An Early Start Taken To Heart!

Early or late, we've taken that bait. Beginning and end, we've done that trend. What is this? Al's place with repeat bliss? Nah, can't go all repeat the repeat. Blue may go into heat. Bah, it's early. Don't get squirrely.

Off we go.
To and fro.
High or low.
Damned if I know.

Just off we go.
Friend or foe.
Stub a toe.
Lawn to mow.

Things to do.
That we knew.
Me and you.
Ever so true.

Or ever so fake.
Quite the partake.
Partake the fake.
Point to make?

Point for A.
Z may play.
A To Z.
April's spree.

Look, a crawl.
Have a ball.
Started early.
Ever so pearly.

Start them early.
Can't be squirrely.
Don't call me Shirley.
I may get surly.

Take it to heart.
The early start.
Skip the rest.
Early at it's best.

Ignore the filler.
Go for the thriller.
Better start early.
Can't get curly.

What was that?
Beats the cat.
An early start.
Did I fart?

Do you believe in an early start? Forgetting the middle part? Push, push, push. Shove at a tush. Forcing things on kids and such even when they don't like it much? Skip the fun. Early start has to be done. An early start to the day that is fine at any bay. But an early start compared to what for whatever in life? Sometimes it just brings strife. I'll stick to the middle pass. Allows for fun to be had by my little rhyming ass.

Experience spring, have a fling.


  1. I'm always awake at the crak of dawn.
    So up I get after one big yawn.
    I try to go out for an early walk.
    Problem is at that time there's no ont to talk.


    1. Getting out can be grand
      Walking barefoot in the sand

  2. Nothing better than to get up early and get the day started.Besides, everyone wants breakfast. Pat, have a super Saturday.

  3. When it's hot and humid outside, and early start is the only way to survive.
    And don't call me Shirley...

    1. Need to get that lawn mowing done
      Damn, Shirley is no fun?

  4. Well, I did push reading on my kids, but I don't think you'd have issue with that, Pat?

  5. "I'm going to be #1 today"

    alarm rings: 10 am

  6. 6:15am/alarm goes and I say to myself: once again... :-)

    Greetings from London.

  7. Well, they do say that the early bird catches the worm... But who the f*** wants worms?

    1. Birds kinda do
      So the saying kinda rings true

  8. We sure got off to a late start today!

  9. Once an early bird in my working days, I relish the 9 a.m. morning. There is a time for every thing in the world: a time to get up early and a time to kick back with coffee.

  10. I wasn’t an early bird today
    stayed in bed and dreamt away

  11. I am always one for an early start. I would rather rise with the sun than be a lazy bum.

    1. Lazy bums are no fun
      Get up and get it done

  12. I'm a night owl at heart but was a morning person when my kids were young. OK, not a "morning person" but got up early. lol

    1. lol did what had to be done
      When around the kids did run

  13. I like the idea of being a morning person, that is, until morning rolls around. I will probably always be more of a night person because it takes me too long to roll out of bed.

    1. Can sure take a while some days
      Depends on the faze


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