A Popular Thought Used By A Lot!

The cat can roll his eyes a lot. That is a popular thought. Or just a thought as I seem to say it a lot. I bet you can guess where we are going now? If not, I'm sure you will by the end somehow.

Popular is great.
Got me a mate.
A mate I hate.
But it is great.

It's the best,.
Passes any test.
The test of who?
Beats me and you.

For this is tops.
Fed like crops.
As in the masses.
All enjoy its gases.

All use it.
All think it a hit.
All have done it.
Popular by every bit.

So it's the best.
Beats the rest.
The rest of what?
Go ask a mutt.

What? There's that?
Makes this scat?
But I love it.
That isn't a hit.

This is better?
I'll write a letter.
It just can't be.
This is the best, you see?

Popularity says so.
It is had by even my foe.
It just has to be.
Can't you see?

Join the masses.
We sit on our asses.
It is just the best.
Popularity passes any test.

Useless Celebrity G says so.
They are truly in the know.
This is just the best ever.
Popularity makes it so clever.

Do you agree that popular is best? Pffft and I will let dogs be a house guest. But oh, everyone else has it and so should you. Be a sheep through and through. It is just the best. Even sported by some celebrity pest. Oh wait, a million dollar check? Damn, okay it is the best on deck. I can be bought like them too. For a million bucks I'll even clean your loo. What? No takers? Damn, can't find the right movers and shakers. Sometimes popular stuff is more useless than grass. I guess I'm just a non-popular little rhyming ass.

Experience spring, have a fling. 


  1. All depends what each idividual thinks what is popular.
    Great verse.


  2. I would much rather be happy than popular!

  3. Some things that are popular, I love. Others leave me shaking my head.

    1. haha that many can do
      As they turn out eww

  4. Popular isn't always best. It's just what the mobs think is cool at the moment.

    1. And the mobs get the sheep
      Going meep meep

  5. Who wants friends?
    Well, it depends.
    Are they nice or mean?
    Fat or lean?
    Innocent or bad to the bone?
    Nah, me and my banana -
    We're good enough alone.

    1. A banana just for you
      All you need at your zoo

  6. E-Gad! I never go the popular route
    and I don't care if they think I'm a brute.
    I do my own thing
    who cares if I'm a ding-a-ling.

    1. A dingaling is more fun
      Much better way for things to be spun

  7. oh popular is so important in Junior High. But one does move on and realizes it's the key friends that count, and family. It's not the number of "likes" on a page.

    1. haha some never got that memo though
      As for more likes they go

  8. I've never been popular. haha. And I usually disagree with 'they'....as in, "They say it's the best...." :)

    1. "They" are usually full of crap
      As they give their lips a flap

  9. In my growing up years, my Dad used to say you like to be different for the sake of being different. Popular, not so much; but I knew lots of people.

    Happy rest of the wkend.
    Sandy's Space

    1. The sake of it is a fine way
      Lots of people could help one day

  10. Popular thought used by a Lot
    Acceptance by the host was sought
    Popularity contest
    See what was best
    To be on time right on the dot


    Such fun!
    Never join the masses, Cat!
    Stay off their mat.

  12. I never hung out with the popular crowd
    I guess I never really fitted in:(

  13. I hate celebrity endorsements. They will say anything for a buck. I only say I like something if I actually try it and like it.

    1. That is the best way
      Celebrities can go pound sand at their bay

  14. The cat can roll his eyes a lot. Who knew the cat was just like a teenage girl?

    I don't care if it's popular or not. I gotta try it and like it for myself before going with the flow. If not, we throw it back to sea and let the next person snap it up to be like the masses.

    1. The cat has hormones I guess
      Or humans make him do it more not less
      Throw it back
      Or stuff it in a crack

  15. Not ever popular was my lot
    but it never bothered me a lot


  16. Popularity was never really my cup of tea
    The beat of my own drum is the march by me

  17. I tend to not like many popular things- or at least I don't like them because they are popular.


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