Not In A Rut As We Got A Big But!

Nah, not that kind of butt. We forgo those at our hut. And nope, we do not lie. Did that song now fly? Stuck in your head? Oh the dread. I guess that worked out weird. But that isn't the butt to be feared.

This is great.
This is grand.
It's sure first rate.
I'll give you a hand.

But there was this.
But there was that.
It just had this hiss.
No need for a spat.

But those aren't bad.
It is still great.
A fun time was had.
It's sure second rate.

Sorry, I can't count.
First or second..whatever.
It is still an amount.
Works for any endeavor.

But it may need this.
But it may need that.
Something could be amiss.
Like maybe a welcome mat.

But don't even care.
I still say it's great.
Maybe it's even fair.
But it sure is third rate.

I really can't count.
I may need a math class.
But still a top three amount.
So no need for sass.

But there is one thing.
This thing is rather abundant.
It sticks out like bling.
I swear I don't mean to sound redundant.

But...and this is a big but,
You are fourth rate.
You can't make the cut.
But it still was great.

It's just a big but.
I soon need to take this call.
It wasn't large like King Tut.
Okay, that is just all.

So buts can grow? Not those butts for show, but actual buts? Damn, you humans are nuts. Okay, maybe not. This doesn't need to be a plot. But could go big like BUT or maybe like BUT at each hut. Now that is a big but. Sure can make the cut. Do you like big buts and you can't lie? Or is it more the other butts you give a try? Do you go big with your but? Can't have buts that go put put. As in putter not put. Shoe's on the other foot? Damn, that is weird too. But could make for a happy Blue. Maybe a big happy Blue will come to pass. Bah, I'll skip the big butts and buts and just go with my little rhyming ass.

Experience spring, have a fling.


  1. Replies
    1. 7:03 where is Hank
      No Suza, no Blue
      No Adam, no Ninja

      Just me, how can that be?

      Good morning all
      at the rhyming wall

    2. But, where did everyone go?

    3. Up and in
      But took it on the chin

    4. There are other fishes to fry
      It somehow took quite a while
      Well done True
      Good for you!
      Lucky, on occasions when you try


    5. Frying fishes
      Could make for some dirty dishes

  2. But of course you nailed it, the but, not the butt!

  3. My mother used to say, "No ifs, ands or buts." (I.e. Just do it!)

    There's one "but" that cracks me up. In commercials. At the end of some of them, when they say, "But wait! That's not all!" It's gotten to where my hubby and I say it before they do. (We crack us up!)

    1. I heard that one too
      But wait sure comes due

  4. I hear from many clients say but
    When I offer solutions for their hut.
    “Sell your house?”
    “Don’t be a louse?”
    “Cut up your cards!”
    “All in shards?
    What will I do?”
    “Live with cash only.”
    “That’s baloney.”
    “Seek help from us.”
    “My Credit Rating! I’d rather get hit by a bus.”
    “Rent out a room.”
    “I’d rather fly up to space 8n a ballon.”
    Mixed in there are all the buts
    I give up, let them stay in their ruts

    1. They want magic
      To their little tragic
      But there is no potion
      So they make a commotion

  5. nothing's perfect, but you can always kick it lower

    1. That you can indeed
      Give it a kick and it takes seed

  6. But what if I don't want to? That's the real BUT answer.

    1. But it needs to be done
      So but will be spun

  7. I hear but all the time!

  8. A lot of buts
    can cause a rut!


  9. I'm fond of buts, unless my sister Barb is playing devil's advocate with me. I use but a lot in speech and writing. It's really hard to override all the admonitions not to start a sentence with but, but I do it all the time in blogging. A semicolon followed by a but, or beginning a sentence with but. This is a source of angst for me ~ LOL No Grammar Nazis worrying you, but I'm a different creature.

    1. haha pffft to the grammar nazis we say
      But we shall not super duper stray
      But we still may
      But can but stay

  10. This without that
    is like
    Pat without cat.

  11. My kids are famous for making the BUTS grow bigger and louder. Someone needs to tell them that just because they say it a million times, it won't make me change my mind.

    1. haha yep, and with all the buts coming due
      Could just piss off you

  12. Great verse Pat enjoyed it.


  13. Not In A Rut As We Got A Big But!
    So it would not turn out into a dud
    To then get real
    And where possible
    Witness the naughty antics of a mutt


  14. Just stop by to say hi MailRosey sent me


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