A Little Hike With Your Pal Like!

Don't you like like? He is smaller than you but bigger than a tyke. Or maybe he is a she. That beats the heck out of me. We are going far deeper than that today. Something like I dig and bury in every day.

The question of all.
It sure doesn't stall.
It comes from each.
A worldly reach.

Why do you like that?
Some think it scat.
Some think it boring.
Some would rather be snoring.

They why of like.
Like a volleyball spike.
Spiking people you dislike in the face.
My, that is a liking embrace.

Did I admit that?
Shame on Pat
We'll blame him.
I like that limb.

Some surely do.
They like the tree too.
They like the shade.
May even like the grass blade.

Some get all chop happy.
The tree makes them sappy.
Could literally I suppose.
If that's how the tree goes.

How do you like that?
The same of words spat.
How or why or how can or why do.
All variations from the same pile of goo.

Thought I'd use shit?
Did you like it?
How do you like that?
Deeper we go with scat.

I thought you'd like that.
Another loaded and ready to fire cat.
For you and me and she and he,
We are all different you see.

So you may have thought wrong.
Can be movie, book or song.
Can be dogs, cats, cars or bikes.
Likes span off and take many different hikes.

How many times have you asked that? Can you count that high of a stat? How many times has it been asked to you? I'm betting more than a few. How can you like blogging I bet even came due. Mostly from the 140 character limit Twitter crew. That and those Farcebook likers. My, there are plenty of like hikers. I guess I'll go back to picking on Cass. I like doing that with my little rhyming ass.

Fill your rummer, get drunk all summer.


  1. Everyone has different likes in life otherwise the world would be boring I guess.


  2. I like likes and dislike dislikes
    and don't want to hear too many tykes
    while I'm enjoying my time at the beach
    which today will be in my reach
    I like my time at the shore
    it is never a bore
    I dislike when I'm in pain
    it happens when it rains
    so bring on the sun and sand
    it brings smiles at my land


    1. haha the tykes are sure about
      May here them shout
      Pain suck a ton
      Much better to be pain free and enjoy the sun

  3. Spiking volleyballs into faces sounds like fun though...

    1. That it is indeed
      Especially when a dbag gets hit at your feed

  4. I don't think I want to hang with Alex - see above.
    I would not like that

  5. How can you eat/like that with no meat?
    I don't know how you can like being a vegetarian!
    Like, how do you like such a boring diet?

    I could go on, I've heard them all.
    Being vegetarian is not really trendy y'all.

    1. Oh, I've heard the "How do you eat the same thing day in day out" shout
      Beats the emergency room being about

  6. A volleyball spike way be why
    Back surgery... heavy sigh
    But still love the game
    But from the sidelines... a shame!

    1. Is a fun one to play
      Do it once a week at our bay

  7. I like to sit under a shady tree
    When it’s too hot for me
    It’s a cool place to be...

    1. Then up the woodticks crawl
      On you they have a ball

  8. A Little Hike with your Pal Like
    Facebook unlikes if you dislike
    Then you unfriend
    To start a trend
    To end up much like riding a bike


  9. Don't you wonder how the rest of us like so much food?

    1. I wonder how some people can eat some of the crud
      Or how some are happy being as large as a truck and each step making a thud

  10. I do like what I like and not what I don't!

  11. If they didn't ask if we liked this or that
    they wouldn't learn something new
    perhaps like how fun it is to own a car
    or if it is fun to go to the zoo.


  12. I must admit, there are times I want to ask how someone can POSSIBLY like certain vile-to-me lying politicians and support their heartless policies? But I don't. Because what I especially DISlike is the lack of civility, which demands that I respect other people's choices and beliefs, even if I DO want to spike them in the face with a volleyball...

    1. hahahaha at least you curb such violent tendencies toward them all
      But it is really fun to hit them in the face with a volleyball

  13. I do get asked how I can like blogging everyday. I get asked that a lot.

    1. Some just don't know
      And ask away at their show

  14. Your mention of Twitter reminds me of when it first started. A close friend asked if I'd be interested in joining it. Considering the length of my average blog post, I just laughed at him.

    1. haha makes sense for you
      Be 1000 tweets before you were through

  15. orlin N cassie......sew......like.....

    haza grate week oh end ☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺ !!!!

  16. I love the blogging deal. I just like hearing about everyone's animals etc. Interesting also to read everyone's thoughts. So many different ways of looking at stuff. Have a good week end Pat.

    1. So many different ways indeed
      Fun to see the animals at each feed

  17. I love trees Pat, and especially in summer, now we are in winter. But really I like winter, Not problem.
    Send you hugs and have a nice weekend!

    1. Blah, nature you can keep haha
      I've had enough of it by the heap

  18. No ticks for me
    From those I would flee

    1. Why o why am I here
      I should be up there
      I swear...

    2. Nasty little things
      Crush them when one flings

  19. Are we always being honest when we say we like something?
    Or do we say we like it when we don't to keep from being mean?

    1. Probably the latter more often than not
      As we try not to offend the plot

  20. We all like what we like, so why anyone can ask such a stupid question about WHY someone likes whatever it is they like is beyond me. We just like it, okay? There doesn't need to be a reason for everything lol

    1. lol but but a reason must be had
      You like it and not like it at your pad

  21. There are some politicians I dislike.
    I'd like to tell them to take a hike.
    I'm beyond distressed.
    Our country is a heartless mess.

    1. That it surely is
      All thanks to the greed and ego biz


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