Here We Go With A Commercialized Show!

The cat is going to sell today. Pfffft yeah, and I'm nice to dogs at my bay. But if you bought any of that. I still have that slightly used bridge to sell to some dingbat.

Do you ever...
Starts the endeavor.
They think they are clever.
How about never?

Maybe they think you dumb.
A head up your bum.
As the commercials are made.
Hey, all in fair trade.

Find yourself like this...
Then they rip the piss.
No matter the item at play,
They have some idiot on display.

Bad at mowing grass.
Bad at smelling good for a lass.
Bad at picking up a fork.
Bad at popping a cork.

Bad at using a hammer.
Bad at avoiding the slammer.
Bad at drinking beer.
Bad at putting a earring in your ear.

They've got a dumb ass for it.
No matter the weird shit.
They get stuck in some weird form.
And watchers buy it as the norm.

Oh, this product will help you out...
Then comes more as they spout.
It will turn things grand...
Like you need this helping hand.

A smile on the dumb ass,
Then comes to pass.
Look, the product helped him.
So come buy it on a whim.

Not that you'll ever fall.
Not that you'll ever trip down the hall.
Not that you'll ever chop off a limb.
Not that you'll ever turn paper slim.

Not that you'll ever poke out an eye.
Many more not's can easily fly.
But you believed the dumb commercial guy,
And now you can make a bed without the need to ever cry.

Pfffft to commercials I say. Many are so stupid on display. Like any of that crap ever really comes due. Heck, drink that beer and hot women or men will fondle you. Get a tree trimmer holder for the tree trimmer and save your fingers from utter mutilation. Oh wait, that cures constipation. Such crazy things you all believe from the marketing class. Humans sure are strange to my little rhyming ass.

Experience spring, have a fling.


  1. When I watch commercials on daytime TV.
    These are the ones that do greet me.
    "Plan For Your Funeral" or perhaps you've the "Big C".
    Or even Dementia,I switch off until after tea.


    1. haha they sure are a downer
      No need to make one a frowner

  2. Use this product and you'll be more popular than ever. Only if charisma came in a bottle.

    1. Could make a bundle that way
      People would surely pay

  3. Then they always add...but wait, there's more, but there never really is more, just more of your money they want!

    1. Just want to suck it away
      And make you pay and pay

  4. So glad no TV had by me
    Don’t have to watch such comedy

  5. DVR and zoom ahead - a brilliant creation to avoid commercials. Now if I can only get rid of the crap on the internet pop ups.

  6. LOL ~ Spot on, Pat!
    I tune commercials out where I'm at.
    Have a great day at your bay!

    1. Tune them out and go on your way
      Makes for a much better day

  7. If you're bad at drinking beer then you really do have a drinking problem.

  8. My favourite is the spray for the bald head
    Have a hot day and black dye drips down...'nough said.
    Spray that tar on your leaky boat
    that is supposed to keep it afloat.
    what crap that is sold on TV
    but people buy it in some stupid spending spree.
    Now I'm off to look at your other posts
    catching up before I read about some ghosts

    1. Onward they go
      Buying what's in tow
      Believing its crap
      All across the map

  9. Sad things is people buy what they see
    and that makes advertisers have lots of glee


  10. I DVR most of my tv shows and speed right through the commercials.

  11. orlin N cassie..thatz another pluz oh dis connectin de tee vee all two gether !!!!!!!

    tho we did see a commershulz ona dvd we have, for upcoming mooveez.....yea, we got 95.50 for a single tickit two ~~~~~~~~~ faaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa


    1. Have to pay and pay
      The still try no matter the way

  12. Yep, convince people that they're idiots or losers without your product, and that creates a demand where none probably existed before.

    1. Yep, exactly how they go
      And suddenly it becomes in and "cool" to show

  13. Well, if we're patient, in 20 years or so they'll be a great source of laughter at how dreadful they were. lol

  14. I sometimes fall asleep during commercials
    Often missing the end of a movie or show

  15. Here We Go With A Commercialized Show!
    Dumb commercials still continue to flow
    A put off it was
    To be scoffed off
    They may get the opposite results though


  16. Most commercial writers are getting paid way too much money:)

    1. Wish I had their dough
      Then it would flow

  17. AND if everyone does it, you've got to do it for sure too!

  18. That's why dvr was such a great invention. Bypass those stupid phony commercials with the click of a button.


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