A Lounging Way All Social Today!

Here I am a sitting and a social moniker would be fitting. But there are no OMGs or TFBs that come due. So maybe social wouldn't work for the hip at our zoo. I guess it may or may not be true. But there is a place which you can embrace.

Time to scrounge.
You want a lounge.
Not a lounger.
Different kind of scrounger.

A lounge for all.
Sings stand tall.
Smokers have one.
Blah by the ton.

Lounges for strippers.
Lounges for tippers.
Lounges for shippers.
Boats or tv show dippers.

Lounges aren't rare.
Could sit in a pair.
A lounging double dip.
Think you huffed cat nip.

But one is out.
Out and no about.
Although some try.
Can we ask why?

Social media lounge.
We shall scrounge.
Oh look, one there.
You can lounge in a chair.

You can sit and type.
Or maybe you Skype.
Social media lounges are the rage.
Come in after paying a wage.

Out in the street.
Out for something to eat.
Out in the car.
Out at a bar.

Up a hill.
Having a thrill.
Fingers go broke?
Did you croak?

Guess what?
Don't need a hut.
Social media lounge in the air.
OMG mind blown at your lair.

Ever go into a social media lounge? Do you really need a place to scrounge? You can stop and type and poof, done. No need to pay for such a run. Of course if you stop in the middle of the street, you may end up dead meat. Doesn't social media lounges seem redundant a bit? For you can lounge at home where you sit. Enjoy the social media trespass. I'll lounge away at home with my little rhyming ass.

Experience spring, have a fling.


  1. I'm waiting to see the wedding of the year,
    But couldn't let the day pass without reading your good cheer.

    Have a great weekend Pat.

    1. Enjoy watching that
      We'd rather scoop scat

  2. As I sit here in my jammies sipping my morning coffee I'm laughing reading your rhyme. It reminds me of a funny video that out on social media some time back called hashtag. About people trying to socialize, it was funny and your fun poem made me think of it. Have an awesome wkend Pat.
    Sandy's Space

    1. So easy to make fun off indeed
      As the lounge thing takes seed

  3. What's a social media lounge? All I know is lounging on the couch. Also known as chilling.

    1. Chilling works any day
      Not sure, but they have them, so they say

    2. I would call it ‘Starbucks’ people come in get a cup of coffee and then they all take out their laptops. Haha

    3. Or many another fancy coffee shop
      Is there they flop

    4. Well , Starbucks had a situation so I think they lost a lot of business. I never liked their coffe anyway!

      But, you are right coffee shops are lounges...

    5. A situation you say
      They over charge anyway

  4. Actually I can lounge just about anywhere!

  5. Lounging at home is the best. Nice comfy chair.

  6. I lounged about this morning in bed, as I didn’t feel like getting up! Drifting into a lucid dream. Ha ha, Hey, I am a dreamer..

    1. A lounging drifter you say
      Can that work at one's bay?

    2. Haha well when you put it that way! Hmm
      Let’s say my body lounged and my mind wandered,,, True Wanderings ...,

    3. Two for one
      Guess that way it can be spun

  7. chaise lounge on the patio
    I enjoy life at my bay
    no need for others
    they get in the way

  8. I went to a Horror Movie Meet Up a few years ago. But we didn't meet in a lounge, just Starbucks and then went to watch a horror movie. lol

  9. Many years ago, there was a Blogger Lounge, where you designed a Bitmjoi type character and then wandered around the Blogger house. But for some reason, every time I entered, no one else was there!! Lol, I am not kidding!

    1. lmao never knew about that
      Guess you could have pulled a Home Alone with your bitmjoi stat

  10. Enjoy your weekend while you lounge at the computer:)

    1. Lounge here and there
      Maybe the computer at our lair

  11. Maybe I'm just too old, but I never even heard of a social media lounge before.

  12. Social media lounges sound like no fun to me.
    So instead, on the sofa I shall be
    Cheering for the horses as they race round the track.
    And yelling for the Rangers until my voice cracks.

  13. Have not heard of a social media lounge
    who has time for such a thing?
    I rather spend my time
    frolicking around in the spring.


  14. Sometimes Im really tired of social media, you know.
    Maybe is my mood I dont know, hugs!

    1. Yeah, it can sure be a pain
      Sometimes nice to flush it down the drain

  15. Not really sure what social media lounge is. Whatever it is, I’d probably prefer lounging on couch at home :-)

    1. Much better choice
      Then to sit in those and rejoice

  16. Social media lounge ~ sounds like an updated version of an internet cafe.
    I've gone to those, especially when traveling. Now we've degenerated to McDonald's and Starbucks for wifi access when on the road. I don't lounge well, unless we're at a great lounge show in Vegas where the music can be fabulous. Have a good one, Pat!

    1. You not lounging about?
      That one I could have figured out haha
      Flying here and there
      On the go with things to spare


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