Interlopers Galore At Our Shore!

The cat has shown you some of the interloper crew. They are sure intruders through and through. But what I saw recently made me do this. It was followed by a hiss.

WTF Pat!
How can you cheat on the cat?
Bringing home such weird smells.
I'll jingle more than your bells.

I can swat these.
I hiss at them when I please.
They stay clear.
Score one for my rhyming rear.

These things I bite.
That gives them a fright.
Soon off they go.
But this we all know.

Now you channel old one eye?
That is just worse than looking at her one eye with a sty.
You even made the cat get wordy.
We flip the giant litterbox the birdie.

What is this thing?
A rope to swing?
Nope, further back a bit.
That is a dog or some strange shit.

The tabbies will run.
They don't find burds fun.
It's some kind of pheasant. 
How is seeing this pleasant?

More of these dog things.
Like a dog ate a bird and didn't get wings.
Instead it got tall.
Not sure where that came from at all.

Are these big eared cats?
Maybe overgrown rats?
Do they feel lucky?
This sure isn't ducky.

Bah! Another herd.
This is getting absurd.
Pat is feeding strays in a whole other municipality.
That makes me want to give him a fatality.

Now Cassie is giving me lip.
She is telling me to get a grip.
She's been seduced by the smells.
That weird dog creature must cast spells.

Have any unidentified interlopers at your sea? Is your human(s) cheating on you like Pat does to me? How dare he feed a herd of cats and hang out with overgrown rats. Suddenly the mutt seems swell. I just had to tell. Don't you feel for me and want to give Pat sass? I could be a bit of an over exaggerating little rhyming ass.

Experience spring, have a fling.


  1. Interlopers Galore at our Shore
    Taking space left nothing more
    Cheated against others
    Of sisters and brothers
    Must keep a look-out at the door


    1. Must watch that door
      Keep them out forevermore

  2. You took a trip without the cats? You have offended them, sir! Hanging out with other critters while they are stuck with the fluffy stick-in-the-muds cats. That's not right...

    1. hahaha sure, take the side of the cat
      I'll ship some wood ticks to where you're at

  3. I'm sure Pat couldn't get away fast enough
    leaving you, the evil cat, in the dust.
    Those beautiful scenes along the shore
    can only be enjoyed by a dog's paws.
    The wretched feline would run away
    thinking it can't frolic and stay
    to enjoy the water and sun
    then ruin it for everyone.
    But that's just the cat being cat
    now go on and feast on a rat.


    1. Pffft who wants sand
      For one thing it is grand
      And that is to place the cat's shit
      Watch where you step in it
      Or just take the mutts along
      They'll eat it and do no wrong

  4. while away, the cats can play or....
    get on the internet and run up your Amazon account

  5. I know my dog could always smell another dog on me. She never seem to be pissy about it. She generally loved all people and most dogs.

    1. Yeah, they can smell away
      And they usually don't care at our bay
      Unless there is a vet smell
      Then it's what the hell

  6. That first photo is hilarious, think of all the captions you could create!

    “Don’t touch me your smell is not swell”

    Pat is traveling the back roads
    What no pictures of roads?

    1. Had that one for a while
      Always under "about us" in full style

      No toads were had
      Blah to the roads more than a tad

    2. Haha some marketer should buy rights from you to use that photo, it would be great for some ads.

    3. That would be fine by me
      I'll take the money with glee

  7. That first photo is a bit terrifying! I love the dachshund. Whose is that, Pat?

    1. That one is the sister's mutt
      The cat loves to bite him on the butt lol

  8. And a thumbs up to Pat for feeding those strays!

    1. All but one came on out
      He stayed back until I was no longer about

  9. You got to see all sorts of wildlife!

  10. I bet the cats will forgive you in time
    especially if you keep including them in your rhyme


  11. 1. That first photo is priceless!

