Better For You..Yep..Really..Times Two!

This post is for you. It is so true. It is so much better. Just read every single letter. Read and read as it takes seed. I guess it all takes seed at once when you see it. But as I type it comes bit by bit. Forget that. Read away where you're at.

This is for you.
It is the best.
Every word is true.
You have such zest.

You'll be a perfect fit.
You'll work the best.
You are the shit.
You pass the test.

No test taken.
You are that good.
We aren't mistaken.
That should be understood.

All about you.
Nothing for we.
That is soooo true.
Focus on thee.

Shift the focus?
Bah, don't go there.
No hocus pocus.
Don't you dare.

We have none applied?
We are in desperation mode?
We may have lied?
We sold you a load?

We want you to do crap?
We don't want to tell?
We made our lips flap?
We gave a hard sell?

But it's all about you.
There is no we.
You haven't a clue.
Only we is you, me and thee.

A repeat times two?
See how much we love you?
It is so true.
Love like super glue.

We can't get another?
Bah, forget that.
We're just like your mother.
You're the best cat.

Pffffffffffft is what we say. Followed closely by a no friggin way. Can you see desperation when it is about? We can sure pick it out. Applied for one job and they tried to get us to do another one. The one that got applied to by no one. And for crap pay. So we went on our way. If that desperate they can pay more. Ever get super desperate at your shore? On that we'll hopefully forever take a pass. I wouldn't be a very good desperate little rhyming ass.

Experience spring, have a fling. 


  1. Glad you stood your ground. Not being happy at one's job is not good for one's psyche.

    1. Sure not good for it
      As you have to deal with even more umm spit

  2. I took a job at Marineland
    Thinking it would be grand
    They got me cleaning toilets all day
    I’d also have show up and pay
    For my uniform.....NO Way!
    I left, not looking back..scooda Hoo, Scooda Hay

    1. haha sure sounds like the right thing to do
      Blah to paying and cleaning up poo

  3. time at Burger King as a teen was like a prison sentence

  4. Good pay would work for me!

    1. Works for us
      We wouldn't, at least too much, cuss

  5. My son had that happening to him. Didn't realize bait and switch applied to employment as well!

    1. Sure try it time and time again
      Can stuff it at their den

  6. Love it, whether intended or made me think of politics and all the current lies about things being for us, when it's clearly all about him and his.
    <a href=">Sandy's Space</a>

  7. Perfect for me
    Would fill me with glee
    But often perfect is not the goal
    And the giver is just a troll

  8. Well, gee, it's about time you devoted a post to me! Thanks.

    I mean, that is what you said, innit?

    1. Oh yeah, it was all for you
      Good catch at your zoo

  9. Seems to be the norm today
    no one really truly means what they say


  10. I applied for a job at a laundromat when I was 18. I ended up making flyers and addressing envelopes for the managers daughter for her new business. Not the job I applied for.

    1. Switched it about
      Sure not the ad they put out

  11. Hello, all! Have a great day!

  12. orlin N cassie.....if de FSG starts in bout her place oh employ N de bull shitz...her will still be typin on joon 14 2098 sew we will just say heerz ta a trout filled thuzday... ☺☺♥♥

    1. That would be one long comment to see
      Might break google if it came to be

  13. I'm glad that you know
    I'm the star of the show
    As the world must see
    It's all about me!

    1. All about you
      Like when one has to go to the loo?

  14. About time you stood your ground ~ Get the job that you deserve ~

    1. haha deserve you say?
      Pffft right at our bay

  15. Has a bridal shop owner talk me into working with her after my other job went belly up. Lots of fun promises for the work environment, but could tell she was full of it on my first day there so I ended up quitting. She never did pay me for my one day of work either.

    1. Can sure tell right quick
      Then leave some slick

  16. Long time ago, I was sooo desperate to change job that I almost accepted offer from a company far far away. It would take 2 hours one way to/from home. I’m so glad I passed it! Got another job closer to home :-)

    1. Have to hold out
      Wouldn't want to be that far out and about

  17. The atate of desperation is not a pleasant state to be in......been there.


    1. That it wouldn't be
      They can stuff it at their sea

  18. Better for You, Yep times two
    When desperation takes after you
    Just relax
    And no sweat
    And not to show one's weakness too


  19. Always a good idea to get a job that fits you and makes you happy. Have a great week end Pat.

    1. That it is
      Happy though, doubtful with the 9-5 biz


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