A Killer Is On The Loose So Call A Goose!

Maybe go duck, duck, goose. Or would that be a moose? Can't be a meese as they don't exist like geese. Maybe the whales ate them all? Hey, Adam said so at his hall. Now let's get to the killer before we add too much filler.

Lend me your ear.
A killer is near.
Don't really lend,
That's a bad trend.

A killer may love.
So forget the above.
Don't killer foreplay.
It won't go your way.

What a killer line.
Bah, they got the feline.
How can this be?
The killer is after me.

What a killer notion.
Do you see the commotion?
It's a killer note.
I better dig a moat.

Take a killer back.
I'm under its attack.
What is this killer?
Killer that you were able to fill her.

The gas tank.
Don't walk the gutter plank.
Of course that would be killer.
Could be the next thriller.

A killer thriller.
May need to pill her.
Or pill him.
Things are grim.

A killer type of grim.
All is going dim.
What a killer light.
It has me all right.

It has a killer grip.
It's a one way trip.
I'm in the killer's sight.
I may not make it through the night.

What a killer view.
It's got you too?
Wait. Why are you spying on me?
I may sic a killer after thee.

Can it be a killer whatever when there is not a dying endeavor? Maybe that ranks up there with cool from a fool when it is hot in school. I thought it was a killer thought. So killer that it had to be taught. Are you in a killer mood now? I'm sure it will pass somehow. Of course you may have time to kill and give sass. Keep your killer tendencies away from my killer little rhyming ass.

Experience spring, have a fling. 


  1. Replies
    1. That's 7 in a row
      Still just a so.so!


    2. Still on the upswing
      With the #1 ring

  2. Killer on the loose call a Goose
    Get a protection no time to lose
    Killer of time
    One so sublime
    It'll give confidence a big boost


    1. Time to kill
      Can make things run of the mill

  3. I hardly ever use the term, but I heard myself use it twice this week, telling different classes they were 'killing it' on the packets we're doing. I'm really proud of them. We've had a LOT of growth this year, and I'm going to miss these kids when the school year ends. :)

    1. Perfect timing at our sea
      I'm sure you'll have more fun kiddos next year for thee

  4. Sometimes what ends up in the litter box can be a killer!

  5. Just so I don't have a killer headache today
    As it is all work and no play.


  6. I don't believe I use the word killer much like that. And as I kept reading, the word eventually morphed into kilter...

  7. I agree with Alex. That's not in my vocab unless I"m singing along with The Talking Heads - Psycho Killer....

  8. I'd rather not use the word killer that much, because I'm worried people might understand me wrong, and I'd rather not get arrested

    1. haha that sure could be true
      Best to avoid it at your zoo

  9. I think it was George Carlin who had a routine about comedy where he contrasted success with an audience, as in "I killed them!" with onstage failure, as in "I died out there!"

    Now I've got the Doors' song "Riders on the Storm" running through my head, because of that song's lines that go:

    There's a killer on the road
    His brain is squirmin' like a toad
    Take a long holiday
    Let your children play
    If ya give this man a ride
    Sweet memory will die
    Killer on the road

    And speaking of "Can't be a meese as they don't exist like geese," did you know that the preferred plural form of "mongoose" is not "mongeese," as one might assume, but "mongooses?" That's because there's no etymological connection between "goose" and "mongoose." However, the word "mongeese" is sometimes used, although rarely. (I just learned all of that yesterday, while writing a "Comical Wednesday" post!)

    1. So don't give strangers a ride
      Got it, we'll let them walk with pride
      Hmm never knew mongeese was used at all
      I just thought mongoose stuck for plural too at our hall
      Mongooses doesn't really roll off the tongue
      Mongeese sounds better but guess it is a fail to be sung

  10. Oh yes, my brother and hubby went on a killer hike one summer in 115F weather. 2 hour hike up a mountain. lol

    1. lol that could kill
      Avoid climbing that hill

  11. Sometimes I wonder what killing time means.
    That's rather a silly saying to me, it seems.

  12. I'd rather heal it
    whatever you need
    to complete
    or if you're having
    a conflict

  13. I don't usually use the term, but sometimes it is indeed fitting!

    1. That it can fit
      Others times nuts by a bit

  14. Great to read Pat as always.


  15. Hubs said he had a run in with a killer goose this weekend. Mama goose was out for a stroll while hubs was out for a bike ride. Mama goose was not pleased when hubs rolled passed and charged him. Wish I could have seen it in person. I'm sure it was even funnier in real time.

    1. lol sure would have been a Youtube hit
      Those geese surely can loose their umm shit

  16. I just can’t keep up with the new words and I have heard of this but have not used it...thankfully. The rising costs of gas is a killer.

    1. haha that it is with gas
      Not cheap like what comes from my rhyming ass


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