The Only Never Gets Lonely!

The only sure gets around. Everywhere it seems to be found. Only this and only that. Only proves to be full of scat. Or maybe full of full. Either way, only sure has some pull.

Come here and sit.
Did that slip out?
Forget what that's about.

Just come and sit.
Stare at the menu for a bit.
Stare and forget the price.
Don't those names just entice?

They are so great.
Gluten free is their fate.
Nut and GMO free too.
Our chicken has no nuts for you.

We'll be right back.
Count on it at our shack.
Count the minutes we mean.
My, don't you look so serene.

You are just so cute, dear.
An hour later we appear.
But we paid you compliments a plenty.
Be sure and leave at least a twenty.

Here is your food.
It will feed your brood.
Only the best around.
Dig in to the treasure you found.

Three minutes later and you're done.
Damn, wasn't eating here fun?
We even made the plate look happy.
Time for dessert there, chappy.

Ignore that thing on the end.
Desserts are your friend.
Treat yourself to a great snack.
We'll soon be right back.

An hour later and we're here.
We didn't forget, never fear.
You ate it in two minutes flat.
You never need to worry about getting fat.

Now here is your bill.
Doesn't it thrill?
It only comes to $627.99 before tip.
Pull out you credit card and let it rip.

Ever go to one of those? I'd rather drink from a hose. Two hour wait and five minutes to eat. Isn't that worth only $627.99 for such a treat? Could be higher too. But it is only there for you. Only sure can find many a sucker. Did you know there was a nut free clucker? Do they snip snip it before serving? My, that takes the mind a swerving. Now I will go eat my lunch with Cass while you can keep the $627.99 meals away from my little rhyming ass.

Experience spring, have a fling.


  1. Replies
    1. Back on up
      Without a hiccup

    2. That's 2 in a row
      It cropped out woes
      In all mashed
      With a smash
      Maling up with old foes


    3. Up you go
      With two in stow

  2. I can't regard myself as "An Only"
    For I am continually vert lonely.
    Not a pleasant predicament to be in.
    But One day I'm sure I shall win.


  3. We've had a few of those experiences. One time, the server told us she had to go across the street to find out what the desserts were (I guess bakery was over there). We still talk about that place!

    1. That sure isn't a place to return to
      At least one should have a clue

  4. That place I’m sure I’ve been
    The food was blah; the price a sin

  5. Yes, doesn't sound like a fun experience at all.

  6. A lot of money for not a lot of food. Or service. Although I have eaten at a place that was well over two hundred for three people that was totally worth it.

    1. When worth it not so bad
      Others sure is anything but glad

  7. My Dad really dislikes waiting for someone to take his money.

  8. Terry and I go to our favorite Parkway Bar and Grill twice a week. The best thing it has going for it is service. I've been to a lot of restaurants during my travels, and I've rarely been a restaurant that matches PW. We rarely go to high end restaurants. PW never gives us grief about splitting an entree, and their entrees are really big. It's not the healthiest food, but it is awesome comfort food. Terry and I have beer and wine, and our bill is usually about $35 with tip. Can't beat that! Terry is all about the deal! I'm all about not having to cook and clean up the kitchen! LOL

    1. No cooking and cleaning is a win
      Bet you've seen and been to many a place as around you spin
      Going from here to there
      $35 sure is a deal at your lair

  9. There was a tiny belgian/french place across from our airbnb, good thing I looked online at their menu. They were high as crazy, about 3x the standard price of what we see at home. Most things in DC were a little higher, but not that much

    1. Trying to suck the dough
      As the high rollers go

  10. I hate waiting so long for food at restaurants. And then I hate seeing the bill even more. That's why I rarely go out to eat. It's so exasperating.

    1. The hate can build up
      Have to shake a tin cup

  11. The Only never gets Lonely
    Never gets to finish easily
    The waiting
    Later payimg
    Makes dining out so uneasy


  12. Like to go out to eat
    It is considered a treat
    And when we do I want to food soon
    Reasonable price and make sure its before noon


  13. These are the restaurants where I need someone to translate the menu because they use big words to mean chicken. The food portion is small but served on a huge plate with a sprinkle of gravy or whatever done in an artistic way with a garnish on top. Screw that, I just want some solid good grub!

    1. Yeah, that extra glamor and stuff
      Can go suck on fluff
      All the same when it goes in
      As inside it does spin

  14. That's why I hardly ever eat out anymore. I would rather stay home and make my own food. At least I know no one spit in it.

  15. I avoid high end restaurants at all costs. I'm a deli girl:)

  16. Sometimes a light bite
    can give a great big fright
    in a trendy place
    they like to disgrace
    with a huge bill
    you didn't get your fill
    and it's a week's worth of pay
    To wash dishes and stay?
    Or slip out the back door
    and dash far away?

    1. Give them the slip
      Just don't double dip
      May get to do the dishes
      And grant other's wishes

  17. Ha! "I'd rather drink from a hose" place. Now there's a line I'm going to remember for a long time.

    1. haha out it can flow
      Not sure it would taste good though

  18. olrin N cassie....well, we canna arguez with de 5 minitz ta eat part... but de 6 pluz $$....that could buy uz yeerz werth oh canned goodz !!!!! kibblez two ☺☺♥♥

    1. Yeah, and no burds given
      You could be on high and livin'

  19. I took my granddaughter and her two-year-old son to a restaurant Friday, and everybody was friendly. (You know how people gush over babies.) However, the food took forever to arrive and it was just okay, but not great. The waitress explained that the kitchen was really "backed up," but the restaurant wasn't crowded at all, so that didn't make sense. Not going back there again.

    1. lol backed up with no one around
      Sounds like someone was backed up with "it" or needed sand to pound

      So you're a great grandpa at your sea?
      Damn, maybe Santa really is thee hahaha

    2. Well, technically Tiana and her son aren't blood relatives, but Tiana's grandmother was my second fiancee, and Tiana's mother is like a daughter to me, and so on down the line. It gets complicated.

    3. Not a bad complication to have though
      As you enjoy her and the kiddo

  20. been a long time since we were suckered into such a meal and oh the gratuity to even get into the place, the parking, the coat check. Are you serious? Crazy

    1. haha yep, nuts as can be
      From the we flee

  21. I felt like that when we went to The Cheesecake Factory in Chicago. Waited forever for some really expensive food that we filled our bellies with in under 5 minutes. I'm not sure I could bring myself to dine there again unless someone else is paying.

    1. Yeah, if another is paying and wants to
      Then one can let them at their zoo

  22. For that price, I'd be afraid a lap dance was on the menu!

    Food is too fleeting to waste that much money on.

    1. Yep, we sure agree
      Hmm depends on the lap dancer that came to be

  23. I seldom go out to eat.
    A home-cooked meal can not be beat.


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