    2. I believe cats really do get jealous. My very first pet (as opposed to those "owned" by the entire family), when I was about five or six, was a cat named Tippy. (I didn't name him.) He used to disappear for weeks (months?) at a time. Our family always had various pets entering and leaving our lives. Dogs, cats, birds, horses, skunks, tropical fish... Anyway, one day after one of his usual periods of being MIA, Tippy returned to a household containing more than the usual amount of animals. He didn't stay long, and we never saw him again. We were all convinced he left because he resented the other animals.

    3. The photo of the "big eared cats" reminded me of something I read a while ago. Some scientist(s) somewhere claimed that cats perceive humans as giant, hairless cats. When I read that, I immediately wondered, how the f*** would they know that? Did some cat somewhere actually tell them that?

    1. 1. The full photo, not photoshopped one bit, is under the about us page
      At the bottom to get us a wage haha

      2. Some just don't like other pets around
      Hopefully Tippy found a house that he thought profound
      Blah to skunks though
      They'd make us go

      3. Yep, read that as well
      Sure thought the same what the hell

  12. Those interloper smells aren't too popular around here either!

    1. Can get the evil eye
      Or get the wtf and why

  13. The strays need some food
    in that pic, that is quite the brood.
    The rabbits look like bookends
    I bet Pat fends
    off those birds for your sake
    Well, that is my take.

    1. He has to chase some away
      As the birds don't want to play
      A brood there indeed
      Many at that feed

  14. Scat, all intruders! Scat!
    Nobody's allowed except Pat
    and the cat.

  15. That first picture is hilarious. Those are great pictures. Love the bunnies.

    1. Not as focused as Snowcatcher's sea
      But glad they were enjoyed by thee

  16. You may need to get new furniture when you return. Cats resent things deeply.

    1. That they do
      Good thing I have nothing new

  17. Lots of cats, I may have to call you the cat lady Pat. Interloper....great word. The word alone made me laugh. The ocean picture made me shiver, it looks cold or like a storm is brewing.
    Sandy's Space

    1. I've been called worse at my sea
      Interloper is fun to use for we
      Yeah, it was a very crappy day
      Got wet when near that bay

  18. orlin N cassie; just thiz once.. we iz side inn with dad pat; we think itz total lee awesum himz helpin that colony!!!! N sinz we iz all bout nice with R commint two day... we willna say a thing bout de bass terd burdz ~~~~~

    well....still thinkin bout that ree mark, we better quik hit publish ~~~~ ☺☺☺☺♥♥

    1. We can forgive you for siding with him this once...I guess
      haha you know with the burd you really want to confess

  19. That's a lot of pets - (including a puppy) wow! Good luck with taking care of them ~

  20. If you feed strays you will get a zoo.
    Believe me, I know a thing or two. haha.
    My favorite is that bunny spot.
    Makes me miss Nugget a lot.

    1. The strays are an hour or so away
      So I think we are okay

  21. Look at you, cheating on the cat. My dogs also get offended when they smell other animals on me. Like, why you stepping out on us? lol

    1. lol they can sure give that look
      The dog does here at this nook

  22. Don’t be anti-social, Mr. Cat
    We love to see pictures where you’re at
    Interlopers can be a distraction nice
    And then you can go chase mice

    1. Or chase the interlopers away
      That can make for a fun day

  23. Awesome pictures that matches an equally awesome verse.


  24. Animals are so much fun.
    I'd like to know what goes on in the head of each one.
    Love the pictures. Love the animals.
    A roadrunner crossed the road in front of me today, on my way home from the grocery store. Now those are interesting little critters.Would love to hear their stories.

    1. Yeah, be interesting to know what they are thinking
      What thoughts are sinking
      Never seen one of those
      Did it stop to strike a pose?

    2. No, it didn't strike a pose. It ran into the trees to escape this crazy woman driver.

    3. haha good it didn't get nailed
      Your crazy driving failed

  25. Love seeing all the pics
    Of critters and sea
    You're kind to the strays
    Who need care from thee

    1. When out that way
      Treats come to each stray

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  27. These animals are so cute! you make me want to get a pet! your rhymes are pretty good.


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