A Brand New Mate Could Be Your Fate!

The cat hasn't given you a chance at love for a while, and with the holiday coming I figured I'd turn that dial. So here we are with more nuts for you. I think it gets scary each time I view.

luv my pets like me
Hmm isn't that what they call freaky?
eat to impress
Sorry, no table cloths for a dress.

Gone for apples and butter
Doesn't that make ones heart flutter?
Built Ford Tough
So fix or repair daily some stuff?

Beer daze and knights
I think you went on one too many beer flights.
Here I am if you love
So if I like you move or shove?

Life is short not to spend it with someone
So it shrinks and prevents fun?
Want to be a chapter in my tell all book?
Do I get royalties and first look?

What a cute dog. Your okay to.
At least you spelled dog right at your zoo.
Are you that hard up for tires you have to go a reeling?

Got Milk? How about a date?
Sorry, think you're looking for the wrong kind of mate.
The glass is alawys half dull.
Did it get picked at by a gull?

Say something in reference to how horny you are.
Hmm couldn't you just go to a bar?
I'm a profesional career.
You might want to look into that, dear.

Find happiness without
Who let the fortune cookie give a shout?
Be a fountain, not a drain.
Bah, stuck in fortune cookie lane.

Stay silver pony boy
Whatever brings you joy.
Taking a peak.
Damn, that will be hard to sneak.

Must love naps 3
Is that a new band not known to me?
The paranormal take up much of my space.
Should one carry a can of mace?

And there you go. You have plenty to choose from at your show. Any strike you as fun? Most make one want to run. But you could steal a peak with ghosts. Be a chapter in a book while another boasts. Don't they sound grand? Did I see a hand? I think I'd rather walk across glass. But I'll avoid that too with my little rhyming ass.

Fill your rummer, get drunk all summer.


  1. Replies
    1. Good amorning Alex
      Ninja attack
      at the cat’s shack

    2. I have to slip in now and then and remind people the Ninja is always watching, waiting...

    3. Hank is no longer king, two misses in a row

    4. Hank is off track
      Got the ninja attack
      Slipping in on time
      Not a wannabe crime

  2. Replies
    1. T for two
      as I sing the blues

    2. Be a fountain not a drain

      This one I have heard before, I even saw it outside a church once in big letters on their service board...

    3. T beats three
      But still no one for T

      Heard it too
      Eye rolls at my zoo

  3. I have the company of Tennessee,
    Another person's cat.
    He calls around each morning for breakfast,
    I'm very grateful for that.

    It's no fun being alone.
    That I can relate.
    But blogging also cheers me no end,
    I can most certainly state.


  4. Stay silver? As in grey hair? Who wants that?
    The glass is half full. I'm going to say that to someone today and see if they notice.

    1. haha probably will just agree
      Not noticing from thee

  5. I would skip most everything but I would like the butter!

  6. Once again you’ve made me glad
    The dating pool is not my fad!

  7. beer daze folks need to learn how to spell nights

  8. These comment mashups always make me laugh.

  9. Stay gold, pony boy is from 'The Outsiders.'

    Give the person points for a literary reference, even if it's a bit off.😂

    1. Nah, the points you can give out
      I'll make fun about

  10. "Stay silver pony boy?" It's hard to figure out that one without seeing the entire dating ad, but it's an obvious reference to The Outsiders (either the movie or the book, or both). Only problem is, Ponyboy was told to "stay gold," in reference to a Robert Frost poem quoted in the novel.

    Yeah, I know. Nit-picking again.

    1. haha you'd have a field day nit picking profiles
      All in different, yet wrong, styles

  11. Actually I thought the be a fountain not a drain was pretty funny:)

    1. But the drain gets ride of crap
      Across the map

  12. Don't really want a new mate
    still got one here at my place
    and if he goes first before me
    then I'll be happy to just have it me and my face.


  13. Sorry, I only have soy milk, so no date.

  14. Most of those would make me look twice at someone...like they were weird.

  15. Cats don't care for me but dogs make me free.

  16. These people are just creepy
    Nap guy wants people who are sleepy
    Another thinks it's dandy to to write a tell-all book
    Why do I think he is a crook.
    Thank Goodness I am out of this scene
    I am happy and serene

    1. Yep, creepy they are
      Run away far
      Dating sites are scary
      Some are even rather hairy

  17. orlin N cassie...frank lee we gotta givez paws up ta must love naps tho we take way mor N 3 ina 24/7 kinda day ☺☺♥♥

    1. Yeah, have to get them down
      Way more naps in ones town

  18. Cats are just the best at taking naps. At least they enjoy life. Have a great evening Pat.

  19. Ha! Got milk AND a date?
    For one fat cow, that guy can't wait.

  20. I would rather nap and have a milky shake thank you ~ Enjoy your summer Pat ~

  21. I'm content and happy as can be.
    For I'm in God's hands, you see.

  22. Stay silver? It's Gold, Pony Boy. Unless he likes second place, they hi ho silver away.

  23. CREEPY! Thank goodness I'm happily married.
    With none of these I would have tarried.

    1. Yep, we avoid each one
      Dating sure isn't fun

  24. A Brand New Mate Could Be Your Fate!
    A wrong turn taken and you'll be late
    Choices aplenty
    Should be happy
    Still looking for the right one instead


    1. Right one is the way
      No settling at ones bay


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