An Endless Post From Your Host!

This post is in endless supply. Or would that be short I spy? I have no idea how you flip flop away with that. I'll just pretend to be an agreeable cat. Yeah, we'll leave that for a dog. One that likes an endless brown log.

My list is long.
My list is short.
It comes on strong,
I'd like to report.

It's so big.
It's so wide.
Down I dig.
Nowhere to hide.

It's so bad.
So bad, I say.
No fun is had.
Not on this day.

It's an endless list.
No task is missed.
Endless it is.
Like the Kool-Aid man taking a whiz.

See it now?
Can you truly see?
Don't raise an eyebrow.
It killed every tree.

I can barely hold it.
It stretches so long.
I'm having a fit.
I can't stay strong.

My endless list is growing.
It is growing even more.
It grows without me knowing.
It just added another chore.

How can this be?
It's endless for me.
It's endless for thee.
Goes well passed my knee.

I haven't the time.
I haven't the will.
This is a crime.
I need some sort of pill.

My endless list is up.
I got everything done.
It was eaten by the pup.
Time to enjoy the sun.

Are you an endless list nut? In some endless rut? Nothing is endless at your sea. Didn't we prove that with the early grave yesterday by me? Your list doesn't stretch from here to Timbuktu, so sorry, not endless at your zoo. Even if you lived a billion years and wrote on everything on Earth, endless still wouldn't give birth. You'd run out of room. So no endless doom and gloom. Although it seems making fun of you humans is endless for me. At least until I or the internet cease to be. Now I'll go eat my not so endless supply of grass. I may even roll it in with my little rhyming ass.

Experience spring, have a fling.


  1. Replies
    1. That's 2 mins late
      And still made it
      Place to be
      The screen is lit


    2. Still got in
      With the #1 spin

    3. The endless game of being #1

    4. Many try
      As away it does fly

  2. I sure am in a rut,
    That I would like to say.
    Who knows perhaps my kids will get in touch.
    That would be a "Red Letter Day".


  3. Reach the end of the Internet and you'll be really disappointed anyway.

  4. Every once in a while I end up on "the" list, which isn't a good thing!

    1. Yeah, that can be bad
      As it means no fun may be further had

  5. Someone once told me I had an endless supply of sarcasm but I really don't.

    1. haha run out you will
      As your breath goes to nil

  6. No endless here at my zoo
    should I be saying then boo hoo?


  7. An Endless post from your host
    Still trying to make the most
    Feeling easy
    You can see
    Not to fool around feeling lost


  8. I always have a list on the go, mostly so I won't forget something. If I get the most important thing done, I call it a good day. All the best to you!

    1. Important thing is tops
      Have to make sure that never flops

  9. The List was once a ruler of my life. Now that the list is only about 3 to 5 items long, I am just fine.

  10. My lists do seem endless as I am always crossing off some things but turning around and adding more. Kind of like laundry. Once you think you are done, someone comes along and tosses more in the pile, proving you wrong.

    1. haha that always is on the go
      Can help when you have 2 months of clothes though

  11. I need to make more lists. Things do seem more manageable if you can see yourself ticking them off.

    1. That they can be
      With lists to tick off and see

  12. I like a list
    but it goes the way of the mist.
    My hubby doesn't stick to it
    I often throw a fit.
    He upsets my budget all the time.
    To me, this is a real crime

    1. A budget got astray
      Sure can suck the fun away


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