Generally I Type So Forget The Hype!

Generally I am here each day. Hmm wouldn't that be always at play? For I am far ahead. So I can stay in bed. That means I'm here. Or at least near. Generally I don't know though. Can you guess where we are going to go?

Top dog it's not.
No war time lot.
Or war mongering fool.
Those guys drool.

Generally that is.
Hey, took a quiz.
Said it was so.
Generally though.

Specific I'm not.
That isn't hot.
Not hot to trot.
Cold by a lot.

Hot and cold.
My, how bold.
Generally to both.
No temperature growth.

Generally that is.
I'm such a whiz.
I can do the weather.
Generally a mix of sun and cloud together.

Generally not so wordy.
I'll flip the birdy.
It pointed to snow.
Generally I hate that though.

Although June is safe.
Don't you chafe.
That's just sweat.
Generally it's a safe bet.

Safe and betting?
That may need vetting.
Like a thermometer up it's ass.
Not fun, ask Cass.

Generally it's not.
Unless you like that plot.
Hey, if it's your thing,
Generally let it fling.

Did that work?
May go ask a Wal-Mart clerk.
Generally they'll get stuck.
But generally, what the fluck.

Did you generally get it today? Are you generally using generally at your bay? I generally don't see it a ton. But generally just had to be spun. It generally asked for it. Are you tired of my generally bit? Generally it may scare. Generally's use sure isn't rare. I generally avoid pissing off Cass. She may go all general on my little rhyming ass.

Experience spring, have a fling. 


  1. Generally Type so Forget the Hype
    Stay in the open nowhere to hide
    Similarly generally
    Staying truly happy
    Going through it without a guide


    1. Without you can go
      And see what comes in tow

  2. Generally is a good word. Covers lots of stuff. Have a great day Pat.

  3. Generally, covers so much. Hope you're having a good weekend.
    Sandy's Space

  4. Sorry, I'm not a general, just a captain.

  5. I"m not a captain, I'm a grunt. Generally, overall I'll sweep up the junk

    1. Grunt and moan
      Hmmm could be dirty in another way at the tone

  6. Well, I think ya done good, generally that is!

  7. I don't think I've ever used that word in that way.

  8. Yes, I get it generally today.
    Thinking about it gives me a headache though.
    So I think I"ll go outside and play.

    1. Enjoy the sunshine
      Unless the rain is making things not so divine

  9. Generally, is one I don’t often use...

    1. A bit too posh at my shoe
      Might as well say, "Why, excuse me, Scooby Doo."

    2. Posh and none
      Generally anyway with its run

  10. Generally, that word isn’t used much by me.

    1. Just used it once though
      Evidence at our show

  11. Never far away am I,
    Continually looking at the sky.
    Wondering about all the hype.
    Also wondering "What Next To Type".


  12. I don't think I use generally very often- but I will have to pay attention. :)


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