What Is That Smell Where You Dwell?

Do you smell that? Nope, it wasn't the cat. Stick out that sniffer. Become a good whiffer. Or would that take a big whiff? Bah, Grammar Nazi's don't get in a tiff.

What is that smell?
It sure isn't swell.
It must take a hike.
It smells like...

I don't know.
I wish it would go.
Maybe go ride a bike.
It smells like...

I wish I knew.
It has to be you.
Not a head on a pike,
But it smells like...

It's smells like...
Oh take a hike.
It just smells funny.
It makes nothing sunny.

Funny and smell.
What the hell.
Seinfeld at play?
I went astray?

Kind of ironic funny?
Funny like Monopoly money?
It is funny like...
A cat getting a strike?

A mix and match.
A bit of a batch.
A batch of what the fluck.
Are you a quacking duck?

That would be funny.
I may even pay money.
Furry fan fiction galore.
You could make so much more.

But you smell like...
Not the rubber on a bike.
Not things on a shoe from a hike.
But it is funny like...

Funny as in a bare ass?
Funny as an upside down lass?
Funny as in a nude bunny?
Bah, it just smells funny.

Do you laugh when you smell? My, do tell. Humans are a crazy mass. If it smells bad wouldn't you want to get away from the gas? Or whatever else came to pass? Instead you give a funny sass. Can't decide on smell or funny so you double down with your money. It has a funny smell. My, blew your mind with a reverse tell. But if you really, really want some gas I can be a smelly and funny little rhyming ass.

Experience spring, have a fling.


  1. I have a poor sense of smell which can be a very good thing!

  2. That kinda reminds me of when someone tastes something, tells you it's awful, then expects you to try some to prove that he or she is right! No, thanks.

    And the first few stanzas made me think of this old classic.

    1. Yeah, blah to that
      First I've heard that one at our mat
      A fun one indeed
      As shhh shaving cream takes seed

  3. Maybe we need a phrase similar to 'it tastes like chicken.'
    Smells like a bad candle?

    1. Smells like rotten eggs is used
      But a bad candle could be amused

  4. I have been stuck having to smell
    Clients who look like hell.
    Some don’t bathe or wear that bag
    The bag fills up..blecchhh, what a drag.
    No window to open so the smells stay
    I wish I had a match to make the door go away

    1. To make the odor go away....iPad auto correct

    2. haha that would sure suck
      Some people sure smell like a backed up umm truck

  5. I have what my husband calls a super sniffer. I could walk into a room and know in an instant that Rocko had nailed another wall. (Something I wish I'd never smelled.)

  6. The lilacs I’ve been sniffing today
    Smell far better than most of what you say

  7. O de le pew happens here from time to time!

  8. my nose is bad. I tell folks, if I'm on fire, please put it out. I might not smell the smoke. Happy Friday!

    1. haha I'll have to use that one
      Should it be spun

  9. Oh my I had my nose all twisted up reading your smelling poem. I've read that smell can be one of the strongest memories and help people with amnesia. Let's hope the smell people remember is a pleasant one.
    Sandy's Space

    1. Yeah, let's hope it is a good one indeed
      The bad ones though sure stick at one's feed

  10. aww Pat today I want only sweet and lovely smell and yes I know well some terrible smell ugh!
    But I have a cold so I cant smell, hugs xoxox

    1. Sweet you say
      The cat may put zombie feet on display
      Hopefully the germs go
      And you can smell once more at your show

  11. I'm glad I don't have much of a sense of smell
    it probably saves me lots of days
    from smelling icky things
    that will never go away.


    1. That it does indeed
      Can attest to it at our feed

  12. I have a wax melt warmer to keep things smelling good. lol

  13. Tiger is so funny when he's outside and detects a new smell.
    He sniffs the grass and looks around like saying what is that, please tell.

  14. I've got a pretty good sniffer, but my husband's a smoker, so his sense of smell isn't quite as keen as mine. So it cracks me up when he takes a whiff of something, makes a comment about how bad it smells and then thrusts it at me to see if I want to take a test sniff, too. Um... NO!

    1. haha you aren't the designated go to?
      Now what will he do?

  15. Do clowns take monopoly money?

  16. What Is That Smell Where You Dwell?
    What that is good one never can tell
    Smells like greenbacks
    That'll sure attracts
    Lots of hard work to make it swell!


  17. You know valerian smells super funny ( in other words, really bad) but I pay money to get it to please my kitties!

    1. What one does for the kitty
      Even though the nose does pity

  18. We were at a store in the mall last month and I spotted a candle that said it smelled like farts. Sure enough, it smelled like a real fart. Who TF wants a fart candle?

    1. haha give it to an enemy for a gift
      Your spirits it will lift


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