Ready to Become A Fan Of The Dirty, Cranky, Dusty, Nose Picking, Mean, Loud, Lazy, Large, Odd, Dopey, Silly, Greedy, Smelly, Whiny, Lying, Old Man?

Ever see a title that long? Does it sound all kinds of wrong? Do you think it is an adult one? Like the Profanity Granny run? Nope, not one bit. It is a kids book as release number 121 is lit. Ready to become a fan? Say his name three times fast and you'll be the woman or man.

Everything is always right in the town of Cherry Bright. People come and people go. They step to and they step fro. They make sure that all is tame and that every day turns out the same. At least until he caught the sight of the town of Cherry Bright.

They thought him dirty and rather mean. They ran away and made a scene. They thought him dusty and rather loud. They ran home while he stood quite proud. He was sure that they would soon be a fan of the dirty, cranky, dusty, nose picking, mean, loud, lazy, large, odd, dopey, silly, greedy, smelly, whiny, lying, old man.

Have you tried to say it three times fast yet? Is no a safe bet? Intrigued by the loooooooooooooong arse title that came due? Oh the ideas that pop in at our zoo. I could have a name as long as him come to pass, but I have grown attached to simply my little rhyming ass.

Fill your rummer, get drunk all summer.