Out Of Order Our Side Of The Border!

So out we are, not in a car. Not even in a cage. Nope, but out is still the rage. Would you rage at out? Damn, some confusion may come about. But that is fun for we and little old me.

Out of order.
My, what a phrase.
South of the border,
I may get an eye raise.

Or would the be brow?
Bushy and bright.
Judge Judy can wow.
She likes to fight.

I've got to go.
Yeah, I'm lying.
But for this flow,
At least I'm trying.

It's public and ewww.
That much is true.
But for this eww loo,
It's out of order too.

So order times two.
Let's make it three.
Sorry to you few.
You can't even pee.

Time for the hoarder,
Or those with OCD.
For with this out of order,
Some may go on a spree.

By title or date.
By first or last.
If you move it mate,
You'll be a thing of the past.

So there are things.
So there are words.
Some dingalings.
Can't even release turds.

Am I out of order?
Bah, tell it to a judge.
I won't take in no boarder.
Nope, not going to budge.

Read backwards now.
Go ahead and try.
I'm sure somehow,
Out of order will fly.

Ever notice how out of order was used in many a way? A big flip flop with it on display. Could get you tossed in jail or make a hoarder wail. Oh what out of order can do. I'm sure I've been out of order a time or two. But that won't stop my sass as, out of order or not, things will still come from my little rhyming ass.

Experience spring, have a fling. 


  1. GHreat to read Pat......not "Out Of Order".


  2. Out of order my snowflakes are
    Screaming and dreaming from afar
    To break free and become
    A real storm in the sun

    1. Could make your own storm
      You could fill a dorm

  3. Out of order is not for me
    I like things in order at my sea
    Everything in it's place
    or my heart begins to pace
    but I let go a bit more
    over at my shore
    so I can relax each day
    and enjoy the beach or the bay


    1. If it is my shore, in order it stays
      Don't care if other people create a maze
      But here it has a spot
      Then the cat knocks it down and all is for naught

  4. My brain is sometimes out of order.
    South of the Border is a real place. Add SC and Google it. Yeah, cheesy tourist trap.

    1. That is one big dude
      A tourist trap with attitude

  5. I like On the Border - tex-mex restaurant. Ha

  6. Yep, we have out of order syndrome too!

  7. I've been out of order a few times, like a wrecking ball or a loose canon!
    That's why I was not destined for a career in politics ~ LOL
    But I made a great union rep!

    1. haha you can get the union to help out
      With a little scream and shout

  8. Out of Order Our Side of the Border
    Not something to worry nor to bother
    Use it to explain
    To make it plain
    It'll do to be ready with another


  9. This remnds me of Flip Wilson always saying, "Order in the court!"

    1. Had to look him up
      You have more years in your cup lol

  10. I'm always out of order
    and out of sorts at times
    but then it makes for reading
    such a delightful rhyme


    1. Can sure make it through
      And maybe find paths that are new

  11. orlin N cassie....we wanted ta order sum foodz on de web ...but dinna noe de pea sea waz outta order... til we hit enter... but ta make up for R bad mood... we called de pizza dood N ordered 7 piez ;) happee week oh end two all ~ ♥♥☺☺

    1. That is sure a lot
      You may have to burn that off and go for a trot

  12. I'm with Alex, my brain goes out of order too;)

  13. My whole head is out of order today. Maybe tomorrow it will be better.

    We have lived in San Diego near South of the Border. Alex is right. Made for tourists now.

    1. Tourists get the glory
      Hopefully tomorrow is another story

  14. I don't mind going out of order in my mind sometimes. Keeps things interesting in these parts ;)

    1. haha keeps you on your toes
      And hopefully avoids any woes

  15. I would really enjoy order, if only I could find it. LOL

  16. I can be out of order and that’s ok with me
    But drives my OCD hubby up a tree

  17. Not fun getting out of order. At the moment we are all in order. Have a great week end Pat.

    1. Good to be all in
      Hope a great weekend is had at your bin


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