A Clean Slate Takes The Bait!

Does piling on a dead horse help you? Would that be beating at ones zoo? Who the heck does that? Some serial killer who wants to see a horse splat? Yeah, we won't go there. That would raise the cat's neck hair.

Let's stay stuck.
Stuck in the muck.
It's a wise choice.
Just shut up and rejoice.

It is the way.
Can't go astray.
Can't sing a new tune.
Not morning, night or noon.

It could hinder.
Float like cinder.
Actually sink.
Bring all to the brink.

Things are fine.
They align.
They keep you safe.
No need to chafe.

500 years of doing.
It needs no shooing.
1000 years says so.
We aren't the dinosaurs, you know.

Stay and love.
No need to shove.
It is what it is.
Same answers on the quiz.

Oh, but wait.
Don't roll out the hate.
We can change some.
We're all PC there, chum.

That's so easy.
It is also pleasy.
Easy and pleasy.
Nothing is cheesy.

A clean slate?
Pfft don't tempt fate.
This is the way.
We did it just yesterday.

We can't confuse.
Don't change the fuse.
Stay in your lane.
We don't want it to rain.

Don't you love ancient rules? Maybe even the enforcing fools? Don't you love how some things stay stuck just to save or make the almighty buck? When there are better a way but oh no, change can't come this day. The slate is already busted and brittle, but we can spiff it up a little. That is just the way it was created and came to pass. Pffft and I'm a dog with a little rhyming ass.

Experience spring, have a fling.


  1. Replies
    1. That's 4 in a row
      That's a ho..ho..ho
      Xmas comes early
      It does pretty
      Lucky me still no dough!

    2. Dough would be grand
      Maybe in Santa land

    3. That it would
      In any neighborhood

  2. A clean slate
    As the morn dawns
    Is usually dirty
    When night comes along

  3. Food for thought here Pat. A good verse.


  4. We're all PC
    In the place to be?
    Well, Scooby Dooweee
    This round is on me!

  5. Cats rule and that’s the ancient rule which is valid now and always :-)

    1. haha has always come due
      No matter the time period in view

  6. My #1s are stuck in the past

  7. We're not overly good at change!

    1. When you have the best
      Don't need the change test

  8. sometimes you have to stick with the tried and true...gotta love cliches too

    1. Stick but don't get stuck
      May get hit with a truck

  9. What once was fair is now foul. What once was wrong, well, we might as sing a song. PC rules.

    1. PC has won the day
      On it goes, come what may

  10. Kids today have no idea what a slate even is...

  11. I've been guilty of beating a dead horse before. It's better to just let it go, though. haha.

    1. haha animal abuser at your feed
      Best to take anger out elsewhere indeed

  12. Mail4Rosey sent me your way! What a fun blog!

  13. A Clean Slate Takes The Bait!
    But it got stuck having to wait
    Flogging the issue
    Might miss the cue
    Move along and leave it to fate


  14. The slate doesn't stay clean long.
    There is always another day!

  15. If it ain't broke, why fix it? Though, sometimes change can be good too.


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