A Little Stammer To The Slammer!

Sayings get said. Did that sink into your head? See? Used one there. How words on a page can sink beats my lair. But some make even less sense when we tend to let them come out more dense. As in use them wrong from here to Hong Kong.

Tow the line.
So you drag it by its spine?
Damn, all wrong there.
Toe the line at ones lair.

Interest was peaked.
Silver Fox just freaked.
His interest was piqued.
Or maybe out his hate peeked.

I could care less.
Umm okay I guess.
Care less if you like.
I couldn't care less about your hike.

You are a shoe-in.
Blue likes that new spin.
But again only one shoe.
Maybe a shoo-in without a clue?

I'm honing in on you.
So getting better at my zoo?
I must have a way to go.
I'm homing in on it though.

I said it for piece of mind.
Are you a cannibal of some kind?
Not getting any pieces here.
I said it for peace of mind to be clear.

You'll just have to make due.
Are you going to pay my zoo?
I don't take checks, just cash.
You'll have to make do with my newsflash.

What a boldface lie.
Care to give it another try?
Did plastic surgery make it bold?
That's a bald-face lie I'm told.

I'll give you free reign.
That won't end it pain.
For nothing is ever free.
I guess free rein isn't what it's cracked up to be.

Are you passionate now?
The throws of passion can wow.
Watch what you biff though?
The throes of passion are deadly, you know.

The cat is now done. I've had my fun. Any more that you've done or seen incorrect? We sure used some wrong as we reflect. But then you know and away you go. Time to toe that line and give free rein to the feline. Wait. I think I already have the latter with a side of sass. So I'll just continue on being a little rhyming ass.

Experience spring, have a fling. 


  1. A great poem Pat,

    Tow the line
    For me is just fine.
    Mustn't upset anyone.
    By having a wee bit of fun.


  2. Replies
    1. The Silver Fox just freaked at his show?
      Say it ain't say!

    2. Freaked you made him too
      Shame on Blue

  3. That one line is so wrong. It should be I couldn't care less.

    1. Yep, the not needs to be
      Or things are dumb when the not is free

  4. Humans sure come up with some confusing goodies!

  5. I'll give free rein, but right now we need rain

  6. Some days I feel
    As if someone real
    Dragged me by the spine
    ‘Cuz my back’s out of align

    1. Yep, back pain sucks
      Can make us give many flucks

  7. Haha pique, I have used wrong on occasion
    Oh well, sometimes all is not swell

    Silver don’t do the super freak...now, I have that song playing in my head...it’s going to be a long day...

    1. I've used it wrong in the past too
      I'm sure many have had it come due
      Don't freak out
      With it about

  8. Drives me nuts. The one that still cracks me up is when someone commented on why the flag wasn't flying at half massed.

    1. Massed too big
      At least it lets you get in a dig

  9. We do have our sayings
    and some of them are fine
    but some of them
    make me reach for more wine


    1. That some can do
      Drives you to drink on cue

  10. I use, "I couldn't care less." quite a bit.

  11. How about "Into each life some rain must fall."
    I don't understand why it must, do you all?

    1. Hmm maybe to stay hydrated or humble
      Either way, it can make one mumble

  12. I like Joanne's about the rain. Sorry I don't have suggestions to add.

  13. orlin N cassie.......awesum uze oh trout speech two day guyz !!!! 984 pawz up :) ☺☺♥♥ ewe both N dad getz an aye pluz !!!! ☺☺♥♥

  14. Some sayings make sense and others leave me baffled when I stop to think about their meaning. :)

    1. Stop and think
      And some may bring you to the brink

  15. Is it really bald faced lie?
    Well oh me oh my.
    I've never heard it said that way.
    Always wrong I guess at my bay.

    1. Actually for that one both are deemed right
      Just depends on how they are used in the light

  16. Nothing is free, there are always hidden fees and strings attached ~

  17. I could care a lot less
    about idiots who could care less
    Of them, I couldn't think less
    like the Prez of the US.

    1. haha and with his mess
      Sure goes less and less

  18. "We'll just have to make do" was a staple of my childhood. Funny thing though, it never felt like we were making do. Loved your play with correct and incorrect!

    1. Never does feel that way
      When happy at one's bay
      Fun to play
      With the word fray

  19. I'm with Fundy. We always had to make do, growing up with 4 of us being raised by a single mom. Sometimes, "do" didn't get done, but I turned out fine in the long run.

    1. Getting it done or not
      Sure left you with your own plot

  20. The throws of passion would hurt quite a bit
    passion will suffice, throwing may cause a fit.

    1. That it would
      Unless on something soft in ones hood


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