A Searching We Go High Or Just Low!

The cat doesn't need to do this as I just give a hiss. That usually seems to work. It can so be a perk. The life of a cat. Who's to blame for that?

That wasn't me.
It costs a fee?
It really wasn't me.
Go bug that tree.

It was that squirrel.
See how he did a whirl?
The squirrel in the tree.
I swear that it wasn't me.

It was that bird.
He didn't say a word.
He flew from the squirrel.
See how those wings curl?

It was not me.
I'm truly telling thee.
It was that dog.
The one that ate the bird's brown log.

No! Look at that.
The dog chased the cat.
It was that cat.
He chewed no fat.

See? He's up on a ledge.
He's as whelmed as that hedge.
His human just took him in.
It was her that committed this sin.

Don't look at me.
It was not me, can't you see?
It was her child.
She let him run wild.

Wait. It was his friend.
Now no need to amend.
For his friend is the Girl Scout Leader's daughter.
Oh look, she's likes Harry Potter.

It was the author of that.
She caused this scat.
It was all her doing.
I think they call it kangarooing.

I swear that's the truth.
I'm the greatest sleuth.
It was never that tree.
Just like it wasn't me.

Do you like to shift blame? Do you get that lame? Like nonsense land type blame? Blaming someone who doesn't even know your name? The cat would roll his eyes if so. We'll stick to avoiding the blame game at our show. But if you want blame to come to pass then you can blame today's post on my little rhyming ass.

Experience spring, have a fling. 


  1. It's easy to shoft the blame,
    When it's your fault all the same.
    I suppose we;ve all done that.
    Like this wonderful cat.


  2. I can blame the squirrels for all the little holes in my yard though.

    1. What about the gophers about?
      Or did they move out?

  3. Replies
    1. Haha I was wondering about that myself?

    2. Don't know that?
      Geez, soooo behind in the times where you're at

    3. The only thing that comes to mind is Blue and his lost shoe :(

      Where is Blue
      I haven’t a clue

    4. Blue and the kangaroo
      Could surely come due

    5. Blue and the kangaroo
      On Bora with Scooby Doo

  4. The Trout Tabbies would blame the burd!

    1. The burd always gets the blame
      Sure what the tabbies would claim

  5. If the outcome is great,
    Yes, I did it at my gate!
    If it resulted in a frown,
    Wasn’t under my crown!

  6. When in doubt, I blame the cat

  7. Playing the blame game is so irresponsible.

    1. That it is
      And a long long road down with the blame biz

  8. You always make me laugh and I enjoy that.

    Is your scrolling blog list new? I don't remember noticing the scrolling before? How do you accomplish that?
    Sandy's Space

    1. Good they we can bring joy
      That's been here a while and isn't a ploy
      Some coding I tweaked to make it work
      Sure can be a perk

  9. The blame game, where does fault really land, two steps forward or 3 backwards. Depends on perspective.

    Have a great Friday!

    Blame it on the moose on the loose! Haha

    1. The moose can take it all
      Hopefully it won't walk backwards into a wall

  10. My country's current president always blames someone else for his mistakes, and always takes credit for any good thing that happens. There were no deaths from airline crashes during 2017, and he took credit for that!

    1. haha yeah, the pilots and air crew and mechanics and stuff had nothing to do with that
      Just the orange ape with a brain full of scat

  11. Don't shift the blame here
    Take responsibility fro what I do
    Don't particularly like those that don't
    And especially if they get all boo-hoo


    1. Yeah, the boo hoo that comes
      Makes me ignore them as they flap their gums

  12. Always find someone to blame. At least, that is what I found when teaching elementary school.

    1. Always a finger to point
      Another to anoint

  13. I don't shift blame, nope, never do.
    You're the shifter, no lie, it's true.

  14. It's always someone else's fault.

  15. We don't play the blame game here.You just never know just who is to blame. Everyone makes mistakes. Have a good week end Pat.

  16. When there are multiple kids and multiple pets in the house, parents rarely know for sure whodunit. Our kids were always either shifting the blame or taking the blame for somebody else, and none of our pets have ever had a conscience.

    1. haha yeah, the pets sure never fess up
      From cat to fish to pup

  17. Nobody ever fesses up around here when something is broken or goes wrong. It's always "not me!" pft

    1. haha whoever says not me first
      Probably made it burst

  18. I see this daily in my job
    No, doesn’t come from my boss...Bob,
    Clients say this daily
    I listen, patiently
    One was to do her third bankruptcy
    She said this quite lazily
    So off she went to do it once more
    I found her a dumb ass bore.

    1. Third time for it?
      Damn, she must be a umm dimwit

  19. There is too much blame switching in this world.
    We need to follow Truman's motto: "The buck stops here."

  20. My Dad often said, "Don't look at me." Usually when something was missing or misplaced. I haven't thought of that in years. I could hear his voice perfectly. Thanks for the unexpected memory, Pat!

    1. Never know what memory will be jogged here
      Hmm do memories go jogging to become clear?


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