burst

  7. When I first read gaining...I thought weight. lol. A bit about where I am right now. Sitting, not stepping and gaining. So, what's in it for me.......pounds I fear until the foot is healed and I can get up and get going again. LOve the poem. You are very cleaver
    Sandy's Space

    1. Glad we are clever
      With our endeavor
      When the foot is healed
      Away they can be peeled

  8. Lying and cheating are born indeed,
    If people at the top gain at their feed.

    1. And gain they do
      So around they come in view

  9. I know people who are like that, always wondering what's in it for them. I try not to be like that.

    1. Yeah, we all have thought it a time or two
      But many sure think it every time at their zoo

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  11. The theme is G
    we all agree
    The math dictate
    15-8 is seven.
    so count from A
    and hip hip horay
    we have a G
    he he he!

  12. Don't like to gain if someone loses
    Like to keep it fair
    Then we all have fun
    And no one despairs.


    1. Fair should be the way
      With most everything at play

  13. Gain = Pounds to me! I'm trying to yank the chain of the gain and slim down ~ so far so good!

  14. I am usually very generous with my willingness to help others. However, when the scales start to feel like I'm being taken advantage of, I do start to ask, "What's in it for me?" I don't expect 50/50, but if someone can't lift a finger when I need help, I quickly let that relationship go to 0/0.

    1. Those types we kick to the curb too
      Use you up is all they do

  15. I hate to gain when others lose
    I will do my best to help and choose
    to not hurt another if it means I gain.
    why would I want to inflict that pain?
    Now I would like to lose some weight
    but the fat won't leave, which I hate.

    1. Can't let others feel the burn
      Unless with weight they earn


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