Who Did It Bit By Bit?

Right is happy today. Did you know that at your bay? You better know that right is happy or you may make right sappy. Right is ready to play. No left allowed in the fray. Right! Onward we go. Time for the flow.

With this detection,
We have no direction.
Right up there with an erection,
That doesn't get an inspection.

What do you think?
Brought your mind to the brink?
Think it would be an tion post?
All gutter now at your coast?

Wrong times two.
Poor, poor you.
But right loves it.
You added bit by bit.

Bit by bit to what?
A growing golden hut.
It grew and grew and grew.
Fools gold shines over you.

Nope. Collectors all aglow.
They are a shiny foe.
Wrong times three.
Bit by bit getting to thee.

Right is in love.
Just see above.
Love and an erection.
My, what a weird section.

Wrong times four.
Quite the tour.
Not even a three hour one.
Ginger or Maryanne may find it fun.

The Skipper too.
Hey, we won't judge you.
Oops, meant stand erect.
Another wrong we detect.

What's with wrong?
Can't play along.
What's with right?
Erect through the night.

For wrong is dead.
Got that, Fred?
Dead wrong you are.
Now right goes harty har har.

How can wrong be dead? Why is it even said? Do you use dead wrong? Does right or wrong play along? Is wrong like a mutt? Does it play dead at every hut? Hey, right must love it. Can't be dead right with any fit. Also dead wrong gets the call. Maybe when you are right you can't fall? So dead you drop. Like Drop Dead Fred at a sockhop. Hopping in socks might be slippery too. Oh look, we found out how wrong died at our zoo. Wrong died at a sockhop pass. Yeah, I'm a crazy little rhyming ass.

Experience spring, have a fling.


  1. Being dead wrong just ain't right. :)

  2. Where did dead wrong come from anyway?

  3. It always goes back to Shakespeare. Just a wild guess, Alex. Or Beowulf!

  4. I'm never dead wrong especially when I'm believable! 😊

  5. Dead wrong is indeed a weird saying
    Who wants to be dead when they are wrong
    If that happened all the time
    We wouldn't on this earth be long.


    1. Nope, Earth would be bare
      Of humans anyway at our lair

  6. I'm never wrong, and I'm always right

  7. Replies
    1. So you're not?
      Was that a weird naming plot?

  8. orlin N cassie....even in trout speech... we can honest lee say... we haz never used de werdz dead wrong....

    rite dai$y ??
    wrong tuna ~~~~~~~

    1. Yeah, seems dumb to use
      Why would one light such a fuse

  9. First comes the erection,
    straight up to the sky
    Men thank their creator.
    Women gossip and sigh.
    Oops, that's the May Pole erection
    Got it going in the wrong direction
    So it goes, til it's froze
    and continues my woes
    cuz it ain't right
    to have an erection plight.
    Talk about dead wrong -
    It does not belong.

    1. Dead and shrunk
      Caught in a funk
      A plead and a moan
      A little helping pill at the tone

  10. Who did it Bit ny Bit
    Nothing like solving it
    Dead wrong
    For a song
    Go look for a good fit


  11. I used to use "dead wrong," but haven't done so in a long time. I'd forgotten all about that saying. When you're dead wrong, you're really wrong.

    You can't be dead right, but you can be dead to rights which is another way to be wrong, especially caught in the act of an error or crime. What a weird language English is!

    1. Really really with no touchy feely?
      Guess that would be dead, really

      Dead to rights is one too
      Gotcha and you're in plain view

  12. Yep, I've heard people say dead right or dead wrong, but in either case, "dead" is a strange modifier.

    I actually met The Skipper (Alan Hale), back in 1982 or so.... but I think I'd rather have met Mary Ann or Ginger, in that order. Oh, well, they're both still alive, so maybe I will someday.

    1. Strange one to use indeed
      Maybe trying to mean final at ones feed

      Yeah, that order is fine
      Maybe someday it shall align

  13. If you are ‘dead’ wrong
    would you even know
    At the right/wrong show

    1. Not if toast
      And used for a cannibal roast

  14. No dead for me
    Alive is the way to be

  15. Wrong is dead/Dead wrong. Heh.

  16. We do have some odd phrases. Does dead wrong made it any more wrong than just plain wrong?

    1. Yeah, no sure it does one bit
      Wrong is wrong and that is it

  17. If I’m dead, then I am in the wrong otherwise I would have been right and still be alive. Maybe I am alive right

    1. Alive right one could be
      Alive dead wouldn't work on thee

  18. Not a happy day here Pat.
    Although I'm glad it's good where you're at.


  19. Dropdead Fred...what a great movie!

    1. haha name dropped it in
      Been a while since I gave it a spin


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