Get Steady With Ready!

Are you ready to read my post today? Fun how ready and read change with a Y at play. Don't you think? Maybe thunk brings you to the brink. Think and thunk. What a funk.

Here it comes.
Plank your bums.
Bums to the floor.
Maybe against the door.

I don't care.
Bums beware.
Throw in a butt.
But we did that rut.

Anyway, get ready.
This comes steady.
Are you ready for it?
It is the shit.

Are you ready yet?
Ready and set?
Ready you must be.
I will now tell thee.

I'm typing a post.
I typed it at my coast.
Isn't that amazing?
I know now you are gazing.

Gazing in hate?
Took the bait.
Loved by the cat.
Let's chew the fat.

Chew and chew.
It's ready for you.
Are you ready for it?
We did that bit.

You are ready.
Just like Freddy.
One two he's coming for you.
Three four I haven't a clue.

Ready to repeat?
Isn't ready neat?
Are you ready for ready's way?
Read that right today?

You're standing there.
You are aware.
You are at par.
So ready you are.

Did you get the cat? Follow any of that? Ready for the answer for today? Are you wishing ready would go away? Are you ready for that foray? Of course you are. Why? Because you don't go far. You do nothing at all. Therefore you are ready at your hall. So why ask are you ready all the time? Are you hoping to piss off a mime? Are you ready to listen to my words? Oh look, birds. I guess you aren't ready for my sass. I'll now ready more for tomorrow from my little rhyming ass.

Fill your rummer, get drunk all summer.


  1. I'm alwasys ready Pat.

    Enjoy your weekend.


  2. I could go for some Ready Whip!

  3. I always think I am ready
    But, am I really as I run about


    In fact I am running late
    no number 1 is my fate...

    1. Did you run late or sit late?
      Hmmm could be a weird fate

  4. Ready for the weekend ~ Just a bit disappointed its going to rain all weekend ~

  5. I did all my work early and now I'm just ready to chill.

  6. anticipation and readiness is part of the joy. Indeed, like Alex I did my chores- mowed the front lawn before too hot today. Now ready for friends to arrive - it's Sangria Saturday. Nosh and pool float! c'mon over at 11

  7. You've done it again. Now I have Little Richard's "Ready Teddy" running through my head!

    1. Can do that with ease
      Into your head with the breeze

  8. Ready or not, here I come!
    Hide and Seek was so much fun!

    1. That it was indeed
      Played it plenty at our feed

  9. Get steady with Ready
    Forever not to worry
    Being alert
    To assert
    His brand of authority


    1. Alert and aware
      Can sure work at one's lair

  10. I'm ready to get some writing done....unless I procrastinate.
    YOU have a great one.

    1. Procrastination may stop that
      But ready is fine where you are at

  11. So glad it's not humid and hot
    And sticky and sweaty I am not.

  12. I’m not ready most of the time when asked if I’m ready. I have to go anyway!

  13. "I was born ready" as the old saying goes.
    Ready for what, however, who knows?

  14. Ask my husband and he’ll tell you I am never ready. He spends half his life waiting for me to get my shit together.

    1. haha sling you over his shoulder and go
      No more waiting in tow

  15. My hubby always says "Are you ready?"
    I always say yes in a few minutes...drives him nuts:)


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