A Pre Post From Your Host!

Bah, one minute early. Hank may get squirrely. Or Suza or Blue. Adam got #1 once too. The ninja may attack. One minute early may sure provide flack. But this is a pre-post. A pre-post at my coast.

What will it be?
What will you see?
Will a rhyme come to be?
Oh golly gee.

Was that said by me?
Only happens in the pre.
A pre with a yippeee?
Blue may fly free.

Maybe with a Scoobeedowweee.
Or something to see.
Beats little old me.
I'll go climb a tree.

What's with the pre?
Why pre me by me?
I want to copy thee.
A copy cat spree.

That I want to see.
Must be read by me.
Looks to cause glee.
Bah, not worth the fee.

Next one comes to be.
A review for a fee.
Critic is my job, you see.
But I seen that from he.

Seen what there is to see.
Saw what comes to be.
Rather go watch a flea.
Like the one here on my knee.

But I'll take the fee.
I'll review for thee.
NY Times counts on me.
Rotten Tomatoes gets no glee.

Hated last for the fee.
I'll hate this for free.
A fee while free.
What a way to be.

Vague about he.
Vague about she.
My review was pre.
But shhhh, don't tell on me.

Ever pre-review at your zoo? For instance write one after not seeing a movie just because the last one was bad to you? Some have admitted to doing that. Critics sure can then let their reviews fall flat. Especially if the movie/book/whatever turns out good. They look like a dead bug on a hood. Did my pre-post about pre-review which maybe can count as pre-judging cause you some twitchy budging? I had to pre-prepare for it to come to pass. My OCD finally pre-approved it though for my little rhyming ass.

Experience spring, have a fling.


  1. Replies
    1. Hank's attempt to be number one today

      one star out of five

    2. Or could be zero
      Wasn't the #1 hero

  2. Sometimes a pre post is most convieninet. Hope Hank don't mind.


  3. "But I seen that from he"
    Are you trying to kill me
    Never pre-review or yammer
    But prefer better grammar

    1. haha wannna make the cat?
      Gonna go nuts over that?

    2. Nutty I will go
      On the Cat/Pat show!

    3. haha bring it on
      Wanna make more spawn

  4. A pre-review on my book
    Was given a blog look
    Sales to stimulate
    Did not generate

  5. I've noticed a lot of pre-comments on the Internet.

  6. My OCD drives me crazy, but I totally understand the pre-prepare. LOL.


  7. I never pre-review but I will pre-snoozy any time now!

  8. Pre-reviewing is wrong. Like going into a movie planning to hate it no matter what.

    1. Yeah, just stupid to do
      Low expectations are fine for a view

  9. I've never pre-reviewed but have read some that have been written and was confused about why someone would write a review about something they haven't seen or read.

    1. Yeah, stupid as can be
      But got $$$ for it at their sea
      Or they just hate
      And review before out of the gate

  10. Don't pre-preview here
    who has time for that?
    I'm lucky I get some things done
    as sometimes no time for a sat


  11. Replies
    1. Yep, lazy ones do
      Rinse and repeat at their zoo

  12. I didn't even know that writing a pre review was a thing. How can you start to write a review without seeing the movie or reading the book. Makes no sense.

    1. haha they just hope no one knows
      And that's how it goes

  13. orlin N cassie.........

    uh .............


  14. I'm good with pre-posting. Pre-reviewing....that's a little scary.
    Y'all have a good one;)

    1. Scary it can be
      Could sink one at one's sea

  15. I wrote about a pre reviewing of Star Trek 2009 hosted by Star Trek Maestro Leonard Nimoy... okay so I tell a wee lie but Paramount didn't know what was going on so I guess it was, lol.

  16. A Pre-post from your Host
    Writing blindly what a toast
    It's strategy
    Easily seen
    By everyone with repeated doses


  17. This post made me think of a few different things.

    I remember when the recent Ghostbusters reboot was about to premiere, and everybody was sure it would suck. I didn't see it, so I have no opinion on how it came out, but I hated how people pre-judged it.

    When they cast Michael Keaton in the 1989 Batman, people kept saying "Oh, that guy from Mr. Mom? That's gonna suck!" but I'd seen him in some serious roles and knew he could do it. I think he's a fairly underrated actor.

    I've seen plenty of book "reviews" where the self-appointed critic admits that he or she never read the book, or only read part of it. A friend of mine wrote a very good novel about the 1960s, and it was reviewed by a guy who said he'd only read about half of it and hated how most of the characters used drugs, without consequences. If he'd finished the book, he would have seen many of the characters die from overdoses!

    1. Yep, both of those come to mind indeed
      Keaton is underrated at many a feed
      With Ghostbusters I was more another stupid remake
      Eyeroll and never did partake
      Goes to show the prejudging at its best
      Guess and forget the rest

  18. Don’t prejudge at all
    I would have missed many great things at my hall.

    1. That one would
      Have to avoid it at ones hood

  19. I don't pre-review, but have been guilty of pre-judging.

  20. What no mention of number one for me
    Oh that does not bring glee....

    1. haha was written long ago
      Before you truly gave one a T glow

  21. No pre reviewing for me. I consider it unethical. As for pre-posting. I can barely get to posting on time ~ still haven't manage to get ahead.

    1. Can't get way ahead?
      Geez, been two months since I put a post to bed
      And here we are
      Wouldn't know it at our sand bar


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