Don't Float Like A Goat On A Boat!

Look at that. What a clever cat. Yeah, stroking my own ego there as I used a book title in a blog title at my lair. A double win. Okay, now I'll go back to giving a new rhyme a spin.

A stubborn goat.
A sinking boat.
One may gloat.
The other may float.

Both take note.
In the same boat.
A boat of note.
Full of goat and gloat.

Happy to float.
Float in a boat.
Happy to quote,
Some ego bloat.

To bloat and float.
A glutton goat.
A larger boat.
That's all she wrote.

Or maybe he wrote.
Equal opportunity take note.
No Murder She Wrote.
That remake can't float.

What's with the float?
What's with the goat?
What's with the bloat?
Should I just quote?

Quote a goat.
Quote a boat.
The Alba Varden note?
Does that get your vote?

Brain gone to moat?
Blame the goat.
Grab your throat.
You didn't float.

Sank with no bloat.
Don't have gloat.
Hit a new note.
No stubborn goat.

Floating to float,
Hitched to a boat.
Swimming of note.
A new vision to quote.

Did the cat make sense? Are you still on the fence? It may poke you in the bum. That is just a warning, chum. You can sink, you can swim or you can float. Hint: the first two are the only of note. You float along with the goat in a boat wearing a coat, you learn nothing of note. Do you just float? Sink or swim and jump from the boat? Boy, the cat must be full of gas. I can just float into the air with my little rhyming ass.

Experience spring, have a fling.


  1. Replies
    1. I can swim from here to there
      sometimes I just float, without a care
      sometimes I need the help of a boat
      depends on the waters, could be a moat

      ‘There’s a Goat On My Boat’
      by Pat Hatt

      A cute book give it a look...

    2. A plug for me
      Look at thee
      Sometimes one can swim
      But a boat is needed when water's not so slim

  2. I can float just not with a goat. Not in a boat, not in a moat. Not even wearing my coat.
    And that is my best attempt at rhyming!

    1. haha you didn't sink
      Like with a goat, we think

  3. I can float but right now my brain has gone to a moat. Maybe I need a boat and sit beside that goat

  4. Happy to float
    with right team
    on the board

  5. Me too. I floated into thin air....not meaning to. Just taking each day as it comes and they fly right by. I do love my life and I don't want to miss one secons of it. I just didn't have time to ge it all in so I stepped back a little. I should have told you because I consider you one of my dear friends and there have been times it came into my mind that you would think I bit the dust. LOL
    It's Like Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening and miles to go before I sleep.
    I'll return, someday.

    1. haha good to know you aren't dead
      I actually looked to see if "bit the dust" was said
      Keep those miles a going
      To life's showing

  6. I can float, but never with a goat on a boat, that would be remote.


  7. Right now I have the old expression "go with the flow" (often mistakenly attributed to EST founder Werner Erhard) running through my head. Or would that be floating through my head?

    1. Floating would be the use of the day
      Watch that flow at your bay

  8. G.O.A.T. I was called
    When the other teams were mauled.

  9. orlin N cassie......frank lee...when it comez ta water; we onlee like drinkin it....floatin, soakin ore sinkin...noe thanx !!! two much like bathin ☺☺☺

    1. Can't have a bath
      That would give the FGS wrath

  10. Don't think I would want to ride in a boat with a goat. More than likely they would tip it over. But that is a great picture happening.

  11. The goat in the boat is cute as an be!!
    But all the kids' books are that are written by thee.

    1. Wait until the next one
      Cute may not be given a run lol

  12. I float along through each day,
    And enjjoy living life my way.
    I wouldn't like to fall out of a boat.
    I'm a terrible swimmer and would sink and not float.

    1. Sinking would be bad
      Stay out of a boat at your pad

  13. Floating here with summer heat ~ Hope the book gets all the votes ~

  14. sink or swim
    float is the way to go
    hang on to the boat
    stem or prow
    dodge the goat
    I don't know how
    your rhymes are wacky fun
    maybe too much time in the sun

    1. Sun I've had
      Drive one mad
      The wacky way
      Works, we say

  15. We'll Stephen King has me scared to float. I don't want to be runnin' into any alien clowns talkin' bout "we all float down here".

  16. Floating on air
    Without a care.
    Would be great.
    I can state.


  17. My friend has a goat
    But not a boat
    So we didn’t float
    Or even gloat


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