So Many A Thief...Good Grief!

The cat would never do it. For it can stink a bit. Plus the germs that may come. Would sure curl the OCD of my rhyming bum. Or would that be tail? Bah, either or isn't a fail.

That is so pretty.
So let's do a ditty.
A ditty on pretty.
Sound like an old bitty.

Can there be a young bitty?
No? Is that a pity?
Maybe a bitty in the city.
Right, stop being witty.

A witty kitty in the city owned by a bitty.
My, aren't I quite the kitty.
Pat may take offense to that.
But bah, I'm a lying cat.

Wasn't the title grand?
It made you stand.
You gave a hand.
No? Bah, have some used sand.

What is that smell?
Been there where we dwell.
No need for a repeat.
The smell wasn't sweet.

It wasn't sweat.
It came from a pet.
So take a guess.
We won't confess.

Can you guess?
Life's a mess?
Boy, poor you.
Can't even achoo.

And why not?
It's a plot.
A plot by a tot.
Hey, they do it a lot.

Or so you say.
I killed many today.
Actually it was you.
You and a loose screw.

For I took it away.
That breath wouldn't stay.
A witty kitty in the city owned by a bitty.
Did it again, what a pity.

Do you humans think? Yeah, something may stink. Yeah, something may be cute or whatever else you want to call it. But is it such a hit? Can it really take your breath away? May need an epipen if so at your bay. At least some Benadryl. For that can't be run of the mill. Take your breath away? So you died this day in May? Damn, I won't get any comments tomorrow. Oh what sorrow. Did anything take your breath away? Got too close to a vacuum cleaner at your bay? Those things are scary when they take their pass. I knew it was a vacuum cleaner conspiracy against my little rhyming ass.

Experience spring, have a fling.


  1. If it smells too bad
    It can't be had
    I won't stay long
    some smells make my head feel wrong
    it'll start to throb and pound
    and I won't stick around
    how easy it is to be rid of me
    with a strong smell at my sea


    1. Of course had to go all migraine
      But hey, beats hitting you with a cane
      Just let out some stink
      Gone after a one eyed blink

  2. sour milk does the trick,
    take your breath away
    and ruin a day

  3. I used to be OCD, but not any more, I used to be OCD, but not any more, or less!

  4. My lilacs are in full bloom
    They smell up the whole room
    But it's a smell I enjoy
    A worthy scent to employ

  5. Had fish last week at our place
    smelled it in the trash; glad trash day was today
    smell is long gone
    and that is all I'll say


    1. Fishy smells
      Can be worse than door salesmen ringing bells

  6. Lysol! Is all I have to say
    that takes my breathe away.
    I went outside so I could catch my breath
    My throat closed up, I felt like death
    That is not a good feeling
    Lysol is not appealing.

    1. Damn, really sends you into a fit
      Have to avoid that shit

  7. The dog can be pretty 'breath taking' when she comes in from outside:)

    1. haha rolls out and about
      Checking things out

  8. I've been so excited about something that I lose my breath for a second. I think that's where that saying comes from.

    1. Jumping up and down too?
      Hyperventilating at your zoo?

  9. Several years ago, someone gave me a whole bunch of freshly-caught fish. I spread some newspapers on my porch and cleaned them all, before putting them in my freezer, minus heads, entrails, tails, and scales! I threw all the garbage in the dumpster outside of my apartment complex... in the middle of the summer. Boy, was that a mistake! We were all still able to breathe, but none of us wanted to until after the next trash pick-up!

    1. haha bet many cursed you
      Can sure be a nasty smell to come due

  10. orlin N o thiz writin...knot yet... but we guezz if we walked inta de kitchen N saw nothin but bowlz oh food az far az de eye could see...that MITE take R breath away !!!!! happee week oh end ~~~~ ☺☺♥♥

  11. Rule of thumb: If it stinks, don't keep it.

  12. My great niece would like this, it would make her smile.
    Rosey Marie sent me this way.... have a great day.

    1. The cat is fine with a smile
      As it can go a mile

  13. If I was witty
    and not feeling sh*tty
    I'd feel and smell pretty
    and write a clever diddy.

    1. Hopefully shitty doesn't include shit
      Then you'd smell a bit

  14. Nothing better than spraying the garbage so we don't have any stinky around here.

  15. Smell in a car,
    guess what?
    a watermelon
    cracked, rolled away
    until its smell
    broke into day...
    (old story)

  16. I like me to burn scented candles
    rose scented I can handle...

    Why is the itsy bitsy spider coming to mind? Haha

    1. Rose to smell all grand
      Maybe spiders rule the land

    2. where did me come from haha

    3. haha it worked out
      Me thinks about

  17. With two cats I keep air freshener in the house.
    For accidents or an uninvited mouse.

    1. Blah to the mouse
      Keep those away from our house

  18. The only time I really had my breath taken away was when I first started biologic infusions. About once a week I would wake in the middle of the night suddenly, heart racing, thinking to myself "WTF! I stopped breathing in my sleep!" Scary shit right there. Thankfully, it went away after a few months.

    1. That would be scary shit indeed
      Never had that at our feed

  19. I do love my essential oils. :) Sage is my favorite.

  20. I literally had my breath taken away once when I was punched in the solar plexus during karate. All my air was violently expelled, and I couldn't breathe in for a few seconds. I got better at parrying after that!

    1. haha ouch to that
      Worse than getting knocked flat

  21. I thoroughly enjoyed this Pat, think I will spay my trash.



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