Time For A Heads Up To Beat Each Hiccup!

The cat has heard it a time or ten. I know many others have at their den. Heard what you ask? Not the loo for a daily task. I guess that would be flushing it. Oh where my head goes bit by bit.

It's sure has been said,
That it's all in your head.
Much to your dislike,
For it really means, take a hike.

You can't get out of bed.
Hey, it's all in your head.
Zombies are going full undead.
Hey, that's all in your head.

Look, it's a tale.
Zombies that can't wail.
They are stuck in bed.
Could bore when out of your head.

Take a spin.
Do it in.
Down the halls.
Scratch at the walls.

The mind don't care.
It still grows hair.
At least for most.
This isn't a making fun of bald people post.

For what's so bad?
A fun time can be had.
It is in your head.
You control what is thought and said.

So give it a spin.
Could turn into Rin Tin Tin.
Did I spell that right?
Bah, in my head it took flight.

But it's all in your head.
Yeah. That's been said.
So friggin what?
At least it isn't in my butt.

Like...maybe...sorta...your head.
Whoops, my head wanted that to be said.
Hey, it's all in my head.
Nowhere it needed to be read.

This post is up there.
Got others to spare.
I can mix and match.
My head has no hatch.

Ever get that said to you at your sea? Whether afraid of something or some other thing comes to be? Oh it is all in your head. Hey, you control it so nothing wrong with what they said. For you can say all kinds back. It's all in your head at your shack. Heads up, as here comes some gas. That isn't all in the head of my little rhyming ass.

Experience spring, have a fling.


  1. There's always hiccups in my life.
    I try not to let it cause tears and strife.
    I like to think I'm doing fine.
    Remebering "Only This Moment Is Mine".


  2. If it's all in my head then someone please take something out. Getting a little crowded.

    1. Stick a finger in the ear
      And yank it clear

  3. Humans are pretty good at head games!

  4. It’s all in your head, so i’ve heard

  5. LOL.
    Hiccups are downers
    I'm drowning in downers
    Wish I could take a spin and win
    It's all in my head or am I dead.
    Sandy's Space

    1. Dead in the head
      Would sure be bad to be said

  6. Ray just says the B-Bs keep rattling

    1. Round they go
      At least smaller than marbles at his show

  7. It's not just in my head - I really am overwhelmed with work to do! I wish is it was just in my head though.

  8. My head is where ideas brew
    I keep them simmering at my zoo

    1. Many sure stay up there
      They want to at our lair

  9. It really is in my head. I have Schizoaffective disorder so I see things that aren't there all the time. Fun fun.

    1. Damn, anything fun?
      Has unicorns been spun?

  10. A lot of stuff is in my head
    some of it I do dread!


    1. Have to toss it aside
      Give it a one way ride

  11. Seems to me there's a lot in our heads. No wonder there isn't much room for intelligence.

  12. The trick is to get it from the head onto paper:)

  13. orlin N cassie...we kinda get thiz ree sponz when we post R "itz all in de mindz eye" art gal o ree shotz ~~ ☺☺♥♥

    1. haha well it could be true
      Or some just don't have a clue

  14. That expression makes sense to me, if you translate "head" as meaning "mind." Some things exist only in our imagination, even if we think they're real.

    I've always thought that the mind is like a sponge. It only holds a finite amount, and once "full," it can't absorb more info without simultaneously deleting some other stuff. I think that's one reason we forget things as we age. New info crowds out certain aspects of the old stuff.

    1. But do we truly forget everything?
      As it seems it is stored somewhere at our wing
      For as we recall or something related occurs once more
      Such info comes back at our shore

    2. That's a good question. Certain memories can indeed act as connections to other memories that have been dormant for years. Also, there are instances like with me, just the other day, when I suddenly recalled a personal project of mine dreamed up in high school, a project I literally had not thought of even once since then. So, not even a glancing thought in roughly forty-five years! Pretty weird.

    3. Yeah, it is just weird how things pop in
      Sometimes even in a dream they are given a spin
      Then you wake up all wtf like
      As it's been years since you went on such a hike

  15. Time For A Heads Up To Beat Each Hiccup!
    Not to be led down the path with a gulp
    Ideas are swirling
    They just keep moving
    Arrest the confusion to make a start!


  16. I do not enjoy the hiccups!

  17. I have a million things running through my head at any given time. That's probably why I can't hold a conversation for very long because I either forget what I'm talking about or jump to a completely different topic halfway through the first lol

    1. lol geez, shy and can't hold a convo at your sea
      Blogging sure hides these things of thee

  18. I have been told, it’s all in my head.
    I don’t have pain is what some dr’s have said.
    They never heard of Ehlers-Danlos either
    So I just cringed and said, “me neither!”
    They looked at me saying that I gave them that name
    I just said kiss my ass now on to other game

    1. haha pound sand has come due
      Here at our zoo
      As they sure suck
      All they do is go cluck


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