A Polite Kinda Not Right!

Do you humans listen to yourselves some days? Your brains must be lost in a maze. At least if you go literal to one and all. Maybe I'm just the crazy one at my hall. Yeah, both are true. On with it at our zoo.

That you don't want.
But some still flaunt.
You hate its guts.
Like fish cold cuts.

Is that a thing?
Could be cha-ching.
Or maybe not.
Could sit and rot.

But whatever it is,
Like snow or quiz,
You give something a go.
Nope, it isn't flat out no.

Unless you get ruffled,
Then it becomes muffled.
Otherwise you spout it out.
No thank you is what you spout.

So thank you is the way,
When giving thanks come to play.
But no thank you is had,
When not giving thanks at your pad.

Hmm how does that work?
Is it some kind of non perk.
I would say hell no to you,
But instead I'll give you no thanks at our zoo.

And you nod and agree.
I just pretty much told off thee.
I'm not giving you any thanks.
I just became the equivalent of banks.

But you love it.
Love no thanks every bit.
You suck it right up,
Like beer in your cup.

Yet you want thanks other times.
Are you some demented mimes?
No thanks for that.
Thanks where you're at.

Both get a smile.
Do they stop from creating a pile?
Kind of cancel each other out?
No thanks is what it's all about.

Do you say more than no? Are you soooooo mean at your show? You give no and no thanks. That is as means as banks. I'm giving you nothing and you won't get any thanks too. Whatever will you do? Did I confuse you yet? Did you follow the pet? You want me to repeat that? No thanks, I'll let Al do the repeat thing where he's at. Look, I just gave you a no and no thanks too. Aren't I mean to you? Thanks for reading my sass. Now you've been canceled out by my little rhyming ass.

Experience spring, have a fling.  


  1. My brain is always in a maze,
    But I am what I am.
    I go about my time each day.
    Dong the best I can.


  2. I am #2
    Everyone sleeping in this Monday?

    1. Hank running late
      No number 1 fate

      Hi Hank

    2. That they must be
      Hank on the road with no glee

  3. I always say no thanks.
    I guess everyone is sleeping today.

    1. No thanks is so mean lol
      Must all be at some other scene

  4. Hi, True
    Had things to do!


  5. Humans don't listen well, even to themselves!

  6. Keep it simple here
    usually just say a no and thanks
    anything more is just useless
    and won't help at any bank


  7. "Thanks" means "I hate this, now go away."
    "Don't give me anything ever again."
    That's what we should say.

    1. haha then it would stop
      But the PC brigade may call a cop

  8. I think saying, "No thanks" once should be good enough.

  9. I think sushi is fish cold cuts.

  10. The term "no thanks" actually derived from "no, thanks" (Note the comma!). You can't always discern the comma implied in a spoken sentence, after all. Anyway, you're actually saying you don't want something, won't do something, whatever, but thank the other person for the thought involved in their original offer.

    These are the kind of f***ing things that keep me awake at night.

    1. Damn, you must never get any sleep lol
      I have never ever seen it written with a comma at our keep
      Did that get phased out with language going to crap?
      Yes, thanks I've seen though, so guess no got a bad rap?

    2. And then, to further complicate things, there are expressions like "I got the job done, no thanks to you," which of course means that you were no help...

      No wonder foreigners are always complaining that English is so hard to learn!

    3. True, that one can add to the confusion as well
      I wonder if other languages are as annoying as hell

  11. Sometimes my cats look at me like they wonder what I'm saying.
    Sometimes they look at me like they wonder if I'm playing.
    They understand what I mean when I say "No."
    No "please," no "thanks," just "no," and they know that it's time to go.

    1. No and away they run
      Somewhere else to have fun

  12. orlin N cassie.....thanx izza werd that went out with de dino ....noe matter how ewe bee usin it....de werd pleez iz startin ta head that way ~~~~~~


    1. Yeah, they are getting lost in dino poop
      Both having flown the coop

  13. "No, thanks" should be super adequate. Then there is always "I said no thanks, dammit."

    1. Add a little bit
      Don't take their umm err shit

  14. Why not just smile and say thanks or no thanks. Nothing more to be said. Hope you are enjoying our summer weather Pat.

    1. Smile and away you go
      Haha still cold at our show

  15. A Polite Kinda Not Right!
    An idea not considered bright
    Caught in a maze
    Likely in a daze
    A requirement to be polite


  16. Feels like everyone is sleeping but I'm keeping going.

  17. I'm polite with my first no. After that, I'm a lot more unpleasant.

  18. Walking downtown
    You get hit up by a clown
    Says he can’t go another day
    Without some weed play
    No thanks from me
    I walk away speedily

  19. I say no thank you to asparagus
    Yuck to that, I may even cuss.
    If my hubby says something dumb
    I may say more because...he’s a bum:)

  20. We know all about that NO word here. Hey, asparagus is pretty popular at our place!

    1. Gets thrown around a lot
      Can keep it at your plot


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