Get Out Alive Of The 9-5!

The cat is here to help you out. You don't want to die while out and about. That would just be bad. No fun would be had. Hey, if you have a big life insurance policy your spouse may be glad. We won't judge at our pad.

Safety is key.
Followed by thee.
You want to survive.
So let's make it out alive.

Earthquakes a shaking.
Nope, it's not faking.
Go stand in the doorway.
If the house falls, that will stay.

Staplers are bad.
This isn't a fad.
Safety goggles are required.
Otherwise, you won't get hired.

The sun is scary.
Tanners be wary.
Slather on that sunscreen.
Most is ineffective and can give you cancer, but hey, it smells serene.

That rolley chair is large.
You sure aren't in charge.
Don't even think on moving it.
Have to call a mover to move every bit.

Stop kidnapping everywhere.
Don't just stare.
Tell the boss where it is you go.
Even if you have to know.

Boxes are big.
Can snap you like a twig.
So even if full of air,
You're forbidden from lifting it there.

Paper may cut.
Don't be a nut.
Wear gloves when handling it.
We don't want you to have a fit.

Eating out is bad.
That can't be had.
Stay in and eat.
The vending machine has plenty a treat.

So stay aware.
Show you care.
Arrive home alive.
Follow the rules to survive.

Hmmm do you follow any of these? Most would be stupid for even fleas. Sun screen is hit or miss. But to each their own for that bliss. Goggles for a stapler though? Did someone staple their finger and toe? Damn, some safety is super lame. Know any a stupid a safety claim? I think I'll avoid broken glass, that is safe for my little rhyming ass.

Fill your rummer, get drunk all summer.


  1. Your message came over loud and clear Pat. Good verse.

    Have a great weekend.

  2. Get out Alive of the 9 - 5
    Office hours no time to jive
    Office safety
    Of priority
    Insutanve cover a must in life


  3. This week, I read that studies show office work makes you gain weight.

    It's just a dangerous place to be!

  4. Haha - How about the computer screen wipes
    Warning combustible liquid and vapor
    May cause eye, nose and throat irritation
    Use in ventilated area only ( is a cubicle
    considered ventilated area)

    Haha I guess I will keep a dirty screen at the
    9 to 5 stay alive

    I do have these wipes in my issued...

    1. haha have to leave them there
      Or could make you lose your hair
      Or tell them to give you the corner office with lots of room
      Then you can avoid such doom

  5. Ketchup gives you cancer. Eat your burgers and fries bare or else!

  6. I have seen over insured in my line of work
    Who needs 2 mil.? Ugh what a jerk.
    Ever try looking at papers wearing a Glove?
    The person who says to wear this needs a Shove.
    I do have wipes and hand cleaner
    You would too with my clients smell, unkempt demeaner

    1. Nasty as can be
      We would flee
      Or have a sink nearby
      Or a house to spray each guy

  7. I am not allowed near knives or box cutters at work.

  8. Gloves would be helpful for me;
    Paper cuts come almost daily!

  9. I always knew that working wasn't safe!

  10. The older I get, the more cautious I've become. Not because I'm a scaredy-cat, but because I used to be way too devil-may-care. To tell the truth, it's a wonder I survived this long, but I figure none of us is gonna get out of this place alive, so I still do my thing and simply try not to do it quite as foolishly.

    1. If you can't be good, be careful at your sea
      A fine way to be
      Not sure how I'm alive here
      Did some stupid shit but got out clear

  11. Welcome to the weekend
    To the golf course my husband I will send

  12. I hate the term 9-5, mainly because it assumes your employer doesn't make you clock out for an hour lunch.

  13. Standing in the doorway during an earthquake was always such a weird thing to say.

  14. Every day living is one day closer to death. And "no one here gets out alive."

    1. One day in who knows how many
      Tomorrow you may not have any

    2. Wow that is uplifting - not

      Lol so true

    3. True in the end
      With such a trend

  15. Just have to take things day by day and hope for the best that we survive. Nothing better than being alive. Have a great day and week end.

  16. Work at home
    but still get hurt
    bang my knees into desks
    and walk into walls
    all in a days work
    without being a jerk


    1. I've banged knees here and there
      Sure may make me swear

  17. Standing in the doorway of an interior wall is the advised thing to do. Sounds strange, but we live in CA and feel rumbles now and then.

  18. Yes, arriving home alive is recommended.
    Doing the other means you life has ended.
    Not good. And makes little sense. Been a long day. :)

    1. Little sense indeed
      Long days sure can wear at one's feed

  19. I hate the 9 to 5 grind, but even more so when employers think you should work over your shift and on weekends, or even your days off. I had surgery on Wednesday and my husband's work was calling him while we were at the hospital. Like, are you f'ing serious? He can't even see to his wife's medical needs without ya'll bothering him?

    1. That is when you turn off the phone and through it in a drawer
      Then they will bother you no more
      Hope the surgery went well
      And it wasn't some kind of hell

    2. That is the plan I keep telling him to adopt.
      Surgery was well. Just a nurse who bruised my arm all to hell putting in the IV needle was the only issue.

    3. Some of them suck at doing that
      My one arm now the veins are flat
      Adopt he should
      Can wait until later at his hood

  20. We had a principal who made us teachers do playground duty during our lunch hour. She insisted that we prevent the elementary kids from running for safety reasons. The practice ended because she was violating our contract. I just couldn't see the kids run very well. They were always behind me ~ Haha!

    1. haha stayed out in front at your sea
      All running with glee
      Pffft to her
      Something must have ruffled her fur


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