A Dare Not To Compare!

The cat does it too. I guess this one isn't just the human crew. I compare food at my sea. Don't like it and you'll get a nose curl from we. We may also try to bury it when we don't find it a hit.

A comparison factor.
Ranges from road to actor.
From actual ranges.
Even to life's changes.

The nature of all.
They give it a call.
Never wants to stall.
See it on every internet wall.

This store is great.
Compared to that one it's second rate.
But compared to this one it's great.
Do you agree with me, mate?

Then comes the fish.
Ignoring...I wish.
Nope, they swim in a school.
Answered by many a fool.

Are you insane?
That is a better train.
This just plan sucks.
I wouldn't waste my bucks.

You're both nuts.
This has great nuts.
That is the worst in town.
The other makes me frown.

And further we delve.
Grab a book from a shelve.
You'll be here all day.
All have to have their say.

I'm the better judge.
You two need to budge.
I know more than you.
Compared to me, you haven't a clue.

Compared to you?
Pffft says who?
I'm the best.
When comparing there is no contest.

Now don't get crazy.
Your eye sight must be hazy.
For I stand above all.
Compared to you my name should be on a wall.

Do you like to compare? Does one even dare? Why not just say you like or not? Is it that hard for the human lot? Oh, I like this place. This place I also embrace. See? Easy as can be to come to pass. Now I'll go back to comparing the hairs on my little rhyming ass.

Experience spring, have a fling. 


  1. I do like to compare,
    If I dare.
    The way my family live.
    To see them.... what would I give?


  2. A Dare not to Compare
    Not willing to bear
    State the case
    Not out of place
    Be sure to be aware


  3. Compared to your other rhymes...
    Just kidding!

  4. We don't compare much because nothing compares to a bunch of happy kitties!

    1. That's the best
      beats the rest

    2. So that's why the cats sometimes bury their food.
      Now I find that to be very rude.

  5. Comparing... yet another way of life
    Do it wrong, and you cause much strife

  6. My Brother does digest
    what wings and beer are best
    in every pub/place in the city where we live.
    Life of Baron, his Facebook page, where he doth give
    his thoughts on each place he ate in.
    It is fun to read, he does compare...and that's no sin:)

  7. What is the best to one person is usually just average to everyone else.

  8. As you already know
    my eyes are good to go
    they are perfect and brown
    both see across my town
    as the Canadians arrive
    and take all the supplies
    then crowd all our beachy shores
    at least they're kind, expect at this door.


    1. Go in the snow?
      White out glow?
      Bah, that doesn't count
      Can't even count the amount
      Oh the shame
      An old one eyed dame

  9. I do compare things mainly food
    like to get the best taste if I can
    some of the things out there though
    are really a scam


  10. There's sure a lot to compare in attitudes and philosophies these days.

  11. I used to make a point of not comparing my girlfriends...

    1. That would be wise with one that is new
      Unless she earns number one from you

  12. I compare products on occasion as I want the best buy for my money. On other things comparing might not be so wise.

    1. Products to get the best buck
      Could still leave one shit outta luck

  13. I compare products, too. What can I eat the most of and get the fewest calories?

  14. Happy Thursday from @Mail4Rosey!

  15. orlin N cassie....we iz knot a loud out sew we canna compare storez N stuff but we can compare de level of
    stooooopid a tee we see out R windowz ~~~~ ♥♥☺☺ happee week oh end guyz.....we iz offline fora few ~~

    1. Stupid is everywhere to see
      Enjoy viewing it offline for free

  16. Today I bought a store brand night cream (with all sorts of good stuff) for $7. The Olay product was $20. Same thing, lower price. Yup.

  17. Ah, we all want more bang for our buck
    But sometimes we run outta luck...

  18. I do compare all the time. If I can find something better at a lower price, I call that a win.

    1. Saving money sure is a win
      Unless wasting tons of time does you in


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