It's Early Don't Get Squirrely!

Google doesn't like it when I type squirrely out. They think the word isn't out and about. Or would that be in and not about? Beats me, that was a previous shout. Now on we go with a new flow.

Early or late.
That same old fate.
Fate to be dead.
Sorry to put that in your head.

Only true fate.
Whoops, did it again, mate.
Early or late.
Only thing for sure on plate.

They also say taxes.
Not for the bum that relaxes.
The ones that don't pay.
They may get a jail stay.

Forget that.
Curse the cat.
But let it go.
Sing in the snow.

Might be cold.
Things aren't bold.
Watch your foothold.
Whoops, death is sold.

Into it early.
You got squirrely.
Or not like Google.
Did you oogle?

Whoops, you did.
Caught by a squid.
Off into the sea.
Early one by thee.

But you didn't know.
Cold or squid foe.
You had no clue.
That is also true.

So truth makes fail,
Even when hitting death's trail.
Can you hit the trail?
That is another fail.

The path you pave.
Can rant and can rave.
Unless a dirt hole you save,
Can't go into an early grave.

Ever think about that? How that expression kind of falls flat? Do people just have a grave dug waiting for them somewhere? How can a grave be early or late at ones lair? Who gets buried anymore anyway? Don't many just get burnt away? Is it too early for such a question mass? I hope you weren't sent to an early...late...whatever grave by my little rhyming ass.

Experience spring, have a fling.


  1. When people drive me nuts
    With no ifs, ands, or buts
    To an early grave I go
    In an urn I'll show

  2. Not a happy topic for a lovely spring day.
    But it was a good verse.


  3. You just never know what google is going to question!

  4. A grave dug early? I don't even have an urn picked out for my ashes. (Just stick me in box.)

    1. Seems kinda dumb indeed
      Think it would be kinda funny if someone stuck me somewhere weird and I was found years later at one's feed

  5. Well that isn't any fun thinking about death. I just want to think about having a happy day. So hope you do too Pat.

    1. Happy days are the best way
      At any old bay

  6. I have no desire to put hitting death's trail to the test quite yet:)

    1. Good way to be
      Don't let the desire come near thee

  7. I could really nitpick the hell out of that last paragraph of yours, but I'll be nice for a change. Heh. However, I will state that I don't have a grave dug yet, but I do have a plot already purchased. No cremation for me.

    1. Bah, nitpick away
      The rhyme comes to play
      Got a plot in the ground
      Won't be no lost and found

  8. Haha. People don't like to think about death. Here dying is almost always referred to as "passing." Pretending it doesn't exist doesn't make it go away. I'm old enough now that I don't have to worry about an early grave ~ LOL Take care, my friend!

    1. haha no early for you
      Yeah, passing sure gets thrown around at many a zoo

  9. It's Early Dont get Squirrely
    Not being late and being happy
    Grave situation
    Faced by humans
    Remain oneself so none to worry


  10. People seem to have a fascination with death and dark phrases.

    1. That they do
      Very very many to say and view

  11. I don't like to think about death all that much!
    I prefer to think of happy things and such.

    1. Happy is the better way
      At the end of any day

  12. Deal with death sometimes as part of my job
    typing reports of it doesn't get me down
    its something that will come around
    but not too soon, don't want an early grave rob


    1. Yeah, not too soon is fine
      A long expiration date in the design

  13. Not interested in coffin. I’d rather have muffin. :-)

  14. I think, sometimes, my hubby will send me to an early grave
    his ADHD is tough but I think he is brave.
    He must deal with me after all
    I’m late to everything ‘coz I’m having a ball.

    1. Late bloomer at your sea
      Must irk his adhd

    2. That it does..fiddle-dee-dee

    3. haha and you know it
      Making him have a fit

  15. While I'd like to live a little longer, thinking about death doesn't bother me. Reading the obits, I feel pretty lucky when I people younger than me in there, like I got a better lottery ticket than they did.

    1. That is a good way to look at it
      A different lottery you hit


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