At This Time You Get A Rhyme!

Unless the cat screws with you. Then it may go a minute early at our zoo. Or every hour on the hour. Maybe we post two in one day with some screw up power. But still we show and on time in a row.

Time to meet.
A meet and greet.
On this street.
Isn't that neat?

An hour later.
Stuck in a crater?
No, just slow.
Whatever though.

Set a date.
Up to plate.
Time to meet.
Can't be beat.

Well into the fray.
Not today.
Maybe tomorrow.
Time we can borrow.

Ready to come.
Wow, great chum.
Be there in five.
Take the dive.

Five hours I meant.
Come now, don't vent.
You are just fine.
No need to whine.

In and out.
What it's about.
That will be the way.
Hear what I say.

Not even an in.
Out took a spin.
Didn't even show.
A line to toe.

Toe the line?
Pffft not this feline.
One gets the finger.
It may linger.

Linger we won't.
Linger we don't.
Can't show on time,
Go suck on a mime.

Are you a slacker? A very slow packer? Say and then don't? Show up on time you won't? Pffft you'll see no cat around. We won't be found. Gotta love people who take their time and then act like everything should be sublime. You'll never have to wait with us. Unless we get behind a slow going bus. Or go off a cliff. Maybe run into Biff? Manure may even get less sass than such humans from my little rhyming ass.

Experience spring, have a fling. 


  1. Replies
    1. I wasn’t slow today
      as #1 came into play
      off to work have a good day

    2. True, well done
      The coveted #1


    3. One for the win
      9-5 is a sin

  2. I like to keep ahead,
    Rather than remain in bed.
    It's something I really hate.
    When there's a job to do....and I'm late.


  3. Oh how I hate
    To be late
    But life doesn’t always wait
    For us to step up to the plate

  4. At this time You get a Rhyme
    So stressful when not in time
    Not being fair
    If not aware
    Punctuality is good time managememt


    1. Time management is the way
      Works at the end of the day

  5. Like Alex, I tend to be early, too. That's the way I was raised, and so was my hubby.

    However... there was one time years ago when I was pregnant with our first child. I mean... VERY pregnant. I wasn't quite ready to go when it was time to leave for church... so my husband went without me. My mother-in-law was furious at him, but my father-in-law thought it was GREAT. (P.S. Now, I'm usually the one waiting for my hubby to be ready to leave...)

    1. hahaha left you there
      How rude at your lair
      Early is the way
      Way we roll each day

  6. I am early to on time. And I get very annoyed at lateness. We won't get into my husband's side of the family. The in-laws are punctual, but others not so much. I don't host dinner due to that. I do desserts and if you miss out on the good stuff, oh well.

  7. We always have time for a rhyme Pat!

  8. It's true that I tend to procrastinate, but as far as appointments and the like, I always try to be on time. I've accompanied my sister to appointments where she was half an hour late or more, and didn't seem to worry about it... nor did it bother her if they told her they'd had to cancel the appointment and she needed to reschedule it.

    1. That would just be a pain in the butt
      Having to go back after already going to the hut

  9. Most always on time here
    do not like to be late
    that is a terrible fate!


  10. No, if I say I'll do something I do it. I'm usually the one that's early.

  11. Late for a date?
    Not so great!

  12. orlin N FSG'z dad all wayz said her sisturzz gonna bee late for her own funeralz ~~~~~ ☺☺☺♥♥

    1. haha that one would be good
      At any old hood

  13. I hate to be late
    And make others wait.

  14. I can't stand to wait for people, so I always try to be early. If I'm on time, I consider myself late.

    1. haha that's what we do too
      Get there early at our zoo

  15. I try not to be a slacker
    but I think that it is al relative!


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