Buy The Smart At Wal-Mart!

The cat makes fun of you humans every day. At least most every day at our bay. But that you know. So today we'll smarten you up at our show. It is as easy as can be. Just hand your money over and give us a kickback fee.

The world is smart.
Together yet apart.
Everything is top notch.
Like a kick to the crotch.

Your smart TV.
Will help thee.
Speak a command.
Isn't smart grand?

You can't speak?
It's all Greek?
It won't take TFB or OMG?
Damn, poor pitiful thee.

Your smart phone.
Ding at the tone.
Tells you it all.
You'll never fall.

There you go.
Look out below!
Smash, bing, bang, clang.
The sidewalk kinda rang.

Your smart car.
Bet you'll get far.
Tells you the way.
Can even let you play.

Play with the smart phone.
Ding. Answer the tone.
Bang, boom, crash.
Life is over in a flash.

Your smart water.
Get that from an otter?
How is that a thing?
Are you a ding-a-ling?

Ding, dong, dumb.
Talk out your bum.
Or out where you pee.
Smart water comes to be.

Smart...Smart...Smart = Not You.
Sorry, smart buying crew.
Smart stuff = less smart people.
The dumb add to the sheeple.

Ever notice that? Are you a smart this, that and the other thing person where you are at? Do you rely on smart crap all the time? Does it leave you looking like a brain dead mime? Smart everything, but dumb people forevermore. Some can barely work a door. Monkeys have more brain cells than many in mass. I guess people smarten down now with each pass. I'll stick to the wise gas. Works better for my wisecracking little rhyming ass.

Experience spring, have a fling.


  1. Replies
    1. Good morning True
      Nice seeing you!


    2. Good Morning Hank!
      How are you this rainy Friday?

    3. A good Friday, Hank is ok
      Wishing you well, True, at your bay


    4. T snuck in
      For the win
      Rain had her up
      To create a hiccup

  2. Buy The Smart At Wal-Mart!
    Try not to look like a dud
    Gadgets help a lot
    Find the good slots
    Get informed before you start


    1. Informed can be the way
      With the gadget display

  3. I guess some people just want to smarten up!
    They really aren’t that smart as they have to google everything. I really get annoyed at those who cannot do simple math without using their phone.

    It’s hard to have a decent conversation with some people, society is definitely dumbing down.

    1. Yeah, the whole 5 from 15 crap
      Sure makes them look like a sap
      Dumbing down by the ton
      Idiocracy has begun, what fun

  4. Yes, some days my iPhone and iPad double as my brain.
    And I confess, I like being able to talk to my Apple TV.
    You realize the first thing that came to mind with your title was 'Shop smart, shop S-Mart.'

    1. A confession at your sea
      Damn, the cat is advertising for free

  5. Students need an app
    Can't survive without that crap
    Oh professor Blue, that question's too hard
    When your brain's like lard
    Oh I don't want to use my mind
    Google helps me find
    Whatever I need
    (And my name ain't Reed)
    iPhone, iMart
    Making you feel smart
    Making me sick
    Like a chick on a stick
    Or a toad
    On the road...

    1. Smart with a search
      Really as dumb as Lurch
      Can't even ring a bell
      But the idiots still think all is well

  6. Most days our Smart TV doesn't seem very smart at all!

    1. What's on can dim
      Making things rather grim

  7. smart aleck with lots of crap in my brain to access faster than Alexa.

    1. Let the crap flow
      While Alexa gets the heave ho

  8. I suppose some people need to rely on a "smart" this or that to make up for the fact that the people themselves are stupid!

    1. And they can't even work them right half the time
      A smart stupid crime

  9. I wish I was more SMART with some things.

    1. Some things can be taken away
      As one needs Google to play

  10. It just involves buying more crap, so NOPE!

  11. Smart water? I just saw something about this through The late Show with Trevor Noah and I can't believe people are falling for this but then many people are lemmings

    1. Such people go meep meep
      Off the cliff like lemmings or sheep

  12. My cell, my iPad, and my computer are all smarter than me.
    What happened to telephones, printed books, and typewriters the way life used to be?

    1. Typewriters would sure stink after laptops for us
      Seems they'd be way too much fuss

  13. orlin N smart fone round heerz knot two dam smart....we asked it just de other day de open de pantree sew we could get sum canned goodz N it just lay ther...


    1. How rude of it
      Have to ditch that umm spit

  14. I still do not have a smart phone and I don't own a tv anymore. I guess I have to rely on my own smarts. ;)

  15. I think all of the smart home stuff is annoying. The computer is the one exception. I like the computer. ;)

    1. The computer sure is a win
      But yeah, we don't want any of that smart crap at our bin

  16. My husband insisted on hooking everything up to Alexa and boy do I hate that bitch. Half the time I can't get the lights to turn off or on, and the other day I was watching a movie and one of the characters name was Alexa. Every time her name was said on screen, the stupid robot would get all loud in my living room "Sorry, I don't know that!" Yeah, she isn't too smart, I'd say.

    1. lmao that is too funny about the movie name
      Never thought about that, but sure would ignite a flame
      We'll stick to not using that thing
      Can do it ourselves at our wing

  17. My "smart" phone is still smarter than me 6 years later
    but now it is starting to die
    I fear its replacement will be wiser than them
    and I'll be dumb all the time


    1. They get more updated with each one
      As more crap is spun

  18. I well remember WalMart whilst I was in the US.
    Great place to shop and browse.


    1. That it can be
      Even if some are scary to see

  19. Sheeple! What a great word! There are too many sheeple in the world. Google does not like sheeple either. I absolutely agree that "Smart stuff = less smart people." I was talking to someone at lunch today about how I'm climbing flights of stairs every day, and she asked, "Do you have an app on your phone to count the stairs?" I answered, "I can count." We all had a big laugh. Duh! (It was my workout group). I prefer to rely on my brain rather than some machine. Enjoy you day at your bay!

    1. haha they have an app for that
      Sure a phrase wherever you are at
      Brain works better and stays fit
      So with the app for that we don't give a umm spit


